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Liu Yong and others are outside. Jane wants to run faster and move in to save the soldiers. She must not let Qin Yue have an accident.

But she didn't run two steps, and Shen Yuan's cold laughter came from behind: "no one of you can go without my consent."

As soon as Shen Yuan's voice fell, two mercenaries blocked Jane's way. She wanted to break through, but the two men were as strong as iron walls. She hit them and was bounced back.

Shen Yuan said, "bring people back to me."

Qin Yue quickly turned around, took a long step, rushed to Jianran's side at the same speed as the wind, protected her in her arms, her face changed, and her voice was as cold as that of Luo Cha from Hell: "dare to touch her, one by one do not want to live."

"It's really enviable that your husband and wife have such a good relationship." Shen Yuan said in his usual disguised benevolent tone, "you all know that I am kind-hearted, so I will do a good thing to send you and your husband away together, so that you won't be sad because of each other's leaving."

"Try it..." In a word, Qin Yue once again felt a mess in front of him. He could not see the simple near him clearly; he could not see the face of Shen Yuan not far away.

In front of him, the world he could see became blurry in an instant, as if it had become a whirlpool, trying to swallow him.

"Damned" Qin Yue murmured a low incantation. The damned effect didn't happen sooner or later, but it happened at this time.

No, no, he can't have an accident at this time, let alone an accident with Jane. He can't let Jane suffer any more damage.

Qin Yue calmed down and took a breath quietly. Now he can't let Shen Yuan see anything unusual, or they won't get out of here today.

Jianran found his abnormality sensitively, clenched his big palm and whispered: "Qinyue, I'm not afraid, don't worry about me. For a while, no matter what means Shen Yuan uses, we can walk one by one. Xiao Ran is still waiting for you at home, do you know? "

Jane held Qin Yue's hand tightly and looked at him worried. She noticed something wrong with him, but she couldn't say what was wrong.

"Don't be silly." Qin Yue rubbed her head and gave her a big hug. "Jane ran, I lost you a few years ago. That's not going to happen again."

"Ha ha It's really a couple. I'll give you a ride and let you go to another world together. " Shen Yuan waves again. The mercenaries are ready to shoot when they pick up the gun valve. O

at this time, Liu Yong rushed in with several people.

Liu Yong's people are all bodyguards who follow Qin Yue's side. Everyone's skills are good, but no matter how good or how fast they are, they can't match the speed of guns.

Both groups of people are aggressive Just looking at momentum, we can't distinguish the high and the low over there. But when we look at weapons, we seem to see the high and the low.

"Liu Yong, take Jianran and Xiaobao out first." Qin Yue can't see clearly, but he can also hear very well. The scene is under his control.

"Qin Yue Let's go... " Jian Ran is so scared that she is afraid that she will go with Liu Yong and Qin Yue will not come back.

She could see that Shen Yuan had moved to kill Nian. As he looked like that, it seemed that he could not help picking their skin, pulling their sinews and drinking their blood.

"Simple, obedient" Qin Yue's voice is still low and gentle, but strong. "You go out first, I'll come to you in a moment."

Jane didn't want to go or leave Qinyue for half a step, but she has a name of her own. She can't help him, so that she won't be hurt or distracted by Qinyue. That's the biggest help.

"Mr. Qin, you and your wife and miss will leave first. Let's have it here." Liu Yong didn't want to leave first. He had been with Qinyue for so many years, and had regarded Qinyue as his heaven.

If Qin Yue has something to do, he doesn't even know what else he can do.

Shen Yuan also knew that Jianran was the key to their victory. As long as they caught Jianran, Qin Yue still had no resistance.

The advantage of catching Jianran alive is far greater than killing Jianran in one shot, so he didn't let his men shoot at once. Instead, he was waiting for the opportunity to seize the opportunity to snatch Jianran from Qin Yue's side.

He drew two more gestures. The mercenaries were instructed by information. The first target of all the people's attacks was transferred from Qinyue to Jianran.

Qin Yue's eyes were blurry, there were many people at the scene, and his voice was very noisy. For a while, it was difficult for him to distinguish the situation at the scene.

"Go, you go." Shen Yuan laughed wildly and said, "if anyone dare to go out a step, you can shoot. It's better to kill with one shot."

At this time, Qin Yue's mind quickly calculated that there were two guns at the scene, and his and Liu Yong's skills could grab one gun before they fired.

A dozen other personnel can be handed over to the bodyguard for handling. He gives orders and everyone gets together. They have a good chance of winning.

But at this time, his condition did not improve. It is still unknown whether he can accurately take one of them and put the gun on.

Bang -

suddenly there was a gunshot, and everyone on the scene saw that the shooter was not Shen Yuan's two men with guns.

Everyone immediately turned around and looked in the direction of the gunshot. He assistant stood outside the house, holding a gun in his hand.

Assistant he chuckled, "I'm back, old man. I'll take care of these unknowns for you.

Qin Xiaobao was shocked when she saw that the man under her grandfather's hand, whom she had always respected, was attacking them with a gun.

Until the sound of the gunshot, Qin Xiaobao suddenly woke up in shock. She stared at Shen Yuan with a pair of beautiful Danfeng eyes.

All along, she thought he was a kind old man. Even before he said that he didn't want to let go of his childhood, she still had hope for him.

She hoped more that Qin Yue had made a mistake, more that it was an evil she had done, more that she wanted to wake up and all the people were the same.

But just when she saw that Shen Yuan wanted to shoot them, her heart completely died. She was angry, shocked and at a loss

There was no time for Qin Xiaobao to think more. She suddenly rushed to Shen Yuan and hugged him. "Shen Yuan, if you ever really loved me, if you still have a little humanity, you can stop. Xiaobao, please. "

Why is it like this?

Why is that?

Didn't it always be good before? A large number of children are happy, loving and filial How did it become like this?

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