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What’s in the Divine Level! ( I )

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“Oh? We have a guest! Wulin, care to introduce us?” Zhen Hua smiled as he said this.

Tang Wulin replied respectfully, “Uncle-master, this is my classmate Gu Yue. Gu Yue, this is my uncle-master, this uncle here is my uncle-master’s friend.”

Tang Wulin had told Gu Yue his about his uncle-master’s identity long ago. Gu Yue stepped forward and bowed. “Pleasure to meet you, Your Grace.”

Zhen Hua looked at Gu Yue, and turned to look at Tang Wulin again with a dubious glint in his eyes. “I was under the impression that you only know how to forge and cultivate. I now see that your emotional quotient is quite high as well. Very good, very good. Have a seat young lady, no need for such formalities. Make yourself at home.”

When she felt Zhen Hua’s friendliness, Gu Yue could not help but smile. She nodded toward the Divine Craftsman.

Tang Wulin could not help but speak, “Uncle-master, I saw a red mecha on the rooftop when I arrived! It’s so cool! It’s a shame I didn’t get to see the whole thing. Whose mecha is that? Is it yours?” With Zhen Hua being the only Divine Craftsman in the entire generation, it would not be out of the ordinary if he owned a red mecha.

Even a black mecha would cost a fortune, let alone a red mecha. Its price was not something just anyone could afford, not even Sprit Douluos.

What surprised Tang Wulin was that Zhen Hua shook his head with a smile. “No, it’s not mine.”

Tang Wulin felt a sudden disappointed. If that red mecha was uncle-master’s, he would still be able to have a chance to take a good look. If it was not uncle-master’s… Well, it would obviously be rather difficult.

“Oh, yeah. You flew here on a mecha? You still have spare time on your hands to practice operating a mecha?” Zhen Hua asked with curiosity.

Tang Wulin replied, “I’ve always liked mechas ever since I was a little boy. Teacher Wu said that battle armor masters could also be mecha masters, that both do not contradict one another. That was why I wanted to give it a go. So… I got a yellow mecha custom-made at the academy.”

Zhen Hua shook his head with a faint smile. “You’re right about this but you’ve forgotten one vital fact — one’s energy is limited. It won’t be a problem if it’s only a yellow mecha, but it isn’t that easy to continuously upgrade your mecha. I think you can still handle a purple mecha, but it won’t be that easy when it comes to black mechas in the future.

“After a certain level, mechas need to conform to the soul master in order to unleash its true capabilities. This process requires endless grinding, and the soul master has to be truly involved in the crafting process, which also entails endless rounds of debugging the mecha. The time required would be no less than what you’d need to spend crafting your battle armor. Although top battle armor masters would also choose to own a mecha, they’re doing that because they’ve hit a bottleneck in their journey to improve their battle armor. At your age, I find it best if you were not distracted as much as possible. It’s fine if you have a yellow mecha but don’t get too engrossed. Mechas have quite a few attractive qualities. If you go in too deep, you might not be able to get out. I suggest you focus your energy on becoming a battle armor master as soon as possible. That’s the path you should take.”

After he heard Zhen Hua’s words, Tang Wulin was instantly shocked. ‘He was right! Uncle-master had a point!’ He had not thought about it from this perspective in the past. The main reason he could do this was that he had an extra twelve hours to train in the Battle Soul Hall. However, if he wanted to reach greater heights with a mecha, he would definitely need more energy.

“Uncle-master, I understand now. This mecha of mine is mainly for transportation, I won’t waste too much time on it. Rest assured.”

Zhen Hua smiled. “However, it won’t hurt to know more about mechas. With your current progress, you won’t have too much of a problem becoming a battle armor master as long as you maintain your cultivation efforts. You can still delve into mechas in the future after you’ve reached the top and hit a bottleneck with your battle armor. You want to take a look at that red mecha?”

Tang Wulin immediately nodded with excitement.

Zhen Hua smiled. “Then I’ll decide on behalf of the owner and let you have a look. There’s nothing wrong in widening your horizons. Let’s go.”

As he said this, he stood up and walked out of the office.

Uncle Chef also got up and smiled. “You sure are generous at the expense of others!”

Zhen Hua guffawed as he pushed the door open and went out.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue followed behind them. When he thought about being able to see a red mecha, he was filled with excitement. Even Gu Yue exhibited excitement in her eyes.

A red mecha was something that stood at the peak of the food chain on the continent!

After they boarded the elevator, Tang Wulin asked Zhen Hua, “Uncle-master, you have a red mecha, don’t you?”

Zhen Hua shook his head. “I have a black mecha. You’ll understand after you learn more about mechas. Crafting a red mecha is a very taxing affair. My heart and mind are mostly focused on forging. I don’t want to waste too much time on a red mecha. The main reason is because I’m worried that I might get addicted. Once you’ve entered the realm of red mechas, there are no limits to your improvements. All the red mecha masters I know of are obsessed with the continuous development of their mecha.”

“That’s true! It won’t be an exaggeration even if we say that red mechas are like a poison.” Uncle Chef sighed.

Tang Wulin’s curiosity increased after he heard them say those words. Just how special were red mechas that even his uncle-master did not try to recklessly craft one? It seemed like the real thing far exceeded the legends told about it!

They returned to the rooftop with Zhen Hua walking at the very front. He headed in a beeline for the exclusive red mecha parking space.

He did not make any special controlling gestures, but the shutter door opened and exposed the mecha, feet first. This time, they were much closer and had a clearer view.

The mecha’s feet were magnificently streamlined. There were dark golden striations on the bright red mecha. Mechas were made up of many parts, but this red mecha seemed to be composed of fewer components than ordinary mechas. For example, its ankle and sole seemed to be made with a single, jointless component. As the shutter door continued its ascent, the calf was exposed, then the thigh.

Tang Wulin was shocked that the red mecha resembled an enlarged human rather than a mecha. It was slender, and its proportions were similar to that of a human. Its body was a bright red, and aside from the dark golden striations, it had no extravagant equipment or any additional armor.

Tang Wulin also noticed that he could not discern the quality of the alloys used to forge this mecha despite his Blacksmith rank.

This could only have meant one thing — the alloys used to craft this red mecha far exceeded Spirit Forging. That was the reason why he could not even discern the type of alloys used.

Finally, the red mecha was displayed in its full glory before their eyes.

The mecha was about six meters tall. It looked more petite and nimble than ordinary mechas. The most peculiar thing was that Tang Wulin saw no weapons fitted on the mecha at all. This gave it an overall look that was both magnificent and graceful.

An ordinary mecha still looked very much like a machine. However, this red mecha resembled an enlarged human who was wearing simple armor.

Although it did not give off a powerful aura, its streamlined design made it look like a work of art. Even the most fastidious aesthete would not be able to point out a single flaw.

‘So this was a red mecha that’s also known as a divine mecha!’

Zhen Hua walked to Tang Wulin’s side, smiled and said, “I take it that you don’t see anything special about it?”

Tang Wulin nodded subconsciously.

“Little Red.” Uncle Chef’s deep voice sounded beside them.

At the very next moment, the red mecha moved.

The dark golden striations on its body shone as its bright red coating of paint gave off a lustrous shine.

“Boss, you’re here. What can I do for you?” A gentle female voice came from Little Red’s body.

‘It can talk?’ Tang Wulin looked at Uncle Chef in shock.

Uncle Chef took a few steps forward. “It’s nothing. There’re two children who were curious about you. I brought them here to have a look. Give us a simple demonstration of how you’re different from ordinary mechas.”

“You got it, boss.”

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