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Jane never thought that Xiao ran would accept her identity as a mother so soon. She felt so warm and satisfied.

In the evening, she and Qin Yue go to sleep with Xiao ran. When they open their eyes in the morning, they can see Xiao ran at the first sight. When they look up, they can see Qin Yue sitting by the window and reading the newspaper. When they hear that she wakes up, they will always look up at her and smile.

It's been like this for several days. It's a very ordinary life, but it's very reassuring.

These days, I can think of many things by accident.

For example, think of lingfeiyu, think of the scene when they went to school together, also think of Gu Nanjing and Jane Xin's betrayal, and then come to Jiangbei with lingfeiyu.

But after coming to Jiangbei, her mind only occasionally comes up with some fragmentary pictures, and other things still can't remember.

Maybe the reason why he can't remember is that Qin Yue told her too much. What he said has been integrated with her memory. She can't even tell which is her memory and which is the message absorbed from others?

Thinking of these, Jane sighed in silence. Qin Yue was not at home. Xiao ran was not at home. Whenever this time, it was the most boring time for her.

When she is so bored, her only choice is to sit in the studio, paint, play with her imagination and outline her inner works. Chinese is the fastest to update.

Since knowing that she is Qin Yue's wife and Xiao Ran's mother, Jane is not in a hurry to design their family's three member dress.

Qin Yue said there was no wedding between them. When she thought of the past or when she wanted to, they would prepare a wedding.

Although Qin Yue is her husband, she still wants to hold the wedding after she remembers the past.

What a sacred and romantic thing a wedding is. She doesn't want to do it when her memory is incomplete.

In any case, we should wait for her to think about her and Qin Yue's past, and then consider the wedding time after she designs the dresses of their family of three by herself.

Just as Jane was thinking, Xiang Qin, the housekeeper, came to report: "Miss Jane, the old man is here. I want to invite you to meet him in the living room."

"Old man?" Jane thought about it and asked, "Qin Yue's grandfather?"

"Yes. It's his old man. " The housekeeper Xiangxiu replied respectfully.

About Qin Yue's grandfather, Jane heard Qin Yue mention it, but not carefully. When Qin Yue came back from a business trip three years ago, his grandfather gave her urn to Qin Yue.

She is still alive. Where did grandpa Qin get an urn?

There is a mystery in this matter. It's just that all the memories of the past have not been retrieved yet. I don't know what happened for a while.

In Jane's present memory, there is no such person as the old man, but when she hears him looking for her, she instinctively rejects him. However, he is an elder, and she has no reason to refuse to see her.

Jane nodded and said to Xiangxiu, "I'll clean up and go right away."

"Good." When ordered, Xiangqin retired.

Since the last time Qin Yue called all the servants in his family together to talk, everyone has a very good attitude towards Jane. No one dare to neglect her any more.

Xiang Xiu, the housekeeper, regards Jianran as the hostess, and her attitude towards Jianran is no worse than that of Qin Yue.

She simply cleaned up and rushed to the living room as fast as she could. When she entered the room, she saw the old man sitting on the sofa in the living room, talking to the assistant standing beside her in a low voice.

They turned their backs to the gate, so they did not find Jane's coming. Jane could only see their backs, not their faces.

Jane stood at the door, pursed her lips subconsciously, waited a little time, and then walked to them again.

Assistant he, standing behind the old man, hears Jane's footsteps and looks back at her.

Jane saw his assistant's face and his cold eyes clearly.

At the sight of this face, for a moment, Jane felt that a bolt from the blue came to her, and all kinds of pictures flashed in her mind.

It's him, it's him, it's the man, it's the face, it's not rare in her dream in the past three years.

Every midnight when he dreamt back, he always smiled coldly, stabbed her with a big syringe and injected unknown liquid into her body.

Seeing this face that appears in her dream for countless times, Jane only feels that she is once again trapped in an endless nightmare.

The black whirlpool will devour her

"No, don't come here, you let go of me, let go of me, don't let me see you, you go away..." Jane covered her headphones, yelled and yelled, forgetting where she was.

Instinctively, she turned around and wanted to run. However, before she ran a few steps, assistant he dodged and blocked her way.

He still smiled like that: "little madam, unexpectedly, we met again."

"No, don't hurt my child." At this time, it seems that Jane went back to the day three years ago, when she was locked in the car, called "every day should not be", called "the earth is not working", called Qinyue, but Qinyue is in the Far West.

She couldn't do anything but look at the man in front of her and ask someone to inject her.

She also heard the man calling grandpa Qin

Later, she knew nothing.

When she had a little more consciousness, she lay on the cold and bloody operating table. She watched the doctors cut her abdomen, and watched them take little ran out of her abdomen.

She heard the cry of the child and wanted to hug her child. But she couldn't pronounce a syllable, so she could only watch her child being carried away by them, and vaguely heard that their mother had passed away.

At that moment, she understood that the old Qin family wanted her life, not just let her leave Qinyue.

Later, the doctor helped to sew the wound, and the assistant of the Qin family took someone to inject some medicine for her. Later, she really didn't know anything.

By the time she woke up, she was lying in a hospital in Milan, and she didn't even know how she had been taken there.

After she woke up, the person beside her was Jane Zhengtian. At that time, he held her and cried for a long time, insisting that if she didn't, he would not live.

At that time, she had forgotten the previous things, and all the previous things were told to her by Jane Zhengtian.

From that day on, she is no longer a real Jane, she has become a puppet manipulated by Jane Zhengtian. Jane Zhengtian uses a set of disguised love to tie her firmly and distort her past life arbitrarily.

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