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Riding the Mecha Together

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Wu Zhangkong had directly applied for the permit through Shrek Academy. However, it was only granted after taking the fact that Wu Zhangkong was an honorary citizen of Heaven Dou City into account, along with Mo Wu’s help and guarantee. The value this card had far exceeded the mecha.

However, Tang Wulin was oblivious to all these things. With this card, his lowly yellow mecha could traverse unhindered across the continent. Naturally, the only condition was that he could not commit any wrongdoings. At the first sign of trouble, his Mecha Identification Card would be confiscated, and he would be blacklisted.

Wu Zhangkong did not emphasize this matter to Tang Wulin, because he believed that his disciple would never commit such a rookie mistake.

“Off we go!” Tang Wulin turned and said to Gu Yue who was only inches away from him.

The cockpit did not have much space. This was especially true for the person in the co-pilot’s seat. Gu Yue had a slender build, so it was not so cramped for her. However, she was not that comfortable either.

Tang Wulin could pick up a faint fragrance from Gu Yue because of the cramped space. The fragrance was very gentle and was comfortable to the nose.

“Okay.” Gu Yue nodded lightly.

The yellow mecha took a step forward as fair flares shot out from the jet-burners on its back and under its feet. Under Tang Wulin’s control, the mecha immediately leaped into the sky.

Civilian-use mechas are generally only allowed to fly below a thousand meters. In other words, they were only allowed to fly at a very low altitude. After Tang Wulin flew his mecha to an altitude of about eight hundred meters, the three pairs of flaps behind it were slowly deployed to maintain its suspension in midair. The thruster continued thrusting and the yellow mecha advanced towards Heaven Dou City.

There was an exclusive navigation system inside the cockpit which aided him in pointing out the directions. At the same time, it could also avoid any collisions with flying objects through the navigation system and radar.

When Tang Wulin’s mecha took off, countless radars began scanning its proximity. His mecha would transmit signals through a series of codes in its Mecha Identification Card to ensure its own safety during flight. If anyone were to fly up to the sky without an identification card, especially in a place like Shrek City, the city’s defensive soul cannons would attack it almost immediately. A mecha escort would also rush to the scene.

“Wow. It does feel better flying in the outside world.” Tang Wulin controlled his mecha with an excited expression.

Gu Yue looked at him and could not stop herself from smiling. She found it amusing when Tang Wulin began introducing his mecha to her. It was as if he wanted to show off. She never knew that this person had such a side to him. This must be the nature of a young man.

It was rare to see Tang Wulin this excited. He truly loved mechas!

The mecha continued flying at high speed, and it gradually entered cruising mode. It was indeed much faster than the soul cars on land. The scenery continuously shot past them underneath the mecha. His quick-flying yellow mecha in the sky also attracted a lot of attention.

During the flight, there was a slight tremor in the interior — mechas also shook when they encountered turbulent airflows. However, Tang Wulin’s overall control of the mecha was rather stable.

“How’s this? Isn’t this cool?” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue beside him.

Gu Yue smiled. “Why didn’t you tell everyone that you bought a mecha?”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “It’s my secret! If I told everyone, wouldn’t that be the same as flaunting my wealth?” Of course it would! To an ordinary person, owning a private mecha was something extremely luxurious.

Gu Yue smiled. “Why did you tell me then? Aren’t you worried that I’ll feel like you’re flaunting your wealth?”

“You’re different,” Tang Wulin replied subconsciously. As he spoke, he took control of the mecha and flipped in midair before his mecha nimbly continued on its way.

Gu Yue was slightly shocked after hearing his answer, and the smile on her face grew wider.

Soaring in the sky was too exhilarating. Although Tang Wulin was able to flying practice during his training sessions, those were conducted in a confined space. This time, he was actually controlling the mecha and was flying in the outside world. It felt exhilarating.

No wonder… This was why most men dreamed of becoming a mecha master. The feeling was just too amazing.

A soul train needed two hours to travel from Shrek City to Heaven Dou City. Flying in a mecha, on the other hand, one could do the same in half the time. It was much faster and was naturally much faster than a soul car.

When the mecha entered Heaven Dou City’s boundaries, it was not afternoon yet.

Tang Wulin brought Gu Yue straight to Heaven Dou Blacksmith’s Association. He had contacted his uncle master before he came so there was a parking slot reserved for his mecha there.

