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The Shock

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This turn of events filled Wu Rui’s heart with shock.

They had spent time looking into Yuanen Yehui’s capabilities. She was the monitor of second grade class one, so more likely than not, she would have been their strongest competitor in the duel. He did not expect that she would be sent out in the first match.

According to their initial investigation, Yuanen Yehui’s martial soul was Titan Giant Ape. She was an extremely powerful strength system assault-type battle soul master whose attack range covered a large area.

Despite researching Yuanen Yehui’s abilities so thoroughly, they were not able to ascertain that she was female, let alone the fact that she was capable of transforming into the Fallen Angel.

Wu Rui was initially very excited when he faced Yuanen Yehui at the start of the match. His manipulative abilities worked well against strength-type battle soul masters like Yuanen Yehui. He could depend on his control skills, and his soul power exceeded hers by a margin wide enough that victory would be a simple matter of exhausting her.

Yet who would have predicted that moments into the match Yuanen Yehui’s Titan Giant Ape would turn into the Fallen Angel?

The Fallen Angel was so powerful because it was equipped with the characteristics of the agility, assault, and even control systems. It was an exceedingly comprehensive high-grade spirit soul. Even though his Heavenly Book martial soul was also extremely rare, there was still a huge gap between its power and the Fallen Angel’s.

The clone could buy him some time for now, but the difference between the replica and the original was obvious. The Curtain of Darkness also rendered his teleportation far less effective. As a student of Shrek Academy, how could he not understand that the overall soul power of a twin martial soul was much stronger than a regular martial soul in a soul master of the same rank? He would not necessarily triumph over Yuanen Yehui in this competition just by tiring her out.

Backed into a corner, he had only one option left…

A dazzling light beamed out from within the pitch black arena. The Curtain of Darkness could no longer conceal the brilliant glow. Silently, his Heavenly Book expanded by several pages, and Wu Rui emerged from the shadows enshrouded by a marvelous halo.

Countless bands of white light reached outwards from his torso. He now wore armor like white jade branded onto his chest. The white light bands intertwined and quickly covered his chest and back, increasing his power at an astonishing rate.

Wu Rui continued swinging his arms as many more streaks of white light flew out from his storage ring and swiftly wrapped around his body.

The breastplate, pauldrons, vambraces, gauntlets, and war-kilt appeared in quick succession. Only his legs and head were left unarmored.

In battle armor terms, “pieces” consisted of the armor covering certain parts of the body. The armor covering the hands and forearms was considered one piece, as was that guarding the shoulders and upper arms.

The waist protector and war-kilt were also one piece, while the breastplate alone was a single piece, bringing Wu Rui to a total of six large pieces.

The armor lacked any kind of ornate designs, but his power immediately increased several-fold when he donned it.

Yes, this was one-word battle armor. Even though his armor was still incapable of fusing into his body, to have six pieces gave Wu Rui an enormous boost.

The Heavenly Book before him flipped at lightning speed. The vines, now grown thicker by at least a third of their original thickness, rushed out like a swarm of bees, covering the entire arena in an instant. Like an enormous web, they moved towards Yuanen Yehui.

Six pieces of battle armor! He definitely deserved the renown of being one of the seniors in the third grade!

There were already quite a lot of people gasping aloud in surprise below the stage. Wu Rui was a genius student who would very likely become a one-word battle armor master before the age of twenty-one. It was also highly probable that he could enter the inner court. As third grade class one’s master-control soul master, these six pieces of battle armors were his best-kept secret.

Even though the one-word battle armor was not the most beautiful to look at, its effect in aiding the soul master was undisputed.

Yuanen Yehui scoffed coldly before she looked up to the sky and howled. The dark purple aura surrounding her body suddenly increased in intensity.

A streak of purple light surged skywards. The glow from her body dimmed while the wings on her back grew larger.

Her eyes turned a deep purple color as a phantom figure appeared behind her back as her third soul ring glowed brightly. It was black as ink with tinges of purple.

It was the Fallen Angel’s Arrival!

