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Xie Xie — An Explosion With Momentum Storage

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The Star Staff Sword pierced forward with dazzling starlight but it failed to trip Xie Xie in time as a purple radiance shimmered in his eyes. He was utilizing Purple Demon Eyes to make the best judgment to prevent his opponents from attacking him.

He raised the Light Dragon Dagger he had in his hands as he stood unmoved, poising himself in a manner that seemed like he was about to lunge forward. Only, the force in his body seemed to be increasing by several folds as the Light Dragon Dagger in his right hand gave off a brilliant glow like the morning sun. The aura he gave off seemed to envelop the entire stage.

‘What’s this… Is this momentum storage?’

Momentum storage was not a soul skill. Instead, it was an ability he discovered for himself that defied the laws of nature. ‘Wasn’t momentum storage already a lost art? How could it appear on him!?’

Standing behind Ye Xingmo, Duan Hunxiao did not even dare to slow down. As a master-countrol soul master, he was undoubtedly the most suitable person to disrupt Xie Xie’s momentum storage. Then, he conjured his flute and was about to blow into it but a ring of dazzling starlight rose from beneath his feet. Duan Hunxiao’s body froze, forcibly disrupting the soul skill he was about to release.

Ye Xingmo missed his stab as well. However, he would never allow Xie Xie to complete his momentum storage since it could possibly knock him out. The tip of his toes touched the ground as his body and sword fused as one. The fusion only stalled him slightly before he pierced toward Xie Xie.

However, it was also at this moment when something unusual was seen. Xie Xie’s body suddenly became illusory. Ye Xingmo’s forward stab surprisingly penetrated right through his body.

His momentum storage had undoubtedly been completed.

It still remained unactivated, but the Light Dragon Dagger still maintained a dazzling brilliance beyond what it was on regular days. Then, Xie Xie’s eyes shone brightly and his entire being transformed into a golden thread as he swept across Duan Hunxiao’s side with a melodious dragon’s roar.

Duan Hunxiao had only just struggled himself to freedom from the Starwheel Shackles, and before he had time to react, the golden light before him spread through his entire field of vision.

Who would have guessed that Xie Xie’s target was not Ye Xingmo? Instead, it had been Duan Hunxiao since the very



The flute in Duan Huanxiao’s hand snapped in two with a crisp sound, and a sliver of warmth slipped past his throat.

‘How was this even possible…’

Xie Xie’s vanished in a split second after he flashed past Duan Hunxiao, and the golden light he left behind gradually dissipated before it soundlessly vanished.

The entire battle happened at an incomparable speed. Before it all ended, a silver light flashed in Elder Cai’s hand and was reflected onto Duan Huanxiao’s body. Before he knew it, he had already been sent out from the competition stage. No words were necessary. Despite being the strongest master-control soul master in second grade class one, Duan Hunxiao had been eliminated!

Xie Xie was the best example of how the agility system was capable of restricting the control system with that one critical strike he made earlier.

Yuanen Yehui’s gaze was a little stunned because she understood Duan Hunxiao’s power more than anybody else. Even with Ye Xingmo present in the battle, Duan Hunxiao was still eliminated just like that.

Xie Xie’s wore a completely different expression compared to the one he had in his previous battles. The expression he had on his face in his previous battles was far less determined than the one he had on now. When he looked at Ye Xingmo earlier, it looked like he was burning with the wild flame of a person that knew no morals. However, his target was not Ye Xingmo.

One critical strike, the ability to drift from one place to another while being completely unpredictable — he was the perfect example, a quintessence of agility-system soul masters. Even the hyper-critical Elder Cai could not help nodding as she witnessed Xie Xie’s critical blow.

Ye Xingmo had already turned around to helplessly watch Duan Hunxiao get eliminated. As Xie Xie went into stealth-mode, the Starsaint Sword in his hand abruptly exploded.

‘Four soul rings… He has the same four soul rings too!’

The entire stage immediately seemed like it was currently surrounded by a galaxy as endless starlight enshrouded and covered their surroundings. Every speck of starlight that fell from above carried an incomparably sharp, domitable force. Before long, the starlight had simultaneously surrounded Xie Xie along with Xu Xiaoyan who stood at the far end.

It was a full-scale offensive soul skill and was also an opportunity to turn the tide of this match.

As long as the opponent’s control system soul master was defeated, then both sides would be evenly matched. Moreover, agility system soul masters were the most afraid of multi-target attacks from assault system soul masters. Ye Xingmo’s use of his fourth soul skill, Sword Meteor Shower was just timely.

