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“Scott honey, what is going on?” Josie rushed into Scott’s room and met him packing up his clothes and shoes into a bag in a hurry. He shot occasional glances outside the window as sweat trickled down his face profusely.

“Scott honey, please talk to me. Why are you leaving the house?” Josie pleaded and made an attempt to stop Scott from packing but he pushed her hand away and continued packing in a rush as though his life was in danger.

“You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on here!” Josie yelled and locked up the door and held the key with her.

“Mom, he is coming. I don’t want to hurt you or Alexa. Please let me leave.” Scott pleaded and kept packing his clothes into the bag.

“Who is he? What is going on?” Josie asked as her voice began to shake.

“Mom please for Christ sake open the d--n door!” Scott barked frustratingly as Josie obliged and opened the door. Scott swung his bag across his shoulder and barged out of the room. He raced down the staircase as Josie followed behind crying.

“Son, where are you going? It’s late for God sake!” Jacob yelled.

“Far away from here. I need to be far away as soon as possible.” Scott responded.

“Why?” Alex asked.

“Will you guys just trust me for once!” Scott yelled.

“Fine, stay safe son. Give us a call when you arrive at wherever it is you’re going.” Jacob said as Scott rushed out of the Griffith’s home. He hoped into his car and sped out in an insane speed almost knocking off the mailbox.

Alexa, Josie and Jacob all shot glances at themselves, they appeared stunned and short of words at Scott’s actions.

Scott fixed his gaze on the road as he titled the wheel steady and sped across the highways of Grenville. He began shaking his head in discomfort as he could hear a voice call out his name in his head. Sweat began to pour out of his head profusely.

He took out his handkerchief and cleaned up the sweat building up on his face, but they kept pouring out more. “Leave me the f--k alone!” he yelled to himself and made a turn and pushed hard on the car accelerator, the car raced faster as it approached a pedestrian crossing.

He shot a glance at the traffic light indicating green and no pedestrians were at sight, just as he sped closer to the pedestrian crossing, he saw something else. The traffic light had been red all along and pedestrians were at sight, but it was too late to slow down without causing any casualty.

“Oh shit!!!! Shit!!!” He cursed and pushed hard on the car brakes as the tyres made a screeching sound. The car pushed hard on the floor and tumbled over, flying over the screaming people on the pedestrian crossing who began to run for their lives. Scott’s car kept tumbling over as he smashed into a city restaurant and burst into flames.


Ornelle was having a private dinner with June, Dominic, Alex and Mr Morgan. Usually she has her dinner in the large hall alongside members of the high table.

“Thank you for today Ornelle.” June said thankfully and took a sip of her wine.

“It’s just the beginning June. You are much more powerful than you think. The ancestors blessed you themselves.” Ornelle said with a smile.

“I still don’t know much about my powers. I know i can control water bodies and make a large explosion but its really nothing compared to what Dominic does and I’ll need some sort of anger to make it work unlike his.” June said as Dominic twitched his lips to reveal a brief smile.

“I wish i had powers. She probably likes Dominic for it. Gosh!” Dominic heard from Alex’s position, he turned to Alex who was busy with his meal and appeared to have said nothing. No one seemed to be aware of what he just heard, he turned back to his meal and continued.

“Listen to me dear, today was all about knowing your power triggers. You have much more than that and i will give you a brief about them.” Ornelle said.

“You have the ability to move objects without physical contact, this being psychokinetic as science calls it. Just like Dominic can do.” Ornelle began as June nodded.

“The second being the telepathic. Perhaps the most powerful of them all. The ability to invade a person’s mind, read his thoughts and manipulate his thoughts.” Ornelle added and took a sip of water.

“However, the telepathy powers are limited. The ability to read and invade the mind is sensitive and can cause a massive destruction if a selfish witch or wizard posses such a power.” Ornelle added.

“Do you have the ability? Can you read minds?” June asked as Ornelle smiled broadly at her question.

“No my dear. I do not.” Ornelle responded.

“Why?” June asked.

“I am not worthy dear. Only a worthy witch or wizard can harness the full telepathic powers.” Ornelle said as June and Dominic nodded.

“What defines a worthy person?” Rose asked.

“Selflessness, Someone pure in heart and love.” Ornelle responded as her cup of wine began to refill itself. June nodded to herself and thought she shouldn’t ask any further question not to upset Ornelle but she was curious to know why Ornelle wasn’t worthy, at least she seems pure in heart from the little she knew about her.

“Hmm okay. Is that all?” June asked.

