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Because I want to take better care of xiaoranan, because I want to quickly retrieve the past memory, because I want to return to Qinyue and xiaoranan as Mrs. Qin

Jane's perseverance in drug treatment is stronger than anything else. For several days in a row, she almost didn't relapse into drug addiction, and her mental state was much better.

There will be two or three days for International Children's day, and the clothes made for Xiao ran will be finished.

Because it's the first time to make clothes for her daughter. As you can imagine, every stitch is her work.

She has made two beautiful skirts and a suit of suits, so she has more choices. She can be a beautiful princess or a handsome tomboy.

Jane ran took the finished products and looked at them again, as if she could imagine the lovely appearance of Xiao ran when she was wearing these clothes.

Often think of small Ran is born of their own baby, simple heart will gush out continuous sweet and warm.

She is not alone. She has her own child, Ranran.

Just as Jane was absorbed in her thoughts, her mobile phone on the other side hummed, and she realized that the screen of her mobile phone displayed two words that she could not be familiar with any more - father.

She didn't want to answer the phone, but she thought about it and wanted to hear what else Jane Zhengtian had to say to her, so she answered.

When I got through, I heard Jane Zhengtian's worried voice: "however, dad is back. You are not at home or in the company. Where have you been? Dad is worried about you. "

If you don't know about being poisoned, Jane will continue to be cheated by Jane Zhengtian's kind appearance.

In the past, when she heard such a voice as Jane Zhengtian, she always felt happy, lost her memory and everything, but there was still a father who cared about her so much to accompany her and give her strength.

Now hearing Jane Zhengtian's voice, Jane only felt extremely hypocritical. She didn't even want to say what to do with him.

"But what happened? Why don't you talk? Isn't it uncomfortable? " Jane Zhengtian asked a series of questions, all about Jane's words.

Jane took a deep breath and said, "I'm ok. What can I do for you? "

Jane's indifference proves Jane's conjecture. She called a few days ago to talk about the medicine, for fear that she already knew that the medicine he had given her contained morphine.

To understand this, Jane Zhengtian said, "but dad is back. Should you go home?"

Jane thought and thought. She should ask Jane Zhengtian face to face about some things. After a long silence, she said, "I'll go back in a moment."

Jane ran first washed up the new clothes for Xiao ran, and then simply cleaned up to go back to Jane Zhengtian.

When she went back, she was still at the door, and she smelled the smell of stew, just like many times before.

In the past, when she smelled this kind of fragrance, she would feel happy. Now she has only one feeling. She feels that Jane Zhengtian is trying to please her, rather than caring about her from the heart.

But in Qinyue and lingfeiyu, she felt that they cared for her from the heart, and people on both sides gave her different feelings.

People say that women's sixth sense is accurate, and Jane also believes her sixth sense very much, just like she would feel familiar with Xiaoran at first sight.

"However, I am back." Jane said hello to her.

"Well." Jane nodded her head and didn't want to say anything superfluous.

"Dad cooked your favorite soup and prepared two dishes you like. You sit for a while, and dad can fry it and eat it. " After that, Jane turned around and went to the kitchen.

Jane Zhengtian is just like he doesn't know Jane's abnormal mood at all. He is as kind and kind as he has been with Jane for three years.

He didn't know that Jianran was already doubting him. Just because he knew that Jianran was doubting inside, he should do more tricks.

As long as Jianran does not restore his memory, he can seize any chance to use Jianran to deal with Qin Yue.

Now it's not that he wants to admit the poison, but wait for Jane to ask. As long as Jane asks him, he will have a chance to let Jane believe him again.

Jane Zhengtian first filled a bowl of soup for Jane ran and personally sent it to her hand. She said, "however, I know you don't need to be hungry. Drink a bowl of soup first."

Jane didn't pick up the soup. She looked at Jane and asked, "why do you give me the drugs?"

Jane didn't call him, and her voice was cold. Jane Zhengtian knew that Jane had believed that it was he who fed her poison.

But it doesn't matter. He has been ready to deal with it for a long time.

Jane Zhengtian pretended to be distressed and sighed: "do you know? Did Qin Yue tell you? "

Without waiting for Jane to speak, Jane Zhengtian said, "I wanted to keep it from you, but it seems that I can't keep it from you."

"Keep it from me?" "Can you keep it from me for a while, can you keep it from me for a lifetime?" said Jane excitedly

But do you know why I feed you poison? Do you remember that you spent a year lying on the sickbed? "

Of course, Jane remembers that during that time, she even had a problem walking. She was not very conscious. She felt that she had turned around from the gate of ghosts.

"Do you think it's really illness?" Jane Zheng Tian shook her head, covered her chest and said, "but, no, you are not sick. You've been injected with a drug. "

"What kind of medicine?" she asked

Jane Zheng Tian bit her teeth, and her expression became more painful. After a while, she said in a hoarse voice: "after being injected with that kind of medicine, 50% of them may die, and 50% of them may lose their memory."

After listening to Jane Zhengtian's words, Jane felt shocked, and then came back to her mind for a long time, saying, "so I will lose my past memory. It's not that I forgot something when I was ill, but that I was injected with a kind of medicine?"

At that time, she should still be pregnant with xiaoranan, or when xiaoranan was just taken out of her abdomen, who was really cruel to her?

"Yes," said Jane

"Who is it?" she asked? Why? "

"Because we are ordinary people, we are not worthy of the Qin family. Qin's family just gave birth to children by their bellies. When the child was born, you, as a mother, would have no use value. " Jian Zhengtian said with tears in his eyes, and then he slapped himself hard. He said with tears, "however, in the end, it's still my fault. It's useless to blame me, which makes you suffer such a big crime."

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