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Qin Yue watched silently, but did not disturb.

Jane's movements are skillful and neat. It can be seen that she is very attentive. She is so absorbed that he has been staring at her all the time, which has not affected her.

Qin Yue didn't leave until his mobile phone rang.

He answers, "what's up?"

Liu Yong's voice came from his mobile phone: "President Qin, the old man returned to China a week ago. His destination is Kyoto, but he has not found his foothold yet."

Qin Yue frowned: "the old man has returned to China? Not on him? "

Liu Yong said: "he and the people around him can't go up. They should deliberately not let us go up to them."

Knowing that Mr. Qin had returned to China a week ago, Liu Yong immediately asked the person in charge of Kyoto airport to transfer out the monitoring records of that day.

After watching the surveillance video, we can confirm that Mr. Qin and his two assistants arrived at Kyoto airport voluntarily and were not intimidated by anyone.

They are not coerced by others, but all kinds of methods are not up to them, so it can only be explained that they are deliberately hiding.

Qin Yue said in a deep voice, "if you can't get on with him, then try to make his people take the initiative. Give you another day. "

"Yes." Liu Yong said, "the acquisition of PM company has been completed, and all the shares you hold in PM company have been transferred to your wife's name according to your instructions."

"Well." With a snort, Qin Yue hung up.

Jianran is fond of fashion design. He will buy her a big brand and transfer his shares to Jianran. She can play as she wants in the future without being restricted by others.

But he can't tell Jianran at present, otherwise, according to Jianran's character, she will never accept it.

"Dad --"

hearing the sound of soft Nuo Nuo, Qin Yue looked back and saw that Xiao ran, a small man, was running towards him.

Qin Yue opens his arms to catch the small body that ran quietly from Xiaoran and kisses on her face: "but he comes back from school."

"Dad..." Xiao ran held Qin Yue's face in her little hands and kissed him twice, "but ran missed dad so much."

"I'd like to have a chance." Qin Yue kissed little ran again and said softly, "ran told Dad, what have you done in kindergarten these two days?"

Little ran blushed and said softly, "ran is very good and obedient. He didn't beat the children."

As soon as she heard that her father asked her what she had done in the kindergarten, Xiao Ran's intuition was that her father knew that she bullied the children in the kindergarten, so he quickly explained.

But her explanation is that there is no silver here.

Qin Yue was also amused by the cute look of the little guy. He pinched her face and said with a smile, "however, you said you didn't hit the children. Does Dad want to reward you?"

Xiao ran shook his head hard and looked at the bad dad discontentedly.

Dad must know that she bullied the children in kindergarten, and said that she was not cute at all.

She decided to be angry with her father for two minutes, and not to talk to bad dad for two minutes.

"Qin Yue said:" then tell Dad, why to hit children

Little ran blinked her beautiful big eyes to her father. Her eyes were clear and innocent. She just said that she didn't hit children. Dad asked her why she hit children. She wouldn't say that.

Qin Yue said, "but did dad tell you that lying children are the most unlovable?"

Small ran flat flat mouth, grievance way: "but don't be not lovely children."

Qin Yue said, "then tell Dad why you should hit children? With which hand? "

Little ran raised his right hand and said, "but ran doesn't like him. He's not good. But with this hand. "

Qin Yue grabbed his daughter's right hand and looked at it to make sure it wasn't hurt. Then he said, "well, Dad understands."

He touched the face of small ran again, and said, "listen carefully, and then hand over the rough work to the people around us. We can't hurt our hands."

At this time, I didn't quite understand what my father meant, but when she grew up, she was able to make the best of what my father said to her today.

When Jane, who was busy at work, heard the voice of little ran, she almost stopped her work immediately.

After learning that xiaoranan is her child, she has not met xiaoranan yet. She is so nervous that her palms are sweating.

She came out of the room and saw their father and daughter interacting intimately.

Looking at them, Jane's face unconsciously raised a smile, that handsome man is her husband, that lovely child is her daughter.

Even if she can't remember the past now, no one can change the fact that Xiaoran is her child.

Both of them are her most solid backing.

Jianran wanted to walk over and hug Xiaoran, but she was so nervous that she couldn't move until she heard that Qinyue taught Xiaoran badly. She couldn't help saying, "Mr. Qin, do you teach children this way?"

Jane's discontented voice suddenly came from behind their father and daughter, and she did not know how long she stood and how much she heard.

Qin yueleng is on the spot, bad, teach bad child when, by child's mother caught.

"Sister, but embrace." See Jane, small ran can be excited, at least more excited than to see Dad.

Jianran takes Xiaoran from Qinyue's arms and holds her in her arms. She asks gently, "but what do you want to eat at night, can I help you?"

After learning that she is Xiaoran's mother, Jianran comes to treat Xiaoran with a new mood.

Although she hasn't remembered the past, she still wants to give little ran more love, and these love, she can only start from the little bit in life.

"But I want to eat strawberry mud, strawberry pie, strawberry..."

"But don't eat?" Jane interrupted little Ranran and asked.

Small Ran Ran: "Ran Ran loves strawberries."

"However, children will grow tall and beautiful only when they eat. If you don't believe me, ask Dad." Jian ran looks at Qin Yue and glares at him discontentedly. She seems to say that her daughter doesn't eat, and this father doesn't care.

Small Ran Ran: "Ran Ran eat sister's rice and vegetables."

Qin Yue quickly gave Xiao ran a thumbs up: "it's so great"

and smiled with satisfaction: "it's so great with Dad"

Xiao Ran's eyes looked at Da ran's sister's face, and then looked at his father's face, as if he found something extraordinary.

Last night, my father didn't go home. My little aunt said to her that my father was going to catch up with my sister.

Just now, big Ran's elder sister has praised her father. Has dad caught up with big Ran's elder sister?

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