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I drove Phila to my place. She said nothing but just looking around astonishingly. I offered her a drink from the remaining scotch i had left, and sat beside her with a glass of mine.

“how did you do it Mike?”. Phila asked.

I smiled looking at her, then said.

“When you keep pushing, you’ll get there. Your exact words to me one time”.

“I can’t remember saying that, but it looks like what i can say”. she said and leaned on my shoulder. “I love your perfume. what’s the name?”.

“Lacoste”. I said.

She held me tight as she rested her head on my shoulder.

“I feel drowsy. I had a little too much”. She whispered to my ear.

I crossed my hand around her waist supporting her head with mine.

“Do you want anything?”. I asked.

She didn’t respond, i turned to her, she had dozed off. I was thinking this would be my lucky night, but i messed if up by letting her have too much to drink.

With much effort, i carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I was far from sleepy, So i took the time out to do some workouts until i wore myself out, had my shower and slept off easily beside Phila.

I felt someone shaking my arm, and i opened my eyes to Find Phila looking in my face.

“Mike, your phone is ringing”. She said.

I took it from her without checking who it was,

‘Hey! why are you not picking up? Jaz said he had come to check on you twice this morning”. Sly said.

I was going to answer him when he cut me and continued.

”Come with Jaz in the next 20 minutes”. He said and hung up.

I felt a horrible headache and very tired. Phila was looking at me to explain what the call was about.

“Work” I said. “I have to go”.

I sluggishly stood from the bed and went to the bathroom. When i returned, Phila had taking off her trouser and top, save for a black bra and thong. She looked pretty inviting, though she must be suffering from hangover herself, as she lay face down, showing me her fair round butt.

I took a t-shirt and a jean. Put them on, counted some cash, put some in my pocket and dropped 2000 for phila on the cabinet.

”This is for anything you may need, while am gone”. I said.

She looked up at me, and then to the cabinet.

“How much is there?”. She asked.

“2000”. I said.

“what? Mike! that’s too much! What do i need such amount of money for? stop spending money that way. Please, Take it back, i can take care of myself”. She said in a low tired tone and laid back on the bed.

“am not complaining”. I said.

“I know, you’re new to money, that’s why you’re spending that way. I won’t be part to that. Please, i can take care of myself”. She murmured.

I left the money and went out. Jaz was already waiting for me in the car. I joined him and he drove off without saying a word to me.

We arrived at the rendezvous, a coffee shop; Sly was waiting with a cup. He beckoned us over the moment he spotted us entering.

”Yes guys, we have a package to pickup at the hospital and deliver to the Don, It’s going to be a bit challenging, but we are to pull this off as easily as we can”. Sly said the moment we settled in.

“What is it all about, break it down”. Jaz said.

A white girl waiter came over and inquired from us our order. I took creamy coffee, and Jaz took black Coffee. When she left, Sly continued.

“There’s a doctor we are to kidnap. Doctor John”. He placed a picture of a fat Indian man on the table. “We will go in as doctors; am talking you and i Frozen”.

I looked at him in shock, wondering why me. He went on.

“We are to inject him with this”. Bringing out a syringe. “when he passes out, we are to put him an a wheelchair and roll him off the hospital, as simple as that”. Sly said.

Jaz wanted to say something but paused as the girl came with our order. Dropped our drinks before us and walked away. Jaz made sure she had gone far before he said.

“Why don’t we wait for him to come out and pick him up, instead of going through the stress of that smart move”.

“he walks with police escorts, like four vehicles, two in the front and two behind, all heavily armed. He’s only vulnerable in that hospital”. Sly said.

“What am i to do? I need to know my role”. i said.

“I told you, you are to come with me!”. Sly retorted angrily.

“What about me?”. Jaz asked.

‘You are to remain in the car”. Sly said.

“Why should i remain in the car?”. Jaz asked in anger.

“Take a look at yourself, you want to draw attention?”. Sly said to him.

Jaz looked away disappointed.

“Drink up, we have to be going”. Sly added.

We rushed our coffee and Sly dropped a note on the table before we left.

It took us an hour and thirty two minutes to get to the hospital. Sly handed me a small bag and an ID card before we stepped out.

We walked into the big busy hospital, nurses in blue gown were seen walking about, patients waited at the reception, some were seen being attended to. Doctors were seen hurrying about with nurses.

It was a busy day in there. Sly looked around cautiously and pointed a wade for us to in. We both stylishly moved towards the direction. We entered and shut the door.

“Get dressed”. Sly said.

We hurried into a blue up and down and a white lab suit. Then placed our Id cards on the breast pocket. When we were done that i noticed a patient on life support sleeping adjacent us.

“Lets go!”. Sly said.

We went about the hospital looking for Doc. John, nodding a greeting to nurses and doctors that passes us by.

‘Hello, please have you seen doc John this morning?”. I asked a nurse.

“Yes, he’s in the theater”. The nurse replied.

“Oh thank you”. I said.

Sly smiled and nodded at me.

We went to the theater putting on a nose mask and a Doctor stopped us on the way.

“who are you?” She asked.

‘we’re to assist doctor John”. Sly said.

“You’re not among the surgeon because we’re complete. I don’t think i have seen these names before”. She said looking at out Id cards on our breast pockets.

And a voice called “Doc. Jodi! Please you’re needed”. She looked at me suspiciously and went away.

When she had gone, i said to Sly.

“I know that girl, we met at the grocery shop, i think she recognized me”.

“How would she, in your mask? We have to pull this racket boy, no two ways about it. Keep your mask on then”. Sly said as we went to wait for the doctor in a different location.

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