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Pursuit of Death (9)

“Master, save me~~~~!” the child Demigod struggled as his faint golden Yuan Soul was about to leave his body. If it wasn’t for the fact that his Demigod Intent was so strong, even a late-stage Void God Realm King would’ve had their soul taken away by the Emperor of Death already.

As long as I finish off the revived Demigod Kun Yun, Zhao Feng and the others are nothing to worry about…. the Emperor of Death hid in his Little World and fully circulated his Eye of Death to the maximum. At the same time, the dark golden crown on his head released a large amount of Soul undulations, which increased the power of his Soul Dao technique.

“I’ve been tricked,” Zhao Feng’s face became solemn.

The Demigod Kun Yun played a large role in the fight against the Emperor of Death. His Sacred Body and various secret techniques could suppress the Emperor of Death’s Intent and limit his strength. If they lost the child Demigod, Zhao Feng and company would face the Emperor of Death at his peak, and the Gaze of Death was about to succeed and fully drag the child Demigod’s soul out of his body.

The Emperor of Death had prepared for this; he used the Little World as protection while the Emperor-level spirit of hatred was used to stall the Cold Moon Emperor.

“If we want to stop the Emperor of Death, we need to enter his Little World.”

Zhao Feng started to think. This plan wouldn’t work though – within one breath, the child Demigod’s soul would be sucked away by the Gaze of Death.

“If that’s the case…” Zhao Feng took a deep breath as a large source of purple-colored Eye Intent formed a whirlpool in his left eye.

“Hmm? What!?” the Emperor of Death first paused before yelling out loud, “How is this possible!?”


The faint golden Yuan Soul that had been partially pulled out was suddenly being pulled by another force. The Gaze of Death started to reverse.

“Gaze… of… the… God… Eye!”

A purple whirlpool formed in Zhao Feng’s left eye and connected to a purple world of illusions. A suction force came from Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.

“Great!” the child Demigod was overjoyed as he felt a technique similar to the Gaze of Death pull him back in the direction of his body.

“Gaze of the God Eye? You stole my secret technique…!” the Emperor of Death’s smile froze, and his expression became ugly. At this moment, his breathing rate quickened and his face became green. The Gaze of Death was one of his most famous techniques, and now it had been stolen by a brat.

“Hmph, all one needs is a certain amount of understanding of the Dao of the Soul. It’s not very hard to learn. The main issue is that one needs an eye-bloodline in order to properly utilize its force.”

Zhao Feng’s purple hair blew in the wind as his left eye locked on to the child Demigod.

Gaze of Death versus Gaze of the God Eye. These two skills were technically the same, and both of their eye-bloodlines were biased toward the soul.

Zhao Feng had faced the Gaze of Death twice before. The first time was when he was in the Purple Saint Ruins and the second was when he was at the border of the Pirate Sacred Land. Adding on the fact that Zhao Feng had studied the Dark Eye Secret Manual before, he understood a lot of the theory behind the technique, so it wasn’t too hard for him to inspect it and create his own Gaze of the God Eye.

In the air, the faint golden Yuan Soul of the child Demigod was slowly returning to his body. Having Demigod Intent, the power of his struggle against the Gaze of Death was almost the same as an Emperor’s struggle. This meant that the Emperor of Death needed to face the combined power of Zhao Feng and the child Demigod when trying to steal the Yuan Soul.

“Emperor of Death, your techniques shall become even more famous through me,” Zhao Feng laughed.

The Emperor of Death was already enraged, and he almost spat out blood when he heard that.

The child Demigod’s faint golden Yuan Soul returned to his body and was guarded with the help of Zhao Feng. In order to prevent the Emperor of Death from doing this again, Zhao Feng used his eye-bloodline power to set up a layer of protection made from God Tribulation Lightning around the child Demigod’s Yuan Soul. This meant that, if the Emperor of Death wanted to try again, he would have to face the power of the God Tribulation Lightning, meaning that it won’t go as smoothly.

“Master, thank the heavens you made it in time,” the child Demigod let out a long breath.

On the other side, the Cold Moon Emperor, the Giant Shark King, and the Ghost Scaled King were gaining the upper hand against the spirits of hatred. The main offensive techniques of the spirits of hatred were soul-based, and their physical attacks weren’t very strong.

The Cold Moon Emperor and company were able to deal with them after learning their pattern. The Giant Shark King and the Ghost Scaled King made one of the spirits scream continuously. The Ghost Scaled King had a Ghost Spiritual Body, so his attacks were more effective against the spirits while he took less damage from them.

Zhao Feng and the child Demigod started to attack the Little World without hesitation.

“Scarlet Golden Exploding Fist!” Zhao Feng circulated his Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning and punched out, creating a storm of scarlet and gold that covered the sky. The entire dark dimension was covered by a scarlet-golden light that seemed to shake space itself. This punch contained Zhao Feng’s three spatial domains as it clashed with the Little World.