“No, the third power is the Nueroelectric. The electric charge you release when your powers are out of control is the Nueroelectric power and when under control you can create lightening, shoot electric charges or make a fire like you’ve seen Dominic do in the past.” Ornelle said.

“Your flames and electric discharge are green in colour which is rare and possessed by the most powerful witches or wizards like i told you earlier today.” She added.

“I’m aware of that.” June responded.

“What distinguish both of you are the Hyrdokinetic and Teleportation abilities. Dominic can Teleport his way out of this room, but he cannot control water bodies like you can do and it’s the same for you. You own the Hyrdokinetic powers but you cannot teleport.” Ornelle concluded.

“And of course there’s one you have which I haven’t seen in anyone else. You’re a genius June, you can do unimaginable things and solve problems at a glance if you believe in yourself. It’s not a magical ability, but it is special.” Ornelle said with a smile.

“Thanks.” June said shyly

“My friend Rose is a genius too. She’s incredibly brilliant.” June said entwining hands with Rose who sat next to her.

“I’m aware of that too June. Don’t ever loose her.” Ornelle said and winked at June who nodded in response and smiled. Different thoughts ran through June’s mind. Could Ornelle possibly know of the secret June is keeping from Rose? Her statement sounded strange and had a meaning behind it. June began to feel nervous as she thought of it.

“How is it you know so many scientific terms? Aren’t y’all supposed to be-” Rose said and paused.

“Illiterates?” Ornelle completed Rose’s statement and laughed.

“Magic my dear, is an unexplainable branch of science. Scientists can’t figure out why June’s body is able to do the things she is able to do. Can they?” Ornelle said.

“No.” Rose answered.

“Exactly. Now if you all must excuse me, we’ll carry on by morning okay?” Ornelle said and stood up from the dinning chair.

“Thank you ma’am. You’ve been Really helpful.” Dominic said thankfully as Ornelle smiled and nodded before walking out of the dinning hall.


Sinclair Mansion, Grenville, Tennessee.

Dylan drove into the Sinclair mansion in a black SUV and pulled the car to halt at the garage. He and Vivian came down from the car and took out two trolleys from the trunk. They both contained several vials of the serum Patrick had requested for.

They got into the living room and met Patrick pacing up and down the room shirtless and smoking a cigarette, the strong smell of the cigarette filled the large living room and it was obvious immediately anyone stepped past the doors.

Dylan shot a nervous glance at Vivian who did the same, lots of thoughts filled their mind and they had never seen Patrick Sinclair this way in over a decade they’ve been working for him.

Dylan wondered why his boss would need the serum in such a huge quantity despite knowing fully well the danger it poses. To make it all worse, he doesn’t seem to be alright and perhaps doesn’t know what he is doing. Patrick was yet to notice their presence as he kept pacing up and down and gulping down alcohol as he blew out smoke from his cigarette.

“Hmhm” Dylan cleared this throat.

“The serum sir.” He said.

“Yes, follow me.” Patrick said and placed the finished cigarette in a plate containing other used cigarettes, he followed with a last gulp of alcohol before leading Dylan and Vivian into the hallway.

Patrick still shirtless and reeking of alcohol and smoke got to a door and slide in a key card as the door let out a beep sound and slid open. He noticed an awkward silence in the hallway, he turned to his right as he felt there was another presence aside Dylan and Vivian.

“Megan!” He exclaimed.

“Isn’t it past your bed time?” Patrick asked. Megan stood watching him in a Minnie Mouse pyjamas, she held her Teddy bear to her chest and June’s puppy Millie ran around her playfully in circles.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Megan muttered and gave Patrick an awkward stare, he was shirtless and totally out of place.

“Oh my dear.” Patrick said and took a few steps forward, he retreated the moment he realized how much he stank of alcohol and smoke.

“I’m sorry Megan, I have to attend to these people urgently. I’ll have Miss Leah read you a bedtime story okay?” Patrick said and called out to Leah who was employed to look after Megan.

He yelled her name than usual and it was obvious he was doing everything too extra than he would normally do. Perhaps due to the intoxication of the alcohol.

Leah ran out of her room instantly. She scratched her eyes sleepily and yawned.

“Leah, are you asleep already!” Patrick growled.

“I’m-I’m sorry sir.” Leah stuttered.

“You were supposed to look after her! She is your responsibility and she is the reason you get paid!” Patrick barked.

“I’m sorry sir.” Leah apologized again heads down.

“She couldn’t catch her sleep, ensure she drifts to sleep before you leave her room. Do you understand?” Patrick said more calmer this time.

“Yes sir.” Leah responded.

