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I opened my eyes feeling dizzy and a strong headache with pain at the back of my head. I tried to touch the place at the back of my head where i was hurting and couldn’t move my hand. It was then i discovered my hands were tied behind my back and my tied too in a bathtub. I looked around and discovered i was in the bathroom with blood stains everywhere in the tub and around the bathroom floor and walls.

This wasn’t good, so i struggled to break free but the bind was too strong. i was still struggling when Amaka walked in wiping her hands with a towel.

“sleepy head, is that how you sleep? Come on! how do you intend to feed i and my baby when you sleep like that?”. She said making a mocking face.

She then walked over and sat on the tub looking down at me.

“what was your intention of coming here? Do you plan to kill me?”. She asked expressionlessly.

I didn’t say anything to her, i was still feeling a very strong headache that impeded my speech and dizzy.

“Hey honey, are you feeling okay?”. she asked in concern.

When i didn’t answer, she continued.

“Alright, enough of the bed talk” she said and became serious. “How did you find me?”.

I adjusted myself trying not to move too hastily to trigger the hurt in my head.

She was looking at me to say something. And when i didn’t she gave me an unexpected slap on my head.

‘When i talk you answer okay!?” she yelled angrily.

The effect of the slap sent an excruciating pain to my whole body. She jumped into the tub and squatted across my tummy to have a close look at my face.

”Was it painful?”. she asked, examining the expression on my face.

I looked at her wondering what she planned to do to me.

“Look here Mike, Just tell me how you got to find me?”. She asked.

“Sandra told me”. I said.

She looked at me in a confused expression and then sat back on the tub.

“Do i look like an idiot to you? or is the bump on your head affecting your thinking?”. She said.

“What do you want to do to me?”. I asked struggling to speak up.

“That depends on your corporation. I will let you go right now, treat your injury and give you some cash to cover your expense of coming here, if only you tell me what i need to know”. She said in a calm tone.

“What?”. I asked.

“How did you find me?”. She asked.

“why did you kill her. I know you killed her”. I said under my breath.

She looked away and back at me. Then gave me a slap with the back of her hand on my mouth. The slap hit my head against the tub and i almost blacked out.

“Do you think am joking? Do i look like a clown to you?”. She yelled standing on her feet. “Now look here Mr Mike, If you fail to tell me what i want to know, i’ll ensure you die a painful death right here, and i’ll bury you where no one can ever find your corpse!”. She said between her teeth.

I knew i had to escape somehow. So i started trying to break free from the bind on my hand.

“five persons know am here. They have your picture and if they don’t see me before the day runs out, they will send the cops on your fat ugly ass”. i said smiling.

She paused, looking thoughtfully at me. Then the cry of the baby startled her.

“Hey sweetie, am coming!” She shouted and left the bathroom.

I began struggling to pull my hands from the very strong knot. I struggled with all my strength and she walked in with a kitchen knife. I looked at the knife in her hands and wondered what she want to do with it.

“Now look here, am going to cut you bit by bit starting with your rod you love so much. The police have nothing on me. But first, am going to get you out of here, have called some one to assist me on that. Thanks for the tip”. she said and walked back into the house.

All my struggle was futile, but i didn’t give up. I persisted even though i was weak and tired. I had to break free if i want to live. The cry of the baby came again and i could hear Amaka saying.

“come one sweetheart don’t be like your daddy, you have your mummy in you”.

I gave up struggling, my wrist was hurting by this time, and i believe they must have been pretty bruised. I rest my back on the tub trying the absorb the pain and the ache, thinking of what was coming to me.

Amaka walked in with a tall bald muscled white man whose beards were dropping to his chest. He was dressed like a rock star in handles jacket, big three silver dog chains around his necks. pierces on his ears nose and lips and eye brows . A leather trouser with lots of hooks. On his feet a high black boot. His hands hand lots of buckles and skull rings covered his fingers.

“That’s him”. Amaka said, pointing at me.

“How did you bring him down?”. he asked under his mustache covered mouth.

“Just get him out”. she said and walked out.

the man looked at me thoughtfully, then walked away to return with big box he dragged in. He walked to me nonchalantly and picked me up with little discomfort i gave from struggling and put me in the box, covered it and everywhere was dark, save for few little holes that let in rays of light.

I felt the box being hauled up on both sides and two male voices speaking in foreign language. The box was carried to where the light became brighter, and then it was dropped and there was a thud sound, every where went dark. A van engaged it’s engine and i was in motion.

The van stopped after what seem like forever, light rays came into box, and i tried to see where i was but couldn’t. The box was hauled off the van and was moving through some distance. And after a while, it was dropped. The box was opened and blinding light hit my eyes.

When i was able to see, i noticed i was in the woods, i was able to make out another strange face; a chubby white man with just full mustache, who covered his head in durag, putting on singlet and jean trouser was standing with the first man.

