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Traveling with Gu Yue

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Tang Wulin was looking forward to their little outing when he thought about the fact that Gu Yue would be going with him. Teacher Wu had already gotten him a mecha identification card. He would finally be able to drive a mecha outside at last. He felt happy just thinking about driving a mecha to sight-see. Coincidentally, he could bring another person along with a mecha.

Special Cultivation Venue.

Tang Wulin sat cross-legged and as a faint bluish glow surrounded him, blades of Bluesilver Grass wriggled beside him like little snakes.

Goldsong lied silently beside him with bluish striations appearing on its golden body. Its body was a few centimeters longer than before and was now more than a meter and a half in length. Although it was still slender, its aura was much darker, and its scales were much more beautiful than before.

As Tang Wulin’s first and only spirit soul for now, it was quickly improving alongside the improvements Tang Wulin made in his cultivation base.

A portion of Golden Dragon King’s essence which Tang Wulin absorbed had been assimilated and absorbed by it. That was how it gradually changed from being a useless spirit soul and underwent a positive transformation. In a way, it also possessed the Golden Dragon King bloodline.

This was the reason why Tang Wulin’s bloodline refinement was the most important part, although the improvement of Tang Wulin’s soul ring and soul power was beneficial to it. Every time he broke through a seal and absorbed the Golden Dragon King’s essence, he would also be helping Goldsong evolve once.

Tang Wulin knew this very well, especially after he broke through the fourth seal. In shock, Tang Wulin realized that Goldsong’s intelligence improved tremendously. It was also more direct in its communication with him.

Under normal circumstances, spirit souls could borrow the soul power of their hosts to unleash soul skills. The only difference was that their abilities would not be as strong as a soul master, so both soul master and spirit soul would usually fight side by side.

However, some peculiar changes occurred in Goldsong’s body. Aside from being able to use a few of the soul skills of Bluesilver Grass at fifty percent power, it also obtained a bloodline soul skill which it could use on its own. The skill was similar to Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Body that could instantly increase the defensive capabilities of its body upon use.

It would then expend energy its own blood essence and once it was exhausted, it would then need to replenish itself within Tang Wulin’s body. The increase in Tang Wulin’s appetite was largely due to Goldsong’s higher demand of blood essence from him.

As it coiled itself around Tang Wulin to absorb the waves of soul power along with the blood essence from his body, it appeared languid as it rested its head gently on Tang Wulin’s thigh. Who was it who said snakes were cold-blooded animals? The gaze Goldsong had was filled with warmth, and it seemed as if it was leaning against its parents.

Tang Wulin’s chest suddenly puffed up, and as he took a deep breath, the blades of freely waving Bluesilver Grass suddenly stopped moving. Every single blade of Bluesilver Grass was emitting a dazzling golden light. Like Goldsong, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass continued to evolve from the improvements he made in the Golden Dragon King bloodline! The vines were thicker, and their color was more captivating. There was already a hint of a regal aura coming from it, and it was likely that the Golden Dragon King bloodline was the one that brought out this regal aura. It hastened the growth of the plant system martial soul — Bluesilver Grass and made it exude an aura similar to the Bluesilver Grass King.

He continued breathing in for a few minutes before he slowly exhaled. Continuous inhalation along with slow exhalation was how the Mysterious Heaven Method directed qi.

After a long pause, he slowly opened his eyes, and it gave off a delicate glow as the Bluesilver Grass around him silently retreated. Goldsong was the only one who climbed onto him with a reluctance to part. It coiled around his neck and nuzzled its head against his cheek. It was an affectionate scene.

Tang Wulin had a faint smile. He caressed Goldsong’s bright, clean, and cold body. Man and snake were already telepathically connected. “Alright, you can stay outside for a while longer if you want to.”

Goldsong shook its head at Tang Wulin. Then, a golden light flashed, and it silently melted into Tang Wulin’s body. During the fusion process, it looked as if it had turned into a golden tattoo on his body. It imprinted itself silently before the light striations it left behind mysteriously faded away.

Then, a hint of a smile could be seen appearing on Tang Wulin’s face.

The understanding between him and Goldsong was improving, and it may very well obtain the ability to fight on its own someday. Only when a spirit soul reached that level could it aid the soul master in combat.

Both Yuanen Yehui and Gu Yue had spirit souls. However, they rarely released their spirit souls because it was much more supportive to them if their spirit souls stayed in their bodies compared to when they were released.