After the docking system was successfully connected, the mecha descended from the sky. It landed firmly in the special parking space on the rooftop of the Heaven Dou Blacksmith’s Association.

After the mecha safely landed, Tang Wulin sighed in relief. This was his first time flying a mecha long distance after all. A safe landing signified success!

The cockpit’s hatch lifted and Tang Wulin disembarked from the mecha along with Gu Yue. He turned to look at his giant, ten-meter-tall mecha as pride welled up within him. He was now a mecha master

At this moment, an unseen force pulled Tang Wulin, causing him to look toward one direction.

Atop the rooftop of the Blacksmith Association’s building, there was an area exclusively cordoned off for mechas to park. It was also where Tang Wulin’s mecha was parked. There were also charging equipment available there to recharge the mechas with soul power.

Naturally, Tang Wulin’s mecha was not the only mecha parked here. There were two purple mechas beside Tang Wulin’s yellow mecha, and there was a black mecha on the other side of his mecha. The people who managed to obtain permission to park their mechas here were definitely not ordinary people.

However, it was during this very moment that Tang Wulin’s gaze froze. In a faraway corner, a door of in enclosed parking space was slowly closing.

It was obviously a space used to park mechas but it seemed like it was chartered for a single mecha. When his gaze swept over to that area, the shutter was already halfway down but he had caught a glimpse of the lower torso of the mecha.

The bright red paint coating seemed to erupt like shocking thunder within Tang Wulin’s mind.

‘A r-re-red, red mecha?’

Red mechas were divine mechas that had to be personally crafted to completion. To craft it, top-grade materials, first-rate forging skills, along with the essence and martial soul of the person that had to perfectly fuse with the material were required. This would result in a creation that was in a sense, alive. It was an extension of the user’s life and in certain cases, a true divine mecha might even result in a situation where the spirit soul and mecha would merge into one.

White mechas were known as basic mechas, yellow mechas were standard mechas, purple mechas were high-level mechas, and black mechas were super mechas!

However, all these mechas were available and were not out of the ordinary. However, one could count the number of red mechas that existed with the fingers on one’s limbs.

Rumor had it that these red mechas had no upper limits to them. They could even stand toe-to-toe against three-word battle armor masters and could only be controlled by someone with a cultivation base beyond that of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo. However, the requirement to craft it was also higher, especially since crafting it was as difficult as crafting a three-word battle armor. However, although it had several advantages that were unavailable to battle armor, certain advantages possessed by battle armor were also unavailable to it.

Simply put, the statement saying that battle armor was superior to mechas did not apply when it came to red mechas.

Tang Wulin would have never thought that he would be able to see a red mecha here. Although he barely caught a glimpse of its passing beauty, that alone was enough to leave him in utter shock.

Since he saw it, Gu Yue naturally saw it as well.

“Is that the legendary red mecha?” Gu Yue asked softly.

Tang Wulin nodded with excitement. “It probably is. Come, let’s go to where master-uncle is. He probably knows something about it. Later, I’ll be learning from master-uncle for a bit. then I’ll be conducting some business with my spirit alloys before I bring you somewhere. I think I can get this all done by sundown. In the evening, I’ll go with you to do whatever you want.”

“Okay,” Gu Yue replied lightly.

Tang Wulin escorted Gu Yue into the elevator and went to the floor where Zhen Hua’s office was on. Zhen Hua had given them a special elevator card. This floor could not be reached by the general public.

The elevator’s doors slid open, and Tang Wulin excitedly walked out of it. Then, he stood outside Zhen Hua’s office and knocked on the door lightly.

“I think the kid’s here. Come in.” Zhen Hua’s bright and clear voice came from within.

Tang Wulin pushed the door open and entered the office with Gu Yue.

Zhen Hua was waiting for him, but he was not alone in the office. There was another person aside from Zhen Hua in that office, and Tang Wulin knew this person.

“Uncle, it’s you!” Tang Wulin said in surprise.

Was the middle-aged man currently seated on the sofa inside Zhen Hua’s office not the one who prepared a meal for him when he first came here? He looked like he was in his fifties — hale and hearty.

However, this uncle of a chef was not wearing a chef’s uniform today. Instead, he was wearing a regular retro grey long robe.

Although he looked ordinary, he was able to sit in the office of the only Divine Blacksmith in the entire generation. Clearly, he was not an ordinary person.

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