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Pursuit of Death (10)

Zhao Feng’s overall battle-power was indeed not weaker than top Emperors. After the God Tribulation Lightning merged into the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning, it exceeded the original limits of the Wind Lightning Inheritance and gave his wings unparalleled speed. The Mystic Ice Scaled Race was one of top hundred Ten Thousand Ancient Races; it had extremely powerful defense, and it came along with a spatial domain. The potential of the God’s Spiritual Eye made the Emperor of Death wary.

The only thing Zhao Feng lacked was cultivation. After all, the Emperor of Death had lived for a very long time while Zhao Feng was only in his twenties.

In the air above the limitless ocean, the Emperor of Death and Zhao Feng entered a fiery-hot battle. Of course, the child Demigod played a huge role in this fight. Because of his existence, the Emperor of Death was unable to use many techniques or unleash his full power.

The Emperor of Death was enraged. His Eye of Death, which he relied on the most, was countered by the Ninth God’s Eye to a certain degree. In the clash between the Gaze of Death and the Gaze of the God Eye previously, his eye-bloodline trembled with uneasiness, and he didn’t dare to use his Eye of Death in case it awakened the Ninth God’s Eye.


The sound of an explosion sounded in the soul-dimension not far away. The remaining Emperor-level spirit of hatred was killed by the Cold Moon Emperor and company.

“Attack together!” the Cold Moon Emperor, the Giant Shark King, and the Ghost Scaled King – the three strongest pirates – charged over.

None of them were simple. The Giant Shark King and the Ghost Scaled King had unusual bloodlines, and their battle-powers were very close to an Emperor’s. The two also specialized in defense and survival.

At this moment in time, just as the white-eyed girl predicted, the Emperor of Death was being attacked by the group.


The Emperor of Death felt an unstoppable destiny. He tried to counter destiny, but nothing changed.

With the addition of the Cold Moon Emperor and company, the Emperor of Death was at a disadvantage for the first time.

“Unrivalled Sword and Blade!” the Cold Moon Emperor’s sword and blade intertwined, creating a storm of moonlight.

Weng Shu~~~!

The storm spun quickly, and a sharp light filled the air. Everything it moved over was cut into atoms.

The Emperor of Death’s Death Forcefield cracked even more as the Unrivalled Sword and Blade clashed with it.

The Cold Moon Emperor was courageous, and she charged toward the Death Forcefield. Everyone was stunned, and mockery appeared on the Emperor of Death’s face. Getting close to the Death Forcefield was courting death; the Death Forcefield had a strong engulfing power, and it could reflect attacks.

However, what happened next surprised everyone; a mystic power surged from the crown on the Cold Moon Emperor’s head as it connected to the entire Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land in a mysterious way. The Cold Moon Emperor was instantly covered in an eye-catching light. This power of protection increased her defense by more than ten times.


The Cold Moon Emperor made the storm of swords and blades charge straight into the Death Forcefield. No matter who won or lost this exchange, the Cold Moon Emperor wouldn’t be defeated.

“The protection of the Pirate Sacred Land….” only now did the Emperor of Death remember that the Cold Moon Emperor was the new Pirate Emperor and was protected by the Pirate Sacred Land.

One had to know that the Cold Moon Emperor specialized in offense, and with this protection, she was basically undefeatable, meaning that she was extremely troublesome.

Crack~~ Boom!

With the combined attack of the five from both inside and outside, the Death Forcefield finally shattered.


The instant the Death Forcefield broke apart, the Emperor of Death was pushed back several miles, and he was slightly injured even though he had an Immortal Death Body.

Before he could stabilize himself:

“Wind Lightning Wings Slash!”

A large pair of scarlet-golden wings moved as fast as light and appeared right next to the Emperor of Death, slicing him with a scorching edge.


The scarlet-golden wings radiated a Destructive aura as they exploded onto the Emperor of Death. A bone-deep gash was instantly left behind on the Emperor of Death’s body. If it weren’t for the fact that he had an Immortal Death Body, he would have been maimed or killed already.

The Emperor of Death groaned from his injury. Terrifyingly, the damage caused by the power of the God Tribulation Lightning in combination with the aura of Destruction was almost eternal and unable to be recovered from.

“Restricting Yuan Palm!”

“Rainbow of Swords and Blades!”

The child Demigod and the Cold Moon Emperor charged in from the other direction.

The Emperor of Death had to summon his Little World in order to block their attacks, but all this could do was stall them. The Little World wouldn’t be able to last very long against these five experts.

In just a couple breaths, many holes and gaps started to appear in the Little World, some from earlier and some from now.

“Don’t let him run!” Zhao Feng and the Cold Moon Emperor looked at each other as they charged into the depths of the Little World.

