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Sarah POV

There were three men which we’re leaders and their guards there

“Kalos IRTHATE Sarah (welcome Sarah)”one of the men greeted

“What is he saying?I asked Michael

“He’s greeting you”Michael replied

“We have been expecting you”another said

“So what can I do for you?I asked them

“Well you see Michael here wants to exposed himself to the world, so as a punishment for him, he is to make you a vampire”the third said

“No that can’t be possible”Michael shouted

The man signal to the lady that brought us in and immediately the lady looked at Micheal and began to trouble his heart

I began to plead but it seems they are deriving pleasure from it

After sometime, the men told the lady should seize it

“Trouble me instead of Michael”I told them

The man signal to the lady, and she began to look at me but nothing happened

After some time the men to her to hold on

“Bràvo bràvo (bravo bravo)”the first man said

The lady was surprised including everyone

I run to Michael side to support him

“She has to be turned”the second man said

“Prépei na tin gyríseis Michael (you have to turn her Michael)”the first man said

“Ochi den borõ (no I can’t)”Michael replied

“Tõte to Kano mònos mouth (then I do it myself)”the first man said

As he was approaching me, Michael broke into to fight to attack the man but the guards appeared at him

The fight was serious with Michael suffering the much, tears werɛ already forming in my eyes

The guards brought Michael at the feet of the first man to snap out his neck

“Wait I will do it”I shouted crying

“That is what I’m talking about”the first man said

He came to me, as he was about to bite me Alice shouted

“Stamáta to (stop it)”Alice shouted

“What that? the third man asked

“We will do it ourselves”Alice said

The first man signal to Alice to bring forth her ✋, she answered him and after some minutes the man stopped

“I believe you”the first man said

The grant us to go peaceful

Michael POV

After we left the place, I was still shocked at what Sarah did

“Why would you have to do that?I asked Sarah

“To save you”she replied

“What if he turn you?I asked

“Then I would be glad to do it”she replied

We drop Alice along the way, we haven’t reached long when I saw Jake in the middle of the road, I had to March the brake

Then he went into the bush, Sarah and I had to get down to meet him

“I just came to warn you that I must not see any scratch on Sarah not to talk of turning her”Jake said

“And what your business with that?I asked him

“Then you and your family are going to be wiped out”Jake said

This got me angry, we have want to fight but Sarah separate us

Sarah and I later went to our house to meet everyone including Alice waiting for us

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