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Tang Wulin’s Mecha

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After breakfast, Tang Wulin took Gu Yue out. They then hailed a rental soul car and headed straight to Tang Sect.

The mecha was too large, and it was not something that could be stored in their storage unit. In reality, most of the mechas owned by mecha masters needed a special place to park and maintain them. Only mecha masters who were exceptionally strong and rich could equip themselves with the storage soul large enough to fit a mecha. For the time being, Tang Wulin did not have this amount of spare money, and it was unnecessary for him to get such an expensive soul storage tool just for a yellow mecha.

The car arrived at Tang Sect, and the duo disembarked.

“I’m going in to grab something. Then, we’ll head to Heaven Dou City,” Tang Wulin smiled as he spoke to Gu Yue.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you at the entrance.” Although Gu Yue was unfamiliar with the rules of the Tang Sect, it was obviously inappropriate for an outsider like her to enter a sect she did not belong to.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Tang Wulin said as he strode into the Tang Sect.

The front door of the Tang Sect headquarters was plain and had a horizontal inscribed board hanging above it. The inscribed words — Tang Sect — had a special texture to it, and on the lower right corner was the artist’s signature. It read — Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao! The Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao! Obviously, these words were left behind by that legendary person whose strength once shocked the continent.

As she looked at the words ‘Tang Sect’, Gu Yue felt slightly puzzled. If memory served her right, Huo Yuhao should be the powerful person who established the Spirit Pagoda.

Gu Yue was still deep in thought but suddenly, her heart stirred. She instinctively looked toward the sky and heard a whistle coming from within the Tang Sect. Shortly after, she saw a yellow mecha shooting toward the sky.

The mecha was about ten meters tall and was completely covered in yellow paint. After it leaped ten meters into the air, it gradually fell down and headed toward the Tang Sect entrance where she stood.

Gu Yue took a few steps backward. ‘So, there are mecha masters in the Tang Sect as well!’

The mecha landed with impeccable control. It did not make a sound — an apparent show of the mecha master’s skill in controlling the mecha.

The mecha’s ten-meter-tall body was streamlined, making it seem agile. Gu Yue had also picked up some basic mecha operating and identification skills in the academy. She could immediately tell that this was a mecha that specialized in long-range attacks. Its main weapon was probably the handheld soul cannon strapped to its back.

The soul cannon was more than six meters in length. It was attached on its back and could be fired at any moment with the hand. The soul cannon’s caliber was about eighty millimeters, and it was already quite a powerful weapon. It could unleash an attack that was similar to an all-out attack by a Soul Ancestor within a range of a thousand meters.

The appearance of mechas had once subverted the position of the soul masters in the continent because any Tom, D--k, and Harry was able to control a mecha. The only caveat was that they had to have a body strong enough to do so.

Then, the appearance of battle armor along with the support soul masters received from spirit souls enabled them to exercise greater control and have extremely adaptive abilities that regular humans would not. It was only then that they began to dominate the world of mechas to once again, rise to the top of the continent.

Generally speaking, no matter how strong a regular human being’s body was, they strength limited them to only be able to pilot a yellow mecha. Only soul masters could control purple mechas and those beyond it.

The mecha before Gu Yue touched down lightly before it turned toward her. She could not help but frown. ‘What does it want from me?’

“Hey beautiful, fancy coming on board to go sightseeing with me?” An electronic voice was heard from within the yellow mecha.

Gu Yue’s face immediately darkened as she turned to leave. After all, this was the entrance to the Tang Sect. She did not wish to cause a commotion here, and she would not allow herself to be bothered by a yellow mecha.

At this moment, the yellow mecha raised its right arm at her to shoot a golden beam of light.

Gu Yue never expected that she would be attacked by this mecha without being given so much as a warning. She had her back to the mecha and could react after the golden light hit her.

The golden light coiled and wrapped itself silently around her waist but Gu Yue was already glowing with silver light. She prepared herself to use Spatial Retreat, but that thing around her waist felt familiar… It was familiar enough to make her stop her attempt to use Spatial Retreat.