However, he still had no vision of Xie Xie and was unable to pinpoint his position. If only he could see Xie Xie, he would discover that Xie Xie was shuttling back and forth in his meteor shower like a phantom, passing through a thousand specks of starlight without even one being able to touch his body.

As for Xu Xiaoyan, her second soul ring merely glowed on her body.

A dazzling golden ring of radiance enshrouded her, and it was similar to the dazzling starlight. Currently, she was like a mirror that could simply reflect the starlight descending from the heavens in just a split second when they were illuminated against this mirror.

A large amount of starlight was reflected, causing Ye Xingmo to be the one confused instead.

Starlight Chaos! It was Xu Xiaoyan’s second soul skill.

Xie Xie emerged at this moment. He appeared amongst the vast starlight and radiance from the sword. Xie Xie drifted so swiftly he seemed like a puff of clouds while his aura was completely concealed.

Then, he emerged behind Ye Xingmo’s upper torso and his Light Dragon Dagger vanished. Even for the audience below the stage, they were unable to even see a shadow. Instead, they were only able to see a fleeting silhouette.

Xie Xie floated and touched down soundlessly. When he was utilizing his momentum storage earlier, there was no excessive force. Instead, he was just like the wind and mist — he was so light there were neither ash nor smoke present.

Ye Xingmo suddenly felt the back of his neck tightening as he reacted impulsively. His body reacted by abruptly scurrying forward while the Starsaint Sword in his hand scattered thousands of specks of starlight to protect himself.

However, the only thing he was in the coming few moments was a fleeting silhouette that came streaking out of the layers of starlight. It twisted and shimmered as it danced through the starlight. Although the starlight was quite dense, it was still incapable of shielding him from this shadow.

It was then that Ye Xingmo shut his eyes. He knew that his opponent was too swift for him and that he had already lost the ability to estimate his opponent’s exact position from relying on vision alone.

He decided to now depend on his other senses.

Thousands of specks of starlight fused into one in the blink of an eye as they created a shield before his body at the most crucial moment.

“Ding!” Xie Xie’s attack was blocked, the crisp sound revealing his figure.

The students from second grade class one simultaneously heaved a sigh of relief. The strongest point of an agility system soul master was their speed. Once this was taken away from them, they could only watch as assault system soul masters rained attacks down on them. Unlike the control system, assault system soul masters were incapable of restricting agility system soul masters.

However, their relaxed vigilance only lasted a split second.

Although his attack was blocked, Ye Xingmo who should have had the upper hand in soul power was pushed back as if he was electrocuted. As an assault system soul master, it was to everyone’s surprise that he was shaken by Xie Xie, an agility system soul master.

Xie Xie’s figure emerged, and his Shadow Dragon Dagger switched back into the Light Dragon Dagger. A dazzling golden light brightened once again as a powerful force was unleashed in an instant. It was just like it was in the beginning. He was no longer the assassin who hid in the darkness. Right this moment, he was the bright illuminating son of the sun.

It was momentum storage again! His momentum storage is as close as a hair’s breadth.

Ye Xingmo had only just regained control of his body when Xie Xie had already begun using his momentum storage.

As fear spontaneously arose in his heart, Ye Xingmo was feeling a little hesitant to attack after his failed experiment earlier. He wanted to immediately fall back and put some distance between himself and Xie Xie. Not only was his opponent capable of momentum storage, he could also ensure that he was not attacked while he was doing so. This ability alone was already too terrifying.

However, it would seem that Xie Xie had stressed Ye Xingmo out so much that he forgot one important fact — Xie Xie was not fighting alone.

Suddenly, a starwheel appeared beneath Ye Xingmo’s feet with unparalleled accuracy. Streaks upon streaks of golden chains climbed up his body, freezing it in place.

The light dragon swept across as the golden light shone.

The competition ended!

Xie Xie did not even turn his back to look at Ye Xingmo. His Light Dragon Dagger had only brushed past Ye Xingmo’s neck. Of course, it would be impossible for him to really take a hit.

He walked toward Xu Xiaoyan and she shot him a glance with a smile plastered on her face. Both of them raised their hands at the same time. “Clap!” Their right palms clapped to celebrate their victory.

The entire atmosphere turned silent.

Everyone’s breath seemed to stop at this moment. If the second grade class one students acted like they had just seen a ghost, how could the first grade class one students not do the same?

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