Harem of Lust

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Harem Of Lust 🔞

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Long ago.. Before modern civilization.. There was once an Ancient city which was situated around the Persian peninsula .. It was called Marida .. It was surrounded by mountains and desert which protected it from external attacks..

The city of Marida was known for it business enterprises cause merchants from all over the world ported there to trade, but the city was most known for its wealth, power and lust .. There was political rivalry between the rich.. Everyone wanted to be superior over the other, and every well known socialite in the city had a dozen concubine in his house.. Every year, there is a festival held by the rich to display and show off who’s concubine was much more satisfying and good in the eyes… Women had no say in the city except the Queen.. But she also had her limits as well..

The King of Marida, Sultan Mustapha was a very generous and excellent king.. He ruled the city with fairness and equality and in turn the people loved him dearly.. The king had two wives.. Saudat and Aisha… Unlike the king, they were nothing to write home about.. They were very cruel and wicked… They did nothing except to enjoy themselves and bask in unlimited pleasure.. They barely stepped out of the palace except if there was a special occasion going on…

The king too had concubines, a lot of them… Each year he would get about 10 concubines from different neighboring kingdoms nearby as a gift for his generosity .. His queens however hated the concubines and were afraid and jealous that the concubines might give birth to an heir since they had none.. So what they did was make up an excuse to send out the concubines as much as possible.. My mother, Safina was among the concubines and she was the kings favorite.. The Queens hated her so much they cooked up an evil plan to send my mother away and they succeeded…. They blamed my mother for trying to poison the king and they bribed some of the palace councils to support them.. Like I said women had no say, so instead of being hanged or killed.. My mother was thrown out of the palace into the streets.. By that time, she was already pregnant but the king didn’t know.. My mother had no one else to go to.. And there was no job suitable for her to do.. So left with no other choice, she decided to become a pr*stitute…

Months later, I was born.. She gave me the name of Al-Sadiq and she did her best to raise me up.. Whenever she had a customer, she would drop me at her colleagues place until she done with the customer.. It was hard.. Really, being a pr*stitute and a mother wasn’t easy.. My mom would sometimes get brutalised by her customers and they did whatever they liked with her.. I was young at the time and I didn’t know what the world was then.. But despite all that my mom always had time for me.. She would back me up and walk around the city with me at nights showing me the palace.. That one day I would be king.. Like I said, I was young so all I did was listen and sit close to her while she said all that…

But as you all know Fate works in mysterious ways and little did I know my life was going to change forever.. This is my Story.


Harem of Lust - S01

Harem of Lust - S01

2 days ago