“Come on Megan, let’s go.” She said and held Megan by the hand.

“Sweet dreams honey. I’ll see you by morning.” Patrick said to Megan as she eyed him before turning to follow Leah. She knew something was off about him that night.

Patrick stepped into the door and was followed by Dylan and Vivian. Apparently it was an elevator, Dylan had never been to this part of the house despite knowing almost every part of the mansion. Patrick pushed a green button as the elevator began taking them downwards. Few minutes past, the elevator beeped and the door slid open. The place was dark and Vivian began to panic. Patrick tapped his wristwatch twice and the lights began to switch on to reveal a state of the art laboratory.

“Wow! An underground laboratory?” Vivian said in awe as they stepped into the lab.

“Yes Vivian. I built this beneath the mansion for personal researches.” Patrick said as Vivian and Dylan gawked around the lab. They pushed the trolley to a part of the lab and wait for Patrick to speak up on why they were summoned for this.

“Dylan, Vivian, I thank y’all for honouring my request. I know you guys probably had a long day at work and O’Toole is probably overworking you guys.” Patrick said.

“I’m sure you must be wondering why i ordered the serum in such a large quantity.” He added.

“Yes sir.” Dylan responded.

“The initial reason the serum ever existed was because we thought we could create history with it. We thought we could create a medicine the world has never seen, but we were wrong.” Patrick said and clenched his jaw.

“We’re here to correct that wrong. We’ll make it right. Vivian’s life depends on it and we must do whatever it takes to get it done.” Patrick said as Dylan and Vivian eyes widened.

“Your wife is ill sir?” Vivian asked in disbelief as Patrick let out a humourless laugh.

“She has cancer and I’m on the verge of loosing her.” Patrick said as the expression on his face changed.

“I’m so sorry sir. It must be very hard.” Dylan said.

“Don’t be Dylan. Help me make this work.” Patrick said.

“We’ll do anything you ask of us.” Vivian said.

“Tender your resignation from Sinclair pharmaceuticals by morning. Head over here and begin working with me on this. If we succeed, I’ll save my wife’s life and get my company back and get you both back your job.” Patrick said as Dylan and Vivian nodded in agreement.


Ornelle sat in her Chambers looking outside the window, the moonlight beamed it’s light on her face as she tapped her fingers on the wooden chair she was seated.

“Excuse me your grace, The boy is here to see you. Dominic Griffith.” A servant said and bowed his head.

“Let him in.” Ornelle responded still looking outside the window.

“As you wish your grace.” The servant said and bowed before taking his leave.

“I’m sorry if i interrupted your sleep ma’am.” Dominic said as he stepped into Ornelle’s Chambers. Ornelle was still staring at the moonlight as she responded without turning to Dominic.

“I’ve been waiting for you Dominic. I wasn’t asleep.” She responded and stood up from the chair and turned to him.

“Really?” Dominic asked as Ornelle responded with a nod.

“You had it mind to see me and here i am waiting for you.” Ornelle said.

“I thought you couldn’t read minds?” Dominic asked.

“No i can’t, only someone pure at heart possess that gift. I can only read your physiological behaviour and i could tell you’ve been wanting to see me on private for something that has been bothering you.” Ornelle said with a smile and walked up to a part of her Chambers where two wooden chairs were placed near a fireplace. She took her seat and Dominic followed suit.

“I’m all ears son.” She said and entwined her fingers to listen attentively.

“Thank you, I’m honoured.” Dominic said.

“I’ve been having this reoccurring vision and whenever i do, I black out and become more weaker.” He began.

“It all started after i sank a building with the artenae’s zombies in it. I’ve never used my powers for something that huge and i blacked out at the site and was admitted for a couple of days at the hospital.” He added as Ornelle nodded in understanding.

“What is the content of the vision?” Ornelle asked.

“A raven, A clock ticking towards the midnight hour and-” Dominic said and paused.

“Go on Dominic. You have nothing to worry about” Ornelle assured.

“A grave headstone of my friend June. Her full names were inscribed on it alongside her date of birth and year of death beneath.” He said and gulped down in nervousness. Ornelle paused for a moment, taking her time to digest all Dominic had just said. She fixed her gaze on the burning wood in the fireplace as Dominic await a response.

“Ever had the vision since you got here?” Ornelle asked.

“No, I feel perfectly fine here.”

“Dominic, I want you to understand something. Even though you’re all powerful and can do things most people in the world can’t do, there is still a limit to which your body can go to execute certain magical tasks.” Ornelle said.

