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Returning to the Azure Flower Continent

In the depths of the limitless ocean:


A thin stream of bubbles and the sound of choking appeared. Several breaths later, a pale-faced four-year-old child appeared above the ocean.

“I’m… not dead? Hmm? The Dark Heart Seed has disappeared. Could it be from the self-destruction of the Emperor of Death’s soul?” the child stood in the air and murmured to himself.

Under the self-destruction of the Emperor of Death, the child Demigod’s soul had almost been completely destroyed in an instant, and he fell into the ocean. Even he thought that he had died. The Dark Heart Seed had disappeared as well.

At this moment in time, the child Demigod managed to barely survive, but his aura was extremely weak.

“It’s all thanks to the Golden Kun Sacred Body. Part of my consciousness is ingrained into my body,” the child Demigod murmured.

When one reached the later stages of the Golden Kun Sacred Body, the soul and body would become one; as long as the body wasn’t destroyed, the soul wouldn’t be either.

At this moment, a ship was passing by.

“Grandfather, what’s that?” a young girl looked at the child with a pale face.

“Hahahaha…!” the child floated in the air, and his smile was extremely deadly and evil.

“I, the Demigod Kun Yun, will rise again once more!”

In a small corner of the world, the Demigod Kun Yun had escaped his chains and was now free once more. Without any restrictions or limitations, what kind of change would the Demigod Kun Yun bring to the world?


The child Demigod disappeared from where he originally stood. The next instant, cries and screams came from the ship.

“From today onward, I am the captain of this ship. Anyone that disobeys me shall be killed.”

The child Demigod’s great physical strength dominated the ship. The strongest cultivator within the ship had only reached the peak Sovereign Lord rank, and he was just a measly ant in the child Demigod’s eyes.

After taking control of the ship, the child Demigod ordered the ship to head in a certain direction with its fastest speed.

The child Demigod knew that he wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match. The strength that Zhao Feng displayed in that very last instant was able to threaten even those at the Mystic Light Realm.

The child Demigod decided that he would take on a new identity and recover his cultivation to the Mystic Light Realm first before doing anything else, otherwise it’d be bad for him if he met Zhao Feng.

When the child Demigod thought about the master that had enslaved him, he was full of fear and hatred, but he didn’t dare to have any thoughts of retaliation or revenge in the short term. Right now, the most important thing was to protect himself.


The ship left the range of Emperor Zi Mu’s Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. No one realized that there was an extra child on the ship.

The child Demigod was smart; he didn’t fly, just in case his aura was left behind. Instead, he used a ship to escape. Over the last half a year during the pursuit of the Emperor of Death, he learned Zhao Feng’s tracking tactics extremely well, so he knew what to do.

Half a day later, a purple-haired youth flew into this area.

“This should be the place where the Emperor of Death self-destructed,” Zhao Feng murmured. On his shoulder sat a silver-gray cat.

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and inspected the area around him, placing emphasis on the ocean.

A while later, Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly – he didn’t find the child Demigod’s corpse. He remembered very clearly that the child Demigod’s soul had crumbled under the Emperor of Death’s self-destruction.

Zhao Feng’s thoughts started to spin. If it was the scenario he was thinking of, then the child Demigod’s luck was far too good. In comparison, Zhao Feng was far unluckier; he was hit by the Cursed Words of Death.

The Cursed Words of Death was extremely unique. It didn’t matter whether Zhao Feng was the one who killed the Emperor of Death or whether it was suicide because the curse had already been set up before his death.

The person who the Emperor of Death hated the most would be hit by the Cursed Words of Death, no matter how far they were. It couldn’t be avoided. Therefore, Zhao Feng could do nothing to stop it. The only thing he could’ve done was not kill him in the first place, but if Zhao Feng was given the option again, he would still kill the Emperor of Death.

How humiliating was it to be chased for seven years? Furthermore, if the Emperor of Death didn’t die, he would forever be a source of danger. He might contact other Emperors within the Ten Thousand Woods Sacred Land or even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords in order to obtain the Ninth God’s Eye. Therefore, Zhao Feng didn’t regret his decision.

The child Demigod’s disappearance was an accident, but Zhao Feng was too lazy to care about what kind of influence the Demigod Kun Yun might bring to the Cang Ocean.

“Dammit… the more I use my True Yuan, the stronger the withering becomes.”

The itchy and painful feeling was always present within Zhao Feng’s body. He had even tried to seal his body in ice, but that did nothing.

The Cursed Words of Death came from the number two race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races – the Ancient Shaman Race. This race was extremely mysterious, and it excelled in the soul. In the ancient era, shamans and curses were feared by all.

The stronger the person using the Cursed Words of Death, the more powerful it would be. The Emperor of Death was an Emperor, and he even had the Eye of Death to activate the Cursed Words of Death. Even Demigods wouldn’t be able to evade it.


Zhao Feng spread his wings and headed toward the nearby Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor!”