Under normal situations, entering the opponent’s Little World wasn’t a good idea, but the Little World of Death was extremely damaged at the moment, so they weren’t scared. The Cold Moon Emperor had the protection of the Pirate Sacred Land and couldn’t be defeated, so she obviously didn’t need to worry at all.

“Ice Imperial Spear!”

An ice-blue liquid flowed through Zhao Feng’s bloodline and formed a layer of armor of ice over his body.

“Sealing Heaven and Earth in Ice!” Zhao Feng roared as he unleashed the power of his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, and a powerful chill froze space. Ice instantly started to appear in the Little World, and its power was weakened further.

“Unrivalled Sword and Blade!” the Cold Moon Emperor slashed her sword and blade around, creating a storm of moonlight that filled the air.

The world started to shatter wherever they went.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Little World started to shake and was close to breaking apart altogether.

Zhao Feng and the Cold Moon Emperor soon arrived in front of the Emperor of Death. In this dimension, the Emperor of Death was protected by the Little World, but unfortunately, the world was close to breaking apart, and it could no longer strengthen him.

“You’ve actually forced me to this step…! As expected of the owner of the Ninth God’s Eye,” the Emperor of Death sighed as his pitch-black eyes started to spin, and a strong force of Death radiated from them.

“I couldn’t do it alone,” Zhao Feng didn’t get cocky. Although the Emperor of Death was at a big disadvantage and was injured, he still had at least 95% of his full battle-power remaining.

Crack! Crack!

The Little World started to crumble into pieces from to the internal and external attacks and was about to explode, but the three inside remained unharmed as their defense had all reached an incredulous level. Although the Cold Moon Emperor’s fundamental defense was weaker, she had the protection of the Pirate Sacred Land.

“Shadow… of… the… Death… God!”

The Emperor of Death’s eye-bloodline power started to burn as it created cold flames.

Burning his eye power!? Zhao Feng was stunned as the Emperor of Death became covered in dark flames.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The flames that covered the Emperor of Death started to expand and turn into a figure of Death.


Zhao Feng and the Cold Moon Emperor both felt their souls go cold as they felt a forbidden aura of Death.

The skies turned dark.


The figure of Death held a scythe in one hand and seemed to be the essence of darkness. In this moment, the souls of everyone present started to shake. It was as if the shadow of the Death God itself had covered them.

Suddenly, the eyes of the figure of Death slowly started to open, and it shot out two beams of Death as it looked down coldly.

“Shadow of the Death God…? Could it be the power of the legendary God Eye of Death – the Supreme Ruler of Death?”

The souls of Zhao Feng and company went cold and felt as if all their powers were restricted.

The Shadow of the Death God started to condense, and it released a forbidden aura that turned everything within ten thousand miles into darkness. All beings in this instant were controlled by the God of Death.

“The Shadow of the Death God uses the bloodline of the Eye of Death to summon a tiny bit of power from the ancestral God Eye of Death. Zhao Feng, I really didn’t think you would be able to force me to use this,” the Emperor of Death revealed a pained expression as he was below the Shadow of the Death God. Every moment the Shadow of the Death God was up, his bloodline and soul power would be burned. However, victory now belonged to him.

“God Eye of Death… this is just a tiny bit of power from it!?” the Cold Moon Emperor, the child Demigod, and company were completely shocked.

They were unable to control their souls. Just a single gaze from the Shadow of the Death God controlled their lives. The only one able to struggle was Zhao Feng, but his Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline trembled uneasily; after all, this was a bit of power from the God Eye of Death itself.


Zhao Feng circulated his Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline to the maximum, and it even started to burn, covering him in a layer of ice-blue dragon scales. In the next instant, the roar of a dragon sounded, and the image of a Mystic Ice Dragon surfaced behind Zhao Feng’s back. The power of a supreme ancient dragon clashed against the world of darkness.

“This is the power of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline retracing back to its ancestor!” Zhao Feng was secretly shocked. He knew about this move from the information contained within his bloodline, but he didn’t think he would be able to use it in this situation.

However, facing the image of the Mystic Ice Dragon, the Shadow of the Death God remained unmoving, and the group’s fear and despair of having their lives controlled was still there.

The scythe in the hand of the Shadow of the Death God slowly lowered downwards, and half of the Cold Moon Emperor’s soul was pulled out. The souls of the child Demigod and the two Peak-tier Kings were about to leave their bodies even though they weren’t even in range of the attack.

Only Zhao Feng could fight back. His God’s Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against attacks in the soul-dimension.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng’s left eye started to beat quickly.

“The Ancient is broken, and the Ancient Gods slain will turn into a trillion particles of dust….” a sigh seemed to resound throughout space and time.


The entire dimension of his left eye shook, and Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline started to burn. A faint purple flame enveloped Zhao Feng’s body.


The figure of an ancient God Demon started to form amidst the faint purple flames, and an ancient, magnificent aura appeared, causing the actions of the Shadow of the Death God to stiffen slightly.

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