“The moment you sank the building into the groud, you used every power you had and left your mind vulnerable. It got invaded and the artenae planted a vision in it. The only thing i don’t know is, if was on purpose or by accident.” Ornelle added.

“But the Aeternae wasn’t there.” Dominic responded.

“He doesn’t have to be my dear. He is everywhere. He could be you, he could be myself or anyone else and you won’t know it.” Ornelle said.

“I’m scared, I don’t know what’s going to happen. please help me.” Dominic said.

“Dominic, the visions are gone and you will never have them anymore.”


“The moment you stepped into the coven, you were restored to the wizard you’ve always been.” Ornelle said as Dominic nodded his head.

“I hear voices too. I hear people speak but they don’t seem to actually say anything.” Dominic explained.

“It started today.” He added.

“You’re a good boy Dominic and perhaps the purest of us all. Your ability to read minds and invade the mind has been granted to you by the ancestors.” Ornelle explained as Dominic’s eyes widened in shock.

“I can read minds?” He asked.

“Yes. If you choose to.”

“Wow! This is awesome! You’ve been so helpful ma’am.”

“I’ll leave you to get some sleep. Thank you so much.” He said in excitement and stood up.

“Not yet Dominic Griffith.” Ornelle said in a stern voice and fixed her gaze on Dominic’s face as he took his seat back.

“You still don’t know what your vision means do you? You may not have them anymore but that doesn’t make them void.” Ornelle explained.

“I’m sorry.” Dominic apologized.

“Can you remember the dates on the grave headstone?” Ornelle asked.

“December 11th 1973 – December 4th 1991! We’re few months away from December.” Dominic said as Ornelle took a deep breath.

“Dominic. You won’t like what I’m about to tell you.” Ornelle muttered.

“Please go on.” Dominic said and moved to the edge of his seat as sweat began to form on his head.

“The raven is appearing as an insight into the vision your mind is trying to notify you about, the ticking clocks towards the midnight hour signifies you’re running out of time and the grave headstone means death.” Ornelle explained.

“In other words, you’re running out of time to save the person whose name appears on the grave headstone.” She concluded.

“June? No way!” Dominic said and stood up.

“It can’t be true! June cannot die! No way is this true!” he said and paced up and down the room.

“I’m afraid it is Dominic. I’m sorry” Ornelle said apologetically as Dominic struggled to hold back the tears forming in his eyes.

“There must be something we can do to stop this. You’re powerful, the coven can do something. June mustn’t die please.” Dominic said and knelt down pleading to Ornelle, she sighed and pat his back.

“I wish there was something we can do Dominic. I honestly wish we can save her.” Ornelle said and closed her eyes to hold back the tears forming in her eyes.

“You’re a coward if you will let June waste away without doing nothing!” Dominic yelled and stormed out of Ornelle’s Chambers. Ornelle sighed heavily and fixed her gaze on the flames in the fireplace.

Dominic broke down at the castle’s stairs and burst into tears.

“Dominic? Bloody hell! Are you alright?” Rose called out and rushed to him. She squat to his level as Dominic buried his face in her embrace.

“What happened?” Rose asked as she tried to console Dominic by patting his back. Dominic didn’t utter a response, he whimpered further and rest his head on Rose’s chest.

“You’ll be alright.” Rose said and embraced him.


The retro wall phone rang endlessly as Alexa grudgingly trudged down the stairs to answer it.

“Hello.” She said.

“Is this the home of Scott Griffith?” A voice said over the phone.

“Yes it is.” Alexa answered.

“Scott Griffith got involved in a car accident, he has been rushed to the Grenville Medical Center. Please get there as soon as possible.” the voice responded.

“What!?” Alexa said in disbelief.

“He’s in a critical condition, I’m sorry.” The voice said and hung up.

“Mom!!!! Dad!!!!” Alexa screamed and ran off leaving the the phone dangling as it hung down from the wall.


Grenville Medical Center, Tennessee.

An Ambulance blared its siren as it pulled over at the hospital’s main entrance. The doors swung open instantly and Scott’s body was brought down on stretcher. He had oxygen on him and his entire skin was completely peeled off revealing his internals as blood soaked the stretcher wet. He got pushed into the hospital in a rush.

“Emergency!!!” A man yelled to people standing at the hallway as they all gave path for the body to pass. A group of nurses and doctors followed Scott’s body as it was rushed into the ICU.


The Aeternae stood at a cliff watching The coven’s castle from atop the cliff. His army of zombies stood behind him in thousands as they watched the cloaked castle from the cliff top. The coven’s magic to cloak the castle from the outside world appears to have failed against the Aeternae.

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