”Welcome home”. The chubby man said in an ascent.

They carried me out of the box and dropped me on the grass sandy floor. I looked at the two heavily built guys and knew i could do very little in the state i was in.

“Hey bro, how much did she pay you?”. I asked looking hopefully at them both.

They pretended as though they didn’t hear me. I asked again trying to make my voice audible. They still pretended not to hear me as they sat under a tree lighting a smoke discussing in their foreign language.

“10,000! I’ll give you 10,000 bucks to let me go”. I said desperately.

They looked at me and returned to what they were doing. I felt i got to them with that amount i mentioned; so i sat up and rest my back on the box.

‘”whatsoever she is paying you, i’ll triple it”. I said.

The chubby one turned to me and smiled.

“One million! Where will you get that amount to pay us ?” he said, and turned to his colleague and they both laughed.

“I’ll give you one point five million”. I said convincingly, not knowing where to get such amount of money.

“A dying man can say anything to save himself”. The bald one said to me.

‘am for real!”. I said, and they ignored me.

I thought of how to convince them and a thought came to me and i gave it a shot, not knowing if it’d trigger an aggression.

“I am working for the Don. I, Rugged, Jaz and Sly are team”. I said.

They both look simultaneously at me and the chubby one whispered something to the bald one. The bald one stood up and walked to me.

“How do you know The Don?”. He asked looking ominously vexed.

I swallowed hard, not knowing if my gang has a problem with his gang.

“I work for him”. i said.

He turned to the chubby one who came to us. The chubby one pulled the bald one aside and they whispered something within themselves looking suspiciously at me. When they were done, they came to me looking down on me angrily without saying a word.

“what?”. i asked.

The chubby one nodded and the bald one brought out a knife. Looked at the chubby for confirmation, and he nodded again. The bald one bent over and pushed me face down. I closed my eyes expecting a sharp pain but the robe on my hand was cut off. He pulled me up back to my seated position and was going to cut the one on my leg when Amaka shouted.

“who asked you to take off the bind?”.

They turned to her as she approached, in jean pants, singlet and timberland boots.

“We can’t kill him. He knows someone of great value and respect”. The Chubby one said.

‘what’s that nonsense! i paid you well! didn’t i?”. She yelled.

“2,500 BUCKS? This dude offered 10,000 as a first bid”. The bald one said.

“and you believe him?”. Amaka said and laughed. “I know him very well, i fed and clothe his wretched ass!”.

“That was then! now i can buy you, all you own and ever will own!”. I said.

“shut your mouth!” she said to me and turned to her assassins. “Look here, it doesn’t matter how much i paid you, this is business!”. She said.

The bald one turned away from her, bent down to loose my legs when a loud gun shot echoed in the air, he fell on me with his eyes opened in horror.

Everyone was shocked, there Amaka was with a gun in her hand, pointing at the chubby man, whose hands were up in the air. The man made to say something and she fired twice.

While she was looking at the man, i took the knife the bald man had and hid it. She walked up to me and said.

‘See what you made me do. You are full of trouble and i know why. My p---y! No man taste of it and remain the same. Yes i killed her! she was really in love with you, though it made me jealous, but i cant fight a woman over a man, am bigger than that. I pointed the gun at her the way i am pointing it at her and shot”. Then she fired.

The bullet hit me on my chest, i fell on my side, swearing that i won’t die alone without taking her with me. She bent over me and said.

“I liked you boy, i love how you Bleep me. No man has made me felt like you do, but i love my boy. I can’t have another baby. I can’t allow you or any other steal my love from me. I will kill, and kill and kill if it has to do with my boy”.

She took out the gun and fired again at a close range, i felt myself going blank as blood gushed out of my body and mouth. She pointed the gun on my head and before she pulled the trigger, i stabbed her in her throat twice. She dropped the gun and moved backwards, then dropped on her knees holding her necks. I sat up with every ounce of energy i can mutter, held her in an embrace and drove the knife in her tummy continuously, she let out a faint cry as i did. Then she dropped on her side and slowly closed her eyes. I too fell looking into the sky, feeling my body growing weak and getting moist. The chubby man stood in front of me and that was the last thing i saw.

I investigated Mikes story and gathered every detail from friends and family, every one he ever met during his life time.

Mike would have become a great man due to his force, drive and spirit, but his lust for sex brought about his untimely doom.

If there’s anything to learn from this, it would be that indiscriminate sex can lead to misfortune. We don’t know the kind of spirit who you are sleeping with has. 90% of the problems people face is as a result of transference of spirit; you exchange destiny, family force/spirit/curse/good and bad lucks during sex.

Lastly, this story is not to encourage sex, but to encourage fidelity and also to bring the spiritual awareness of the effect of indiscriminate sex.

Thanks for reading.


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