It was only when a soul master achieved four rings that their spirit soul’s intelligence would begin to slowly develop. The spirit soul also had to be one that was older than a thousand years to boot. If one wanted a spirit soul to have the ability to fight without a soul master, an even longer cultivation period would be needed. Once the cultivation was successful, only then could the spirit soul become an extension of the soul master’s body. Once a soul master achieved this, it would be of a very great help during a battle.

This was how strong a soul master that was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor could be. However, ordinary soul masters would have to achieve the rank of a Soul King at the very least if they wanted their spirit souls to be able to fight on their own.

To nurture a spirit soul, one’s blood essence must be vigorous and powerful enough. This required a formidable amount of soul power to support it. At the same time, one had to also possess sufficient spiritual power to develop the spirit soul’s intelligence.

In these aspects, it was without a doubt that Tang Wulin had impeccable natural talents. He was heads and shoulders above the others.

A dim light flickered, and a hint of coldness was seen on Tang Wulin’s face. He joined hands before his chest, and every time the light flickered in his eyes, the air would be slightly distorted. Then, his Bluesilver Grass would appear like a swarm of bees. Like long snakes, they would wave about the Special Cultivation Venue as they gave off a faint golden hue that made the patterns on their scales grow more distinct.

Although he was unsure how much he could do against the third graders, he would still work hard to emerge victorious in the challenge.

However, he would first experience the joy of driving a mecha. Tang Wulin was very much looking forward to his trip on a mecha to Heaven Dou City. This was his first time driving a mecha to travel to a distant place but he had Gu Yue to keep him company.

Tang Wulin left the Special Cultivation Venue and went back to the working students’ dormitory. It was still early in the morning when he returned. The first person he saw when he entered the yard was Xie Xie who was busy sweeping the floor.

Xie Xie was serious in his sweeping and did not even notice Tang Wulin walking into the yard.

As he looked at the deep affection Xie Xie’s displayed, Tang Wulin could not help himself but smile. ‘This guy can really persevere!’ However, nobody was sure if his perseverance could actually move Yuanen. With the improvement in his abilities, his confidence should naturally grow as well.

Suddenly, Xie Xie stopped sweeping and turned to look at Tang Wulin. “You’re early! Shouldn’t you cultivate for a while longer before you return?” The time to cultivate Purple Demon Eyes just passed. It was quite obvious that Tang Wulin came straight back after cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes.

Tang Wulin replied, “I’m going out today, that’s why I’m back early. I’ll be going to Heaven Dou City, do you need anything?”

Xie Xie waved his hand and continued sweeping. “What don’t we have in Shrek City? I’m fine.”

Tang Wulin smiled. He went to Gu Yue’s door and gave it a light rap.

Xu Xiaoyan and Ye Xinglan must have also been awake by now since they also had to cultivate Purple Demon Eyes in the morning. There was no worry of disturbing their rest.

The door opened, and as expected, Xu Xiaoyan poked her head out.

“Eh? Captain, what brings you here this early? What’s up?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “I’m here for Gu Yue. Is she awake?”

“Yep! Coming!” Gu Yue’s voice came from behind the door. Xu Xiaoyan giggled and retracted her head as Gu Yue walked out the door.

When he saw Gu Yue before him, Tang Wulin could not help but feel slightly shocked.

Her long black hair was pulled behind her head in a ponytail, making her look young, free, and happy. Her long shite dress was elegant and had no unnecessary ornaments. She looked clean and refreshing.

The young girl who was almost fifteen years old had grown and matured beautifully with age. Gu Yue was not a great beauty, but she had a certain temperament that made it hard to put a finger on. Without even trying, she had an aura of nobility and elegance around her.

“You look beautiful today,” Tang Wulin muttered softly.

Gu Yue’s delicate face flushed red. “Have you had breakfast yet?” She knew how important eating was to him.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, I haven’t. I came here to get you first. Then, we’ll be paying the Tang Sect a visit.”

“Alright.” Gu Yue nodded in agreement.

“Hey ho! going out on a date are we?” Xie Xie’s tease reached their ears.

“Keep sweeping your floor!” Gu Yue retorted.

In truth, Xie Xie was afraid of her. Perhaps, it was due to the beating he received or maybe he was just terrified by Gu Yue’s outburst yesterday. Standing beeore Gu Yue, he dared not swagger.

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