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📝Dammy writes📝

[So this is the last part of this story. Gimme as many likes as possible. Dear Ghost readers👻, please I need your comments.

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[•••12 years after 👇]

“……This is my story. Not everyone is given a second chance. In fact, only few people are able to retrace their steps. My darlings, when anybody whether your uncle, your aunt, your father, your friend, your teacher I man anybody tries to harass you, speak out. You might think it’s JUST A TOUCH but my own problem also started with JUST A TOUCH. Don’t keep quiet, if you’re being threatened, Talk to the right person. Come to me, I am at your beck and call. Free feel to call me anytime, any day and anywhere. You are welcome toto my office or even my home. I have established this platform and will not stop talking till I die .

If you are already a victim, go to people that can help you overcome it. Do not keep to yourself. You can still change. If you’re ready to allow change, it will come .

Dear parents, don’t be too harsh on your kids and don’t handle them carelessly. Make them your best friends from their tender age. When I had I first kids, I was ever ready to listen to them. At age 2 when they started school and started mixing with people I talk to them. I ask them how their day went and their activities . If you think they are saying nonsense , let me remind you that there’s an iota of sense in every nonsense. If they tell you nonsense today, tomorrow they’ll say something meaningful . Do not be too busy for your kids. They are our future and we need to secure it. Do not entrust your kids with anyone and if you do, be ready to monitor them.

Now, to those of you that abuse children, let me remind of the law of karma “what goes around comes around.” You’ll surely reap what you sow . Nemesis will catch up with you. You might think you’re having fun but you’ll reap more than you’ve sown and the painful part is that your innocent children will also reap from it. If you plant a mango seed, it will give you a tree with lots of fruit after so many years; that is exactly the way you’ll reap your wicked act. Let me tell you, the man who did this to me is reaping his presently. I was told he raped a 4 year old girl and he was arrested. Now, he is in the prison serving his term. Also, his wife left him with their only surviving child. She had so many miscarriages before she gave birth to a boy.

My dear listeners, not everyone gets a second chance. I only received the grace of God. Some of those who face this problem end up having life threatening diseases, some end up committing suicide, some end up in the mental asylum, some end up in the hospital, some end up having failed marriages so say it. Remember, a problem shared is half solved. You can call me anytime because this is my life. I, Iyanuoluwa Coker Adewale, under the “Save The Sexual Abuse Victim Foundation”, pledge my loyalty till death. I promise to be faithful till my last breath. As I always conclude my speech, IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Thank you so much for your time.” I said and left the podium.


When we got home, my kids jumped on me, yes, I have 2 girls and a boy. I gave birth to a set of twins a year after my marriage [ a boy and a girl] and another girl followed.

“Mum, you actually blew everyone’s mind..“ My first daughter, Adesewa said

“Yes Mum. A lady beside me was crying and I gave her card if she wants to talk to you.” My second daughter, Adebimpe said.

“I am proud of you, mum. You know, I saw a boy in the hall where he was crying, I asked him what the problem was and he told me he was bullied by his mate. I told him to always stand up for himself. I told him if he doesn’t defend himself, nobody will defend him. I’m happy I healed a broken heart.” My son, Ademola Jnr said.

“I am proud of you all and I want you to keep doing that because you’re saving a soul and don’t forget that your best friend loves you.” I said

“We love you too, mum.” The chorused

“And I love you guys so much. Come for your kisses.” My husband said and we rushed to him.

After settling down, we took the kids to bed and I went to answer some calls. Yes, I get that a lot of time. I went to the room and saw my husband coming out of the bathroom. I moved closer to him and hugged him tightly.

“Honey, you know I would not have become who I am today without you. Thank you for always standing by me. Thanks for understanding, thanks for not getting tired of me. Thanks for not neglecting me. Thanks for making me a better person. Thank you for coming into my life.” I said to him

“You’re most welcome. Thank you for also coming into my life. Thank you for giving me wonderful children. Thank you for sacrificing your self and time in sowing into others future. I love you.” He said and we sealed it with a long lasting kiss

I am his and he is mine

He is my backbone and shield

I love him and will always do

If I come back into the world again, it’ll always be him




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