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"However, we are all sisters. Why are you so strange and polite to me?"

After the plastic surgery, her facial expression was a little stiff and her smile was very unnatural. She didn't look good in the old photos that Jane found on the Internet.


Is it really a good sister?

Lingfei's words are true to Jane, but Jane's expression looks sincere, and Jane doesn't think it's true either.

Now she really doesn't know who to trust?

"Let's go, I'll treat you to dinner," she said

Jane said, "I have something to ask you for. I should invite you for dinner."

Jane thought for a moment and said, "it's OK."

"This restaurant has some history. We used to come to it when we were at school," she said. You can see that restaurants around you have changed from one to another, and there are still a large number of diners. "


Maybe when they used to go to school, they used to come here for dinner, but they simply couldn't remember anything and didn't feel like they belonged at all.

Jane said a lot about the history of the restaurant.

Although she is not interested in it, Jane still listens carefully. It's good to get a trace of it.

So after the whole meal, it was Jane Xin who said that she only nodded occasionally to show that she was listening to her. O

after Jane paid the bill, she said: "I heard from Jane Zhengtian that you have lost the memory of the past, and I know the purpose of your coming this time, so if you need my help, just say it."

Jane Xin is so frank that she has some hesitation again.

If lingfeiyu's words are true, Jianxin should hate her deeply and should not receive her with such a friendly attitude.

When Jane went to find Jane Xin, she made it possible for her to be rejected, but she didn't expect that she would be so friendly when she saw her.

What happened to Jane? Is it Jane Xin acting? Or did Lingfei cheat her?

These questions, simply don't know the past, can't give the answer. If you want to confirm their authenticity, then she will try her best to find the past.

Jane thought for a moment and said, "I want to go back to where we used to live. Can you take me?"

"Jane Xin once again straightforward response:" of course, no problem

They come out of the hotel together, Jane Xin goes to pick up the car, Jane stands at the intersection of people and so on.

When Jane looked around, a familiar tall and straight figure appeared not far away from her eyes.


Jane was a little flustered, and hurriedly pulled the cap on her head. She turned around and hid behind a big tree beside the road.

She hid behind the big tree and looked carefully. She saw clearly that the man in the crowd ahead was Qin Yue.

His clothes are the same as before, white shirt with black trousers, ordinary and ordinary dress.

But because he is too dazzling, when he is in the crowd, even if there is a distance, he is recognized at a glance.

Qin Yue's face looks very calm, but Jane can see that it's not the same as his usual peace.

He seems to be in a bit of a hurry, but he controls him very well. No one can see it without careful observation.

How did Qin Yue come here?

Did you come after her?

Want to help her find her past memory?

Or are you worried about her safety?

If he couldn't find her, would he be worried?

But she can't rely on him for everything. She is the only one who wants to get back the memory of the past. Qin Yue can't help her.

Just as Jianran watched Qin Yue fall into a trance, Jianxin drove and stopped at her side: "Jianran, get in the car."

Jane looked at Qin Yue again, bit her lips and got into her car.

Qin Yue is kind to her, but she can't rely on Qin Yue all the time. She also needs to grow up to let him have a shoulder to rely on when he is tired.

In more than half an hour, Jane Xin drove her car and arrived at her destination.

In the place where the Jane family used to live, two people died in a few months, one was jumping off a building to commit suicide, the other was being killed, and the dead faces were very horrible.

After Gu Nanjing was killed, the police found out about Jane's suicide.

After these news spread out, plus the servant that Jane's family had hired before said some more, so it was said to be a murderous house.

It's said that every night a woman will jump from the top of the building and repeat it every night.

After the news of nothingness came out, there was a great stir. Pedestrians and vehicles would rather circle far than pass by their door.

Because it's said that it's a dangerous house. The house is empty. If you don't go out, you can't rent it. If you don't get someone to take care of it.

They haven't been here for three years. The yard is full of weeds. It's really like the haunted house described in the ghost movie.

Stand outside the gate and look at the gate.

Her feet suddenly seemed to have a lot of money, and her mood suddenly fell inexplicably.

"This is where we used to live. Do you remember?" said Jane

Jane shook her head and nodded again.

She can't remember it, but she feels familiar. Her heart is inexplicably upset. It's probably her subconscious that still remembers it here.

In a trance, Jane saw a middle-aged woman standing in front of her eyes and looked at her with a smile: "however, you can come back. Do you know how long mom has been waiting for you?"


"However, mom miss you so much."

"Mom, I miss you, too."

Jane rushed to catch the woman, but when she caught her, she didn't catch anything. There was nothing in front of her.

Jane said, "you see your mother? Is it your fantasy? Or does mother die with her eyes closed, and the ghost is always here? "

Jane didn't answer, but she saw some pictures in her mind. Women sometimes looked at her and laughed, sometimes hid in the room and cried, and saw the cold ice coffin

These pictures, like many times before, were clearly in her mind, but when she tried to think more clearly, everything disappeared from her mind.

Jane took a deep breath, shook her fist on the side of her body, pretended to be calm and said, "can I go in and have a look?"

"If you want to go in, you can't go with me," she said hesitantly

When Jane Ran's mother jumped to commit suicide, Jane Xin witnessed the tragedy at that time.

Gu Nanjing was hurt by her own hands again, and how miserable she was was was more clear. Generally speaking, she doesn't want to come.

Today, I will come with Jane, and she will know if Jane really forgot the past.

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