She instinctively looked down and noticed that the golden vines faintly seemed like they had scale patterns on them. They also gave off a faint bluish glow from within. ‘This was…’

She abruptly turned around just in time to witness the cockpit of the mecha slowly opening. A person stood on the pilot’s seat. ‘Isn’t that Tang Wulin?’

Tang Wulin smiled as he waved at her. The Bluesilver Grass pulled her toward him, and Gu Yue managed a small scream as she flew toward the cockpit.

Tang Wulin caught her in his arms and guided her slender limbs to seat her down in the co-pilot’s seat.

The pilot’s seat was designed in such a way that it would require the pilot to stand. This would allow a greater harmonization between driver and mecha and result in greater control. Naturally, braces made to hold the pilot in place were everywhere. The co-pilot’s seat was just behind the pilot’s seat on the side and was designed so the co-pilot would be sitting.

This particular design in the mecha was initially intended to preserve combat power by swiftly switching the positions of the two pilots via the switching settings in the off-chance that the pilot was faced with complications.

For a civilian-use mecha, it was just perfect for bringing a passenger along.

In many places, rich kids usually had a mecha to their name so they could pick girls up. Sitting in a mecha’s co-pilot seat was definitely a new and exciting experience for any ordinary person.

After she was seated on the soft and stuffed leather seat, the safety belt clicked into place automatically. Gu Yue rolled her eyes at Tang Wulin. “You came all the way to the Tang Sect just to borrow a mecha?”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “Not borrow. This mecha is mine. I had it custom-made in our academy and stored it here. I’m terrified of soul trains. Trouble seems to find me every time I get on one. Although a soul car is much cheaper, it’s far inferior to a mecha in terms of practicality.”

“You took the mecha operating course just for this?” Gu Yue asked, puzzled.

Tang Wulin nodded with a smile. “The other reason was that mechas and battle armor are not mutually exclusive! A mecha would just add to my battle prowess. Teacher Wu said that many powerful soul masters are also battle armor masters and mecha masters at the same time. I think that sounds quite alright. Naturally, the most important part is that I have dreamed of owning a mecha ever since I was a little boy. Now that I have the means to fulfill that dream, I have to try it. This mecha of mine is made from Star Iron along with thousand refined alloys. On the outside, it’s a yellow mecha, but its materials and configurations are at the level of a purple mecha. Only the core circuit’s extremely expensive to inscribe so I used one that’s at the standard of a yellow mecha. This cost me a lot of contribution points. You’re the first passenger, y’know?”

There was another advantage for him when he left his mecha here. Every time he came to the Battle Soul Hall for his weekly cultivation, he could also be able to practice on his mecha operating skills as well. There was an area dedicated for mecha operation training within the Battle Soul Hall. Compared to the basic cultivation techniques taught at the academy, he could select the techniques he was interested in and could pick the more advanced ones.

With his strong physique, Tang Wulin was already very familiar with controlling a mecha at this moment and was even able to carry out a few complicated moves.

The breastplate clicked shut and turned the interior of the mecha into a sealed space. Tang Wulin then worked his fingers as he confirmed the various indexes of the mecha.

His mecha was left in the Tang Sect most of the time. Naturally, it was very well maintained — everything seemed was normal, and its energy bar was full.

Tang Wulin inserted the Mecha Identification Card he got from Wu Zhangkong into the card slot, and with a light beep, a small row of green words appeared on the auxiliary control panel. It displayed the permissions available to this mecha. He was allowed to freely cruise around most parts of the continent.

The federation was still very strict when it came to mechas. After all, mechas had too much destructive power. If a situation were to get out of hand, it would have easily brought about a large number of casualties. This was the reason why it was very difficult for a civilian-use mecha to obtain an official permit.

Under normal circumstances, it would be relatively easier to obtain a permit to cruise in a single city compared to a continent-level permit.

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