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Flame Body

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Flame Body! This was Ye Wu’s martial soul, and it was used for both offense and defense. However, Ye Wu had an unusual approach during the cultivation process. He used the propulsion of the flames to make himself a unique agility-type soul master.

Even an agility-type soul master who was at a higher level than his would be incapable of comparing with his linear acceleration, let alone someone of the same rank. That was why his opponents usually lost to his extreme speed.

Wu Siduo had a great deal of combat experience. She made an accurate judgment at that first moment when she sensed something was wrong, which was why she did not confront him aggressively.

Moreover, Wu Siduo’s body had already started undergoing some changes. She had suddenly grown taller while her slender figure became bulkier. Her long hair turned a combination of black and white, while fur grew out soundlessly around her neck as her arms swelled in size, becoming thick and strong.

It was a martial soul transformation – the White Tiger!

Ye Wu had already turned around and was dashing toward her once again. When he realized that Wu Siduo had grown brawny and muscular, the corners of his lips that were hidden in the flames could not help but twitch. ‘How has it come to this? Why do all the young girls have martial souls capable of making them stronger? This is truly… horrifying!’

There was a shimmering glow as Wu Siduo lifted her arms away from her sides. With a burst of light, she brought forth her razor-sharp knife, Tiger Claw. She was no longer trying to dodge but stood on the spot awaiting Ye Wu’s arrival.

With Ye Wu’s extraordinary speed, the two parties collided into one another instantly.


A fiery light burst out upon impact.

Wu Siduo slid a dozen meters backward before she managed to regain her footing. However, she had been able to forcefully withstand the strength point of Ye Wu’s dashing attack.

The assault system was resistant to the agility system. This was the reason why Wu Sidou chose the White Tiger martial soul. With the White Tiger acting as a protective shield, she used her strong physique to block the power of her opponent’s high speed.

The blood essence in both fighters’ bodies surged following the collision. It was a very uneasy sensation.

“Ha!” Ye Wu shouted aloud as the fiery radiance burst forth from his body once again. This time the reddish-orange flames turned a shade of azure, raising the temperature immediately. Wu Siduo could feel the scorching heat blowing against her face despite standing a dozen meters away from him.

Her White Tiger martial soul had not yet fully matured, and it was certainly not as strong as Yuanen Yehui’s second martial soul. She possessed only three soul skills at the moment as her second soul spirit had yet to find a suitable one.

Her third soul ring brightened. The hairs on her body suddenly turned a dazzling golden color, and she became even stronger than before. She took one step forward before she suddenly rushed toward Ye Wu.

Ye Wu’s body burned brightly, yet he did not dash toward Wu Siduo. Instead, he sped sideways at full speed. He drew out a large arc as he circled wildly across the battleground.

His agility-type battle method was completely different from most agility-type soul masters. He did not only use his speed to move around, but it also enabled him to attack his opponents with high-velocity collisions. His body was extremely durable and could withstand high-speed impacts when he transformed into the Flame Body. He could often severely injure his opponent with such powerful collisions and high-temperature flames.

This was indeed his own unique battle method which was the initial reason that Shrek Academy accepted him.

Of course, there were also some drawbacks when using this technique to battle. The most critical was that working together with a partner was very difficult for him.

Only through painstaking effort along with his incredible power, did he manage to become the strongest group member in third grade class one.

Ye Wu circled around once at full speed. When he reappeared before Wu Siduo, he was already rushing toward her at an extreme velocity again.

“Boom!” The two fighters flew backward simultaneously. Wu Siduo rolled on the ground before she stood up again. Blood essence was surging in her body while her heart was dumbstruck with astonishment.

This guy’s impact force was truly too powerful. This was absolutely not something that an ordinary agility-type soul master was capable of achieving. It was extremely difficult for her to withstand his attack even when she was in her White Tiger Diamond Transformation. She had already been slightly injured.

Ye Wu’s body rolled around in the air. He accelerated even more when he touched the ground. He relied on the Flame Body’s half elemental state to strengthen his ability to withstand the force of impact. This was supposed to be his battle method all along.

‘What do I do?’ Wu Siduo’s mind raced as her heart pounded in her chest. This opponent’s speed really was more than she could handle. It was utterly impossible for her to depend on the Hell Civet to chase after him. However, her White Tiger martial soul was already in danger of failing when he was dashing at her with such force. Perhaps it would be better if the White Tiger possessed a fourth soul ring, but given the circumstances simply trying to withstand more collisions was of no use. The azure-colored flames were being blocked by the White Tiger Diamond Transformation, but the scorching heat still made it feel like her internal organs were burning.

