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Meeting One’s Match

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With every strike, her hammer would pause on the surface of the Blue Coppertite for a few seconds. Her Spirit Forged Blue Coppertite Hammers did not rebound. When the Blue Coppertite Hammers struck the metal, a click would be heard and shortly after, electrical sparks would spray forth from the hammers and enter the Blue Coppertite.

As this happened, the internal structure of the Blue Coppertite also changed with lightning speed as its inner veins were quickly put in order.

‘Lightning refinement! Her martial soul’s attribute must be something related to lightning.’ Zhen Hua had made that judgement in a heartbeat. At the same time, he wore a shocked expression, especially since the act of refining metals with lightning was rarely seen. Not only did the act pose a high requirement on the martial soul, it also demanded exceptional control power. This girl’s spiritual power must be very strong or she would not have been able to control the lightning this well.

The two parties continued with their forging with Changgong Yan and Zhen Hua locking their gazes on the other’s disciple.

Even Zhen Hua was astounded, let alone Changgong Yan.

He did not sense any soul power coming from Tang Wulin, which meant that he was relying on his own strength during the forging process instead of his soul power.

Although they were only Heavy Silver Hammers, their weight was not something to be made light of once they were Spirit Forged. However, they seemed as light as feathers in the hands of this young boy.

The sound of the striking hammers revealed that they must have weighed over fifteen tons. At the speed which this young boy waved them, he must have been born with innate divine strength!

Innate divine strength was undoubtedly the most fitting attribute for a blacksmith. This an advantage that one could only be born with.

Shortly after they began, Changgong Yan also noticed that although Tang Wulin was quick in striking his hammers, he was not careless. Every strike of the hammer ingeniously untangled the inner veins of the Blue Coppertite instead of condensing or tangling them. He was obviously very familiar with the properties of the metal.

He never expected for there to be such a young blacksmith in the Blacksmith’s Association, he must have been rank 4 at the very least! ‘No wonder Zhen Hua was so confident.’

“Bam!” The two Blue Coppertite blocks shone at the same time. Barely a minute had passed since they began the forging process but they seemed to have finished Hundred Refining the metal simultaneously. The two blocks of Blue Coppertite flickered and their veins were immediately aligned, clearly indicating that they already possess the basic qualities of a refined metal.

Obviously, the duo would not stop forging right now. Their eyes were intently focused, and they never once spared their opponent a single glance as they put their full focus in their forging.

No matter how fiercely Tang Wulin swung his hammers, Lin Yuhan’s speed did not change. When her hammers struck the metal, the glow of the lightning continued growing brighter. As she increased the soul power she put into her forging, her soul rings began appearing.

One, two, three, and four rings! She had four soul rings and all of them were purple! She was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor!

This young girl was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor with all her soul rings at the thousand year level. In terms of her achievements as a soul master, she was also a rare genius!

Her eyes were focused intently, and the pair of Spirit Forged Blue Coppertite Hammers were like extensions of her body. Every time her hammers struck the metal, it jolted the Blue Coppertite with lightning. Instead of hurting the metal, the lightning ingeniously aligned its inner structure.

Tang Wulin’s side seemed much wilder. His pair of Spirit Forged Heavy Silver Hammers gave off a series of booming sounds as the Blue Coppertite continually and visibly shrank.

Although the duo forged in different ways, they had the same objective — to refine the metal to its full potential!

“Boom! Boom!” Two rays of light shone brightly. Thousand Refined with spirit! Top quality!

The two blocks of Blue Coppertite shone brightly and both beams of light shot up five feet high. It was slightly difficult to differentiate by virtue of eyesight alone, especially since the beams of light shot up at the same moment in time.

Tang Wulin and Lin Yuhan finally took a slight pause and subconsciously looked toward their opponent. When they saw their opponent’s Blue Coppertite glowing with the same light, shock registered on their faces.

It was apparent that their opponent had displayed abilities similar to theirs in the forging process.