Cracks started to appear on the Little World, and one was even several miles long. The Scarlet Golden Exploding Fist focused on the word “exploding,” and it had the power of the God Tribulation Lightning contained within it.

“Not good!” the expression of the Emperor of Death changed dramatically as his Little World was bombarded and filled with holes.

Now that Zhao Feng’s soul had absorbed more than two hundred wisps of God Tribulation Lightning in total, its aura was more condensed than ever before, and the damage it caused was hard to repair.

The Emperor of Death’s Little World was based on his True Yuan Dimension, so he could fix the damage to his Little World with his own power. However, the destruction caused by the God Tribulation Lightning was too strong; it harmed the structure and origin of the Little World itself, meaning that it would be almost impossible to repair.

“Emperor of Death, I’ll first destroy your Little World!” Zhao Feng roared, and he unleashed his attacks as a pair of wings formed behind his back. The Wings of Wind and Lightning increased his destructive power, and his advantage in speed allowed him to move as he pleased.

“Restricting Yuan Palm! Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms!” the child Demigod used his supreme Intent and limited the Emperor of Death’s strength.

The flow of the Yuan Qi within the Little World started to become rougher as its power was diminished.


The Emperor of Death was enraged as he watched his own Little World become so damaged.

Compared to a couple months ago, Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were much stronger; they were growing at incredible rates.

Zhao Feng cultivated the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning, which had never appeared before, and he had even absorbed a couple hundred wisps of God Tribulation Lightning. Zhao Feng focused on destroying the foundation of the Little World, and his God’s Spiritual Eye could easily see the flaws of the Emperor of Death’s Little World.

“Death Forcefield!” the Emperor of Death’s Little World quickly faded away and was replaced by a forcefield that devoured all life and power nearby.

The radius of the Death Forcefield was smaller, but it could absorb and reflect damage better. However, Zhao Feng’s Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning was different from before because it now had the power of God Tribulation Lightning merged into it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Death Forcefield started to shake, and it could barely reflect less than 30% of Zhao Feng’s attacks. The God Tribulation Lightning countered almost everything in the world, including the power of Death, so how could all of it be absorbed and reflected?

The Death Forcefield would tremble every time the two powers clashed, and it used up a lot of energy.

“Restricting Yuan Palm!”

The child Demigod’s attacks also changed. Restricting Yuan Palm restricted every type of Yuan Qi. When it was mastered to a certain level, it could even seal off all the Yuan Qi within a certain area. At that point in time, only physical body-strength wouldn’t be affected. This secret technique and body-strengthening techniques were an unparalleled combination.

The Death Forcefield was also a type of Yuan Qi power, so it started to weaken due to the Restricting Yuan Palm.

“Scythe of Death!” the Emperor of Death counterattacked as a black scythe started to form in his hand.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The scythe flashed through the air as it sliced toward Zhao Feng and the child Demigod, but with the help of the Restricting Yuan Palm, the flow of Yuan Qi from the Emperor of Death’s attacks and defenses weren’t as smooth as before.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Sparks flew everywhere from Zhao Feng and the child Demigod’s bodies. Their physical defense had reached a monstrous level.

Zhao Feng had the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline, and all physical attacks would start to freeze when they came near him. The scales on his skin were also extremely strong.

The child Demigod’s Golden Kun Sacred Body had reached the early stages of the 5th level. Peak-tier Kings would find it hard to even break his defense. All he needed to do was stay with Zhao Feng and take care of the Emperor of Death’s counterattacks.

“Watch how I destroy your Death Forcefield!” Zhao Feng moved quickly through the air with the child Demigod and started to condense a hundred-yard-long scarlet-golden spear out of lightning. Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning appeared in the form of a spear.


The scarlet-golden spear had a Destructive aura as well as the God Tribulation Lightning, and it pierced straight through the Death Forcefield.

As the Death Forcefield started to crack and become unstable:

Ding! Dang! Dang!

The Emperor of Death waved his Scythe of Death and clashed with Zhao Feng’s Scarlet-Gold Spear of Lightning, creating a wave of forbidden power.

“Retreat!” the expressions of the Giant Shark King and the Ghost Scaled King changed dramatically as they retreated.

“What terrifying power…!” the Cold Moon Emperor felt the clash between Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death, and even she had to move back a bit.

The remaining King-level spirit of hatred was already full of injuries; it was instantly killed in the shockwave.

The Emperor of Death, Zhao Feng, and the child Demigod were fighting, and they had no time to worry about the spirits of hatred.

The longer the Emperor of Death fought, the more shocked he was. Zhao Feng’s strength had grown at an alarming rate; the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning had already exceeded the Wind Lightning Inheritance, and his battle-power was even stronger than the Wind Lightning Emperor at his peak. The Wind Lightning Emperor didn’t have God Tribulation Lightning merged into his attacks.

“Zhao Feng already has the battle-power of a peak Emperor…!” the Cold Moon Emperor and the two Peak-tier Kings were stunned.

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