Flames over ten feet long shot out from the Shadow Demon Sword. The flames flickered and cut away the vines as they rapidly made their way towards Wu Rui.

“I don’t know if I should call you junior brother or junior sister, loser. Yuanen, being a battle armor master became the most sought-after occupation in the continent for the simplest of reasons – power!”

His sparkling white aura extended to every piece of armor on his body while a dazzling radiance arose from the Heavenly Book. A brilliant beam descended from the sky and fell upon Yuanen Yehui’s body once more creating yet another clone.

The strength of this replica’s body was apparently greater than before. It had at least seventy percent of Yuanen Yehui’s cultivation base.

“With the boost provided by the battle armor, my soul power is increased twice over, and the strength of my clones is increased as well. Even your Curtain of Darkness is incapable of stopping my teleportation now. Moreover, my teleportation is limitless. This makes me unstoppable. You’ll never win. Surrender now and conserve your energy. Perhaps, it will be useful later on in the competition.”

Wu Rui spoke to Yuanen Yehui with a bantering tone about the vines’ reinforcement and his replica’s strong resistance. Yuanen Yehui’s attack was immediately suppressed.

With the emergence of his battle armor, Wu Rui regained the lead in the battle.

Yuanen Yehui’s violet eyes appeared cold and emotionless. Her Shadow Devil Sword struck out wildly, forcing the replica confronting her to retreat.

The next moment her body was frozen solid. Her entire person seemed to have come to a standstill, as though she had been turned into a statue.

‘What is she doing?’

Wu Rui was stunned for a moment, but he did not stop his attack. Countless intertwining vines wrapped around Yuanen Yehui rapidly. The clone too marched forward. It slashed at Yuanen Yehui’s head with its replica Shadow Devil Sword.

Meanwhile, Wu Rui saw a soul ring. One that was as black as ink.

When Yuanen Yehui transformed into the Fallen Angel, it had appeared that she had only three soul rings beforehand.

The appearance of this fourth soul ring was entirely unexpected, moreover, its color was black. Black signified a ten thousand year soul ring! A ten thousand year soul ring and even a ten thousand year spirit soul.

The shadow-like phantom behind her back solidified in a flash. Taking the form of an adult Yuanen Yehui, it stepped forward and engulfed her body. The duplicate’s attack had only just arrived when it fused into the darkness and vanished in an instant.

‘What’s going on here?’ The Heavenly Book flipped rapidly due to Wu Rui’s shock. Another beam of light from the Cloning skill fell upon her once again, but when the light struck Yuanen Yehui’s body, no replica appeared. Wu Rui’s soul skill was no longer effective.

Amazingly, she was capable of concealing her soul ring. The fourth soul ring was actually her Fallen Angel martial soul’s true power.

Below the stage, the expressions of the students from third grade class one, Tang Wulin, and the others were filled with shock.

‘How long had Yuanen Yehui possessed the ten thousand year soul ring without anyone noticing? What was happening here?’

The pitch black figure extended its body. It was still Yuanen Yehui’s Fallen Angel, but its height had already grown to over three meters. The Shadow Devil Sword was no longer illusory but had now taken a solid form. The dark purple sword’s body was densely engraved with a magnificent pattern.

Streaks upon streaks of electric purple energy glowed around the long sword. Yuanen Yehui’s eyes also took on a deep purple hue. None knew how this purple angel could have manifested, flapping three pairs of wings by her shoulder. Its gaze was cold and emotionless, glimmering with a bloodthirsty aura.

This was Yuanen Yehui’s spirit soul! Moreover, it was definitely not the first spirit soul.

The Shadow Devil Sword stabbed into the air and the light within the battle arena became twisted. Wu Rui turned pale with fear and was about to escape when he suddenly discovered that his teleportation failed.

‘She’s using the power of darkness to control the fabric of space? How is this possible?’

Countless vines extended out rapidly in an attempt to grab Yuanen Yehui and give Wu Rui more time to plan. However, he found himself completely unable to lock down his opponent’s location.

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