Wu Siduo inhaled deeply as a quick flash went through her eyes. Her hands flung out simultaneously. Two streaks of light shot out and landed on top of her arms. A pair of pure white vambraces with faint golden-colored striations covered her forearms. Soon after, two rerebraces flung out from her ring and shielded her upper arms.

Four pieces of battle armor!

“Boom!” Ye Wu was the unfortunate one during the third collision. His velocity was so great that it was difficult for him to adjust his direction. He watched helplessly as the opponent released her battle armor, yet for him it was too late. Wu Siduo did not budge at all this time under the violent collision, while Ye Wu flew backward.

Wu Siduo would never waste such a fine opportunity. Her martial soul switched over in an instant. Even the battle armor on her arms seemed to turn unreal following that. She dashed her way in front of Ye Wu using the Hell Rush and struck forth with her front claws.

Under the stage, Song Lin’s face was filled with astonishment. ‘Are the current first grade students already so strong? She is only in the first grade of her second academic year, but she already has four pieces of battle armor. Moreover, these four pieces of battle armor were compatible with her twin martial soul. It is certainly difficult to produce battle armor that can be used effectively with a twin martial soul, yet amazingly these young people are capable of doing exactly that. This is truly astonishing! Based on her current rate, she would own a full set of one-word battle armor by second grade and formally become a one-word battle armor master.’


Luo Guixing’s mouth cracked into a gentle smile below the stage. Subconsciously, he peered in the direction of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

Yes, the four pieces of one-word battle armor on Wu Siduo’s body were the fruit of their painstaking labor. Even though the armor was not made of spirit alloy, the amount of effort it took to design and produce one that accommodated the twin martial soul was similarly rigorous. Hence, they had no choice but to reduce the battle armor’s power by a little.

Wu Siduo’s little group of members worked with determination and invested enormous effort into this task upon seeing that Tang Wulin and his team were capable of producing one-word battle armor made of spirit alloy. Wu Siduo’s battle armor was only just completed the same year. The entire group focused all their effort on her in order to make her stronger while the rest of the team only owned one or two pieces of battle armor. They were leading their group by following the footsteps of Tang Wulin’s team.

As soon as the four pieces of battle armor were released, it immediately turned the tide of battle around.

Wu Siduo’s soul power was the greatest amongst the entire first grade class one. She had already achieved forty-fourth rank.

There was still a gap between her rank and Ye Wu’s forty-eighth rank, but he was not unpassable.

The Hell Rush was just about to reach Ye Wu when his body suddenly changed.

The azure flames turned sky blue, and the temperature went from scorching hot to off the charts. Wu Siduo could feel like a burning sensation immediately rush against her face. Not only did her body feel the heat, but even her spiritual power felt ignited.

“Clang!” Hell Rush collided with Ye Wu’s raised arms. It was unknown when Ye Wu’s arms and hands had been covered by blue battle armor. He was also using battle armor!

The two parties collided with one another. Ye Wu did not manage to steady himself this time due to the blow he suffered earlier. He was blown away by Wu Siduo’s impact. However, his reaction was extremely swift. His body immediately turned around in midair, shooting out blue flames as he accelerated once again. He fled in the opposite direction so fast that Wu Siduo was rendered incapable of catching up to him.

Ye Wu’s hands flung out as he was wildly dashing around. One after another, more pieces of battle armor were continuously added to his body.

He had a pair of pieces for his forearms and hands, his shoulders and upper arms, and his thighs. He had armor covering both of his legs with battle boots, bringing him to a total of eight pieces.

Even though he did not own the core armor, with eight pieces of armor attached to his body, he had double the amount of Wu Siduo.

This was the third grade’s real advantage. The most important aspect of their true power was on display here.

Ye Wu’s speed increased even more, making the blue flames on his body even more overwhelming.

There was no way to block him! Wu Siduo knew at once that when Ye Wu came dashing at her again wearing eight pieces of battle armor, none of her martial souls were capable of withstanding the impact anymore.

The third grade’s senior was incisive as expected!

However, it was also at this moment when Wu Siduo’s eyes started glowing. It was a secluded and lonely glow. The four pieces of battle armor on her body shone brightly and transformed into countless streams of flashing lights, covering her with bright striations.

Her body expanded abruptly as she launched the martial soul fusion skill – Hell White Tiger!

Shimmering with an otherworldly radiance, the Hell White Tiger appeared out of thin air. It was even bigger and more unfathomable than before.

The space around the entire sparring arena seemed to warp upon its arrival.

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