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“Ye Wu, when will you stop being so cocky?” a voice rang out clearly.

Ye Wu subconsciously held his head down at hearing the speaker. He stood up at once and looked in the direction it came from. “I was only joking, Sister Mo. I’m actually taking this very seriously.”

It was a young lady that approached him. She had long black hair flowing down her back, though her body was only average. Her face was sweet and pretty, but the gleam in her eyes belied a cold disposition. She walked to Li Qiankun and sat down.

“I’ve asked about them. This time there are at least two martial soul fusion skill teams among the little ones. One of them possesses the self soul fusion skill while another possesses the true martial fusion skill. There is also the light and darkness fusion skill. The main team members have a cultivation base above rank-40, while a few hold a couple of pieces of battle armor made from Spirit Alloy. Although they are behind us in terms of power, our advantage is not as great as you imagine. We might embarrass ourselves if we don’t tread carefully.”

Mo Yu was the vice-president of third grade class one. She was the other battle armor master with a soul power rank of 51. Within the class, she held greater prestige than even Li Qiankun. She was tough but protective. Almost every student in the class benefited from her. She had a straightforward and strong character.

She and Li Qiankun were the iron staff of third grade class one. These two would almost certainly enter the inner court in the future.

They would be participating in the inner court’s experience exam when the academic year ended. As long as they passed the experience exam, they would become official inner court disciples.

Li Qiankun looked at Mo Yu. “Two martial soul fusion skills? What’s their power like?”

Mo Yu shook her head. “I don’t know the exact details, but I speculate that they won’t be a threat to our one-word battle armor. After all, one-word battle armor can elevate our ability to be on par with a normal Soul Sage. Overall their skill level is nowhere near our own, but the juniors’ talents are quite outstanding. I heard one of them is almost a rank 6 blacksmith. That’s the reason he was able to forge Spirit Alloys. Moreover, it’s Spirit Alloy with a harmony rate of over 80%. We might even need him when we need to upgrade and advance to two-word battle armor after we return from the experience exam.”

Li Qiankun smiled slightly. “In that case, we should show mercy while still keeping our own strategy in mind.”

Mo Yu nodded. “Just treat it as a normal match. As long as we take care of the seven-against-seven group battle, it costs us nothing if we let them win the first two rounds. We’ll have to give our juniors some confidence. What I have in mind is that both of us split up so that one of us in the group battle and the other in the one on one fight. It would all work out as long as we manage to get at least six points.”

“Sure, we’ll follow your plan then. So which one are you participating in?”

Mo Yu smiled as she said, “Of course I’m going for the one that’s easiest. I’ll join the one-against-one match. I’ll look at the situation during the group battle. If the young ones are too powerful, I’ll join in as well. If we have too much of an upper hand in the beginning, I won’t take part in the group battle.”

“That’ll work.”

“Get me a couple more buns.” Tang Wulin waved at Xu Lizhi as he leaned on the chair.

Xu Lizhi looked at him with a little concern. “Captain, are you sure you should be eating so much? Isn’t this overdoing it?”

On this day, Tang Wulin’s appetite was 50% greater than usual. He looked as if he was so full that he could no longer stand up.

Tang Wulin forced a smile. “Oh well! What if I don’t have enough blood essence in the afternoon because I didn’t eat enough? Since you’re not joining the match, you can get me more buns when I’m done with the two-against-two match.”

The day of the match had finally come. Shrek Academy’s outer court’s first and second grades would be joining forces to challenge the third grade.

The battle attracted the attention of all the outer court’s students.

Normally it would be impossible to join the inner court for those who had not done so by the time they reached fourth grade.

The only option available to them was to become a one-word battle armor master before they reached sixth grade and received their Shrek Academy graduation certificate.

Consequently, there were not many one-word battle armor masters in the three higher grades because they would graduate from the outer court directly if they had become a one-word battle armor master and were over 20 years old.

To a certain degree, the third grade was considered the most powerful grade in the academy’s outer court, as it still had the most talented students. The most capable students of the higher grades would have entered the inner court much earlier or they would have participated in the inner court experience exam.

Such lively battles were hard to come by. It was just past lunch and the sparring arena was filled with outer court students and teachers.

Without a doubt, the students taking part in today’s friendly match all had the potential to enter the inner court in the future. They also represented the most powerful among the new generation.

Students from first and second grade class one arrived much earlier and were hoping for a miracle. Meanwhile, the students from third grade class one seemed to be far more relaxed. Given the difference in ability, this could only be a friendly match. No matter how they calculated, there was no chance that the first and second graders could win.

Indeed, soul masters who had outstanding martial souls and powerful abilities would be able to perform above their own rank, but there was a limit to that. It was almost impossible to defeat an opponent who was a one-word battle armor master, due to the massive upper hand granted by the battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu had arrived much earlier. Both had a lot riding on this match. It would be embarrassing if the second grade lost to the first. They wanted to prove themselves in this competition.

The outer court headmaster Cai Yue’er arrived at the podium. Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was there, as well as the teachers from the outer court. From the inner court, both Scarlet Dragon Douluo and Blazing Dragon Douluo were attending. Their main purpose here was, naturally, to watch Tang Wulin.

All the Title Douluos were led by the Holy Spirit Douluo.

“Are you ready?” Wu Zhangkong looked at the first and second grade students who stood before him and spoke with a cold emotionless expression.

“We’re ready!” everyone shouted in unison.

“Yuanen Yehui will go for the one-against-one match. We have no idea what kind of formation they’ll employ, but you must give your all in this round. Don’t worry about the group battle later. Try your best to defeat your opponent. Ye Xinglan will go in the second round and Wu Siduo will go on the third.”

“Yes!” the three girls nodded simultaneously.

Xu Xiaoyan smiled and said softly to Xie Xie, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Look, it’s us girls who’ll be participating in the one-against-one match.”

Xie Xie scoffed, “There’ll come a time for me to take one for the team. I’m just showing my chivalry.”

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “Hehe!”

“What’re you laughing at…”


Tang Wulin squinted both eyes. Following Wu Zhangkong’s arrangement, they would have to win the one-against-one battle and an additional two rounds. After that, they must win the two-against-two match where the pressure would be on him and Gu Yue.

The fight against their opponents in the group battle would be so difficult that they would most likely only be able to score two points. If they managed to get three or four points at the start, they could reach their objective for the friendly match by acquiring some performance points during the group battle in the end. The difference in ability between them and the other team was significant, after all. To achieve such a result would be fantastic.

“All the best, Yuanen!” Xie Xie cheered loudly for Yuanen.

Yuanen Yehui glared at him, then sat cross-legged on the spot and began to adjust herself. As president of second grade class one, there was no doubting the excellence of her capabilities. She was confident of victory in the first round.

Beside third grade class one was their teacher Song Lin, an experienced middle-aged lady from the outer court, and a two-word battle armor master.

“First round. Go, Wu Rui,” Song Lin said to the boy before her who looked to be about 18 or 19 years old.

“Go easy on them,” Song Lin spoke with a calm smile.

Wu Rui’s martial soul was Heavenly Book. Rank-48 soul power, he was one of the most powerful team members from third grade class one. He was a control-type battle soul master. However, his strength in battle was clearly not the most potent in a one versus one match.

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