Emperor Zi Mu was looking after the wounded in the shambles left behind. Zhao Feng’s arrival made Emperor Zi Mu and many others go cold.

“Can the Zone Teleportation Array still be used?” Zhao Feng asked.

“The Zone Teleportation Array has strong protective arrays around it, so it’s still usable,” Emperor Zi Mu said respectfully.

Zhao Feng started to talk with Emperor Zi Mu. After learning that the Emperor of Death had been killed, Emperor Zi Mu was shocked, then he let out a long breath. If the Emperor of Death didn’t die, he would definitely “remember” Emperor Zi Mu.

“Don’t worry, Brother Zhao. I’ll help you deal with the issues of using the Zone Teleportation Arrays, including the one within the Floating Dream Sacred Land,” Emperor Zi Mu was extremely warm. He would obviously try his best to form a good relationship with Zhao Feng, who had limitless potential and strength.

He didn’t pay too much attention to Zhao Feng’s weakness. After all, the Emperor of Death was one of the oldest Emperors in the Cang Ocean, so killing him would obviously cost a heavy price.

Emperor Zi Mu was one of those who swayed very easily. He gave Zhao Feng many presents, and he even supplied the Primal Crystal Stones needed to use the Zone Teleportation Array.

Half a month later, with the help of Emperor Zi Mu, Zhao Feng arrived at the Floating Dream Sacred Land. Several two-star sects and even the three-star force invited Zhao Feng to join them, but they were all declined by Zhao Feng. He then used the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array and headed toward the True Martial Sacred Land.

In order to form a good relationship with Zhao Feng, Emperor Zi Mu once again paid for the usage of the array, and Zhao Feng needed these Primal Crystal Stones anyway, so he agreed. Emperor Zi Mu was secretly overjoyed; taking these Primal Crystal Stones meant that Zhao Feng owed him half a favor.

Before he left, Emperor Zi Mu asked where Zhao Feng came from. Zhao Feng replied that he came from the Mystic True Sacred Clan, and he didn’t say anything about the Azure Flower Continent.

There were countless islands in the three spiritual zones, and Zhao Feng never mentioned anything about the Azure Flower Continent. Even the Emperor of Death and the child Demigod didn’t know where he came from. The reason Zhao Feng did this was because he didn’t want to bring trouble to his home continent.

“If I have time, I’ll go to the Mystic True Sacred Clan and ask Brother Zhao for pointers,” Emperor Zi Mu respectfully sent Zhao Feng away, but he didn’t expect that Zhao Feng had no plans to stay behind at the Mystic True Sacred Clan at all.

After returning to the True Martial Sacred Land, Zhao Feng was able to use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array since he was a King. However, he didn’t immediately return to the Azure Green Islands Zone or the nearby Tianlu Islands Zone.

He first went to the Eternally Sealed Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. The whole reason he was able to enter the True Martial Sacred Land and see Duanmu Qing was because he had the help of the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord.

Zhao Feng saw the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord extremely soon.

“The future is to be feared. In just a short couple years, you have become a King,” the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord sighed, but Zhao Feng couldn’t tell him about the bitterness in his heart. The Cursed Words of Death was probably the strongest curse in the Cang Ocean.

Over the past couple days, Zhao Feng had concealed his aura and didn’t use his soul-strength or his True Yuan in order to avoid increasing the rate of the withering. The Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline and the God’s Spiritual Eye instinctively tried to block the curse as well, otherwise Zhao Feng would’ve turned into a withered elder already, and his cultivation would have dropped to the Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng only stayed at the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace for a couple days. In order to thank the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord, Zhao Feng gave him several treasures, such as the Immortal Springs Wine, Purple Scaled Grass, and various items taken from other Kings. The most precious one amongst them was a fruit from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng could tell that the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s cultivation was limitlessly close to the Void God Realm, and these treasures could help him create a solid foundation to break through to become a King.

After staying for a couple days, Zhao Feng left. A month later, on the Azure Flower Continent within the Azure Green islands:


An arc of lightning flew down like a meteor and formed a crater where he landed.

“Where is this?”

Although Zhao Feng was born in the Azure Flower Continent, he hadn’t actually been to many places.

Zhao Feng first inspected the aura of his soul and body. Unknowingly, his cultivation had fallen to the early stages of the Void God Realm.


Zhao Feng flew into the sky and looked down from above as he matched the landscape with the map in his mind.

“The Western Continent, Thousand Desert Great Country,” Zhao Feng soon confirmed his location.

“Skeletal Division Leader!” Zhao Feng said, and a dark mist started to appear next to him. A completely silver-and-white skeleton with a pair of red flaming eyes appeared from the mist.

After being changed by the bloodline in the Heaven’s Legacy City, the skeletal Division Leader’s shape had changed dramatically.

“Master, we’re on the Azure Flower Continent?” the skeletal Division Leader was extremely excited as he felt the familiar aura.

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