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Tang Wulin was stunned. His captor only captured them to lure his uncle-master here.

He took out his soul communicator and peeped at the evil soul master. However, Tang Wulin clutched his right hand immediately and crushed his soul communicator.

“Slap!” A slap came toward him like lightning. Tang Wulin did not even stand a chance at avoiding it as he flew from the impact of the slap. The left side of his face was badly swollen and it felt as if he was hit by a soul train moving at full speed. He could only feel a numbness ringing in his head as his ears buzzed.

However, he did not regret it at all. He could not call Zhen Hua’s soul communicator. He would put his uncle-master at risk the moment he did that. On the other hand, if his uncle-master was lured here, he and Gu Yue would lose all their value and die much sooner than they expected.

Tang Wulin’s mind was always exceptionally clear when the odds were against him. This time was no different.

As he hit the ground hard, his head was an utter fuzz and everything around him was a blur. He attempted to stand up but his limbs were not exactly responding to his command. After trying several times, he still ended up face-first on the ground.

The evil soul master shifted his mask and her gray eyes suddenly turned scarlet. Almost immediately, she was already at Tang Wulin’s side.

Squatting down, she extended a finger to wipe off some of the blood at the corner of Tang Wulin’s lips. Then, she removed the lower half of her mask to reveal her delicate chin. Her lips were oddly bright, so bright that it seemed a little strange. Then, she put her finger into her mouth and s----d that single drop of Tang Wulin’s blood into her mouth.

At the very next moment, her body trembled and her pupils shrunk to a size of a needle’s point. She stood up and as she staggered a few steps backward, the look on her face when she looked at Tang Wulin completely changed.

“How is this possible? You’re just an insignificant Soul Elder! How is it possible that you have blood so pure, and a blood essence that’s so rich? That’s great. This is just too great! It’s pure Yang energy from the blood of a boy. Haha, hahaha! That’s great. What’s so great about Zhen Hua? As long as I ingest your blood, I’ll become normal once again. I won’t have to bear the torture of soul forging at the blood sea anymore. Hahahaha! I’ve changed my mind, I’ll s--k you dry, of blood!”

She laughed at the top of her lungs. Her voice was no longer that cold. It was now a lady’s voice.

She stepped forward and as she arrived before Tang Wulin once more, she grabbed him from the ground. “Kid, I bet you didn’t see this coming. Your attempt at protecting Zhen Hua revealed the secret of your blood. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll make you my blood servant. Judging by how powerful your bloodline is, you’ll still have a great body for a blood servant even if I s----d out all your blood. Great! This is great! I never expected my luck to be this good.”

She removed an even larger portion of the bottom half from her mask as she spoke, and two extraordinarily ferocious fangs grew out at an alarming rate when her red lips parted.

Tang Wulin attempted to fight back but his body was covered in an unknown chill. No matter how rich his blood essence was, he could not stop the restricting cold.

Then, she licked her fangs with her pink tongue. She was just like a predator that was holding itself back from eating the most delicious food in the world. As she inched closer toward Tang Wulin, a faintly sweet fragrance emanated from her body.

Tang Wulin forced a smile. “Wait.” His voice was a little unclear now due to the slap.

“Sure. Since your blood is so important, I’ll let you speak one sentence. However, don’t you dare irritate me by begging.” There was a kind of charm in the evil soul master’s voice. It was the kind of charm that could make a person anxious.

Tang Wulin replied, “I’m not begging for me since I know I have no way to escape. However, since my blood will benefit you greatly, I’m sure you’ll need to find a place to cultivate after ingesting my blood, right? You shouldn’t waste your time! If that’s the case, could you let my companion go free? She’s of no use to you and won’t even pose a threat since she’s so weak. Please, bring me with you and you can s--k my blood somewhere else. Please? You’ll just have to get rid of her here. I don’t want her to see me getting my blood s----d by you.”

The evil soul master was stunned, to the point where her hands became stiff. “You’re dying and you’re thinking about her? Do you like her? You’re just a kid, do you even understand love?

Tang Wulin tried smiling. “I don’t know what love is, but nothing makes sense now since I’m dying. Can you at least promise me this? Consider this my last wish before I die.”

The evil soul master sighed all of a sudden. “I never knew there were people still willing to sacrifice their lives for others. You’re a good person, no wonder your blood is so pure. I’ve always thought that all men in this world were cheaters. So… It actually is possible to remain pure without being affected by worldly matters when one is young. I desire your blood even more now!”

Initially, Tang Wulin was still hopeful when he heard what she was saying in the beginning. However, that last sentence crushed all his hopes.

“Alright then. I’ll grant you your wish. I’ll release her.”

“But who’s going to let you go then?” An absurd-sounding voice appeared out of nowhere.

The voice was heard from every direction and its source could not be identified. However, as soon as the voice appeared, the space around them began to tremble as a suppressive aura was felt in every inch around them. Then, an insanely terrifying pressure sealed the space around them instantly.

The evil soul master immediately turned around to the sight of a huge silhouette inching step after step toward her.

‘How’s this possible? With my powerful perception, how was it that I didn’t sense his presence before this? Why didn’t I sense anything when there’s someone so close!?’

She could sense danger from this person’s spirit and soul as it slowly crept up her spine and spread through her head. It had been a long time since the evil soul master felt that.

The vicious force emanating from the huge silhouette was from the fusion of countless blood particles. He towered over 2.4 meters high and had extremely broad shoulders. Also, he looked much stronger than an ordinary person.

Upon closer inspection, the evil soul master saw the face of a middle-aged man. His face was manly and cold, while his skin was tanned. It felt like his body was covered in an alloy, and his eyes seemed like emotionless yellow crystals. This was the first time the evil soul master saw such this kind of color in an eye.

“Who are you?” The evil soul master’s voice regained its chilly quality as she tossed Tang Wulin to the ground and lifted her hands. She did this because she could clearly sense the threat emanating from the opponent standing before her.

All Tang Wulin could feel was a chill that spread through his entire body. He passed out, feeling unsatisfied.

“You’ve got no right to know who I am.” The majestic body proceeded to walk closer to her as the suppressive aura from his body grew more intense.

The evil soul master scoffed and the scarlet glow in her eyes suddenly grew more intense. An intense bloody glow shot out of her body and as she waved her right hand, a thin bloody sword appeared. After a slight tremor, countless red specks appeared in the sky, surrounding the evil soul master’s body that was in the center of it all. Initially, they were tiny specks but as they grew, they began to look like cold, ruthless, and bloody eyes.

An intense wave of blood energy ran rampant as tens of thousands of bloody orbs shot out from the bloody eyes that targetted the huge man.

The huge man finally stopped his advance. As soon as he stopped walking, he stomped his right leg hard onto the ground, creating an intense bang that seemed to distort the space around them.

The bloody orbs shot out at an alarming rate but just as they were ten meters from the huge man, a dark golden layer unexpectedly appeared.

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