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Qin Yue hurriedly cooperates with Jianran and exaggerates: "Wow, it's so beautiful. It's the best princess skirt I've ever seen Xiaoran wear."

Small ran in on a turn, waxy voice waxy gas said: "but ran to look in the mirror."

She's a big elf. She's not good-looking. It's not that her father says she's handsome, but that she needs to be verified.

Dad likes big Ranran so much. I'm not sure that in order to help big Ranran, he has to open his eyes and tell lies.

Looking at the beautiful self in the mirror, Xiao ran was very happy. She turned back and kissed her face briefly: "thank you, sister, but she likes it very much."

"Well, thank you very much, but I like it." Jianran also kisses xiaoranran.

She is more excited and happy to be recognized by xiaoranan than to stand on the international stage and lead the best new fashion design award.

Not only did she like this dress, but also she was very satisfied with the other two pieces. She believed her father's words a little bit. It seemed that the clothes made by her sister were the most beautiful. She didn't want to take them off when she was wearing them. She just helped her change into pajamas when she was asleep.

Looking at fandu's Xiaoran, Jianran kisses her again. When she thinks that Xiaoran is her own child, she can't describe her inner satisfaction.

Small Ran Ran fell asleep, without this small pistachio noisy, the atmosphere on the moment quiet down.

People lying on the left and right sides of Xiaoran are looking at the roof at the same time. They all want to say a lot to each other, but they don't know how to open their mouth.

For a long time, Qin Yue turned over and moved Xiaoran to the side. He lay down beside Jianran and strongly dragged her to his arms.

"Qin Yue, what are you doing?" Jane struggled, but she couldn't get rid of it. She shook her fist and beat it hard on his chest.

"I just want to hold you." Want to hold her, let her body temperature fill the hole in his heart.

Hearing his low voice, Jane suddenly felt some heartache. She put down her fist silently, snuggled up in his arms and listened to his strong heartbeat.

"Qin Yue, you..."

Do you have something to hide from me? As long as you say it and tell me frankly, I will forgive you.

Jane wants to talk to Qin Yue like this, but she can't.

"Simply believe me"

believe me no matter what happens, believe that I can handle everything, believe that I can protect your mother and daughter. "

Qin Yue wants to say this to her, but he can't say it. He doesn't want to add more trouble to his story. When everything is done, I'll tell Jane something frankly. At that time, she should be able to accept it.

"Well. "O" Jane hummed a syllable out of her nostril. She would trust him again. She believed that she was for her good and that he would not harm her like Jane Zhengtian.

He had already told her that when that happened three years ago, he was on a business trip and everything happened when he came back.

He didn't know about the fact that the child was Caesarean delivered in advance and his wife was gone. He had been looking for her for so many years.

So she was willing to believe him.

Make a decision to believe that Qinyue, Jianran will also wait for her death. She can't rely on Qinyue for everything. She should go out bravely and find her memory bravely.

So the next day, Jane quietly took out the tracker hidden in the amulet and put it at home. She flew to Kyoto alone to find her memory.

She hopes to be able to see more of the past things and things. She is not sure that she will be able to arouse the biggest touch in her heart, and maybe she will be able to remember the past things.


When Qin Yue received the news that Jianran was flying to Kyoto alone, he was presiding over a large conference. When he heard that Jianran had already boarded the plane, Qin Yue became angry on the spot.

In the conference room, many people are the old subordinates of Qinyue. In the shopping mall, Qinyue has always been the one who is in charge of strategizing. No matter how big things happen, he can handle them calmly and give instructions quickly and accurately.

It's the first time that everyone has seen such a big fire in Qinyue.

In fact, he didn't do anything, but everyone could feel his anger, which seemed to burn down the building.

Qin Yue glanced coldly at the person who reported the information to him and said angrily, "Liu Yong, your people are not able to do things. You can do it by yourself. Xu Huiyi, I'll arrange a special plane to fly to Kyoto. I'll take off when I get to the airport. And the airport over there in Kyoto, no matter how you use it, you have to leave me safe at the airport. "

He arranged for so many people to follow Jane, the group Even after Jane boarded the plane, he sent the news to him. He really wanted to tear these people to pieces.

In case

He didn't have the courage to think about it. At the moment, he had to catch up with Jane as fast as he could, put her under his wing, and not let her suffer any harm.


The weather in Kyoto is not as good as that in Jiangbei, which is Jane's first feeling after getting off the plane.

Jiangbei is also hot, but when Jiangbei is hot, there is sea breeze, so it won't be too hot. Kyoto feels sultry, as if it wants to evaporate people as water vapor.

In her limited memory, she came to Kyoto airport for the first time. The decoration layout of the airport is similar to that of many large international airports, and the traffic is also large.

She walked quickly with the group of people who got off the plane to the exit of the airport, but before long, she was stopped by the security personnel of the airport.

I don't know if the other party thinks she is stupid, and the reason for intercepting her is so stupid that she can't be stupid any more. She said that there are dangerous articles in her checked baggage, so she should cooperate with the investigation.


she has a small backpack with her, a set of clothes for changing and some cosmetics on her back, and nothing else. How can she carry dangerous goods.

Before she came to Kyoto, she thought that there might be an accident. Someone with a heart would stop her from finding her memory, so she made some small preparations.

She borrowed an excuse to go to the bathroom. People are in a hurry. I believe that this simple reason can be accepted by anyone.

And there is no window in the bathroom. As long as they wait outside, she can't escape even if she has wings, so the security personnel let her go.

When she came to the bathroom, she quickly changed a suit of clothes, put down the high ponytail, and took out cosmetics to make up for herself quickly. She felt that the person who had just stopped her could not see it, so she came out.

As she expected, she came out of the bathroom and swaggered past two security guards, but they only glanced at her, no one doubted.

After walking out for a while, Jane quickened her pace. She wanted to escape before two security guards found something unusual. As long as she left the airport, those who wanted to embarrass her would look for her like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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