However, their showdown had just begun. To be able to challenge the younger generation of the Blacksmith’s Association, Lin Yuhan’s limits were clearly not just in the realm of Thousand Refining. Naturally, Tang Wulin was also far from reaching his limits.

The Thousand Refined glow only subsided after a few seconds had passed. The duo then resumed their forging.

Lin Yuhan’s pair of Spirit Forged Blue Coppertite Hammers struck each other and gave off a light buzz. Instantly, the glow from the Blue Coppertite before her flickered, as if it was replying her.

Zhen Hua frowned and cursed silently. As if it was not already an advantage to forge Blue Coppertite with Spirit Forged Blue Coppertite Hammers, her pair of Spirit Forged Blue Coppertite Hammers had to have the Propagate effect — an innate ability to summon the source of life within the Blue Coppertite. It was obviously much easier for her to spirit forge compared to Tang Wulin.

The success rate of Spirit Forging depended on various aspects and the quality of the Spirit Forged metal would vary as well. Tang Wulin was fighting an uphill battle.

On Tang Wulin’s side, his forging was straight and narrow like an arrow. Compared to the furious storm he brought about earlier, his forging seemed to have slowed down noticeably. Under his feet, three purple soul rings arose. When it came to Spirit Forging, he would need the support of his soul power.

When he saw his three rings, the faintest smile appeared on Changgong Yan’s face. To a certain extent, the difference in one’s cultivation base would translate into a difference in the abilities between blacksmiths. Without sufficient support from their soul power, it was impossible for a blacksmith to further progress in their forging.

The forging process of them both managed to satiate the cravings of the audience around them. This was especially true for Tang Wulin’s forging. It was based on a firm foundation, just like a textbook. His mind was completely focused. and with every strike of his hammer, he brought out the life of the Blue Coppertite and was slowly imbuing a soul into it.

Both of them forged at a steady speed, but the glow from both blocks of Blue Coppertite began to show different changes.

Uniform spirals appeared on every facet of the Blue Coppertite before Lin Yuhan. Throughout the forging process, the lightning she imbued into it not only refined but merged into the metal as well. This made the spirals look like rain clouds with faint flickering lightning. It was as if a stormy world was contained within that block of Blue Coppertite.

The Blue Coppertite on Tang Wulin’s side had an equally beautiful pattern, but he was clearly not going as fast as Lin Yuhan’. Even if he could complete Spirit Forging the metal, he would most certainly be slower than Lin Yuhan. This was the difference due to their forging hammers and methods.

Time ticked away and soon, thirty minutes had passed since they started Spirit Forging. Lin Yuhan’s hammers suddenly swung upward before they gently struck downward. In an instant, several lightning bolts that were as thick as arms shot out from her body. The lightning bolts traveled along her arms and entered the pair of Spirit Forged Blue Coppertite Hammers before they were transferred into the Blue Coppertite.

The Blue Coppertite shook violently as lightning sparks flew. The blue light it gave off was dazzling. Soon, the metal came to life and a spiral-shaped glow appeared around it. A deep buzz sounded shortly after.

The metal sobbed. It had been granted life!

The Spirit Forging was a success!

Lin Yuhan continued injecting lightning into the metal for a few minutes before she gradually stopped. The block of Blue Coppertite was now only a third of its original size. However, it glittered with bluish lights. Its inner threads were fully activated and were revolving rhythmically. Electrical sparks could also be seen within the inner parts of the metal.

This was no ordinary Spirit Forging, it was attribute-assigning Spirit Forging. Aside from its innate special characteristics, this chunk of Blue Coppertite had been imbued with the lightning attribute. Its value was at least three times higher than regular Spirit Forged Blue Coppertite.

For a teenage girl about fifteen or sixteen years old to be able to achieve such a feat, it was nothing short of shocking. This was not something that could be achieved by ordinary rank-5 blacksmiths.

‘Tang Wulin has lost the battle.’ This same thought appeared in almost everyone’s minds. Other matters aside, Tang Wulin had not even completed his Spirit Forging. Besides, a three-ringed soul master could never have hoped to complete Spirit Forging under regular circumstances.

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