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Pursuit of Death (6)

“Emperor, forgive us!”

“We are dumb and disturbed the Emperor’s rest!”

The nearby experts were all scared, and their faces became pale-white. The Emperor Projection in the air had only gently raised his hand and immediately injured all of them and made them unable to use their powers. At this moment, these experts acted like ants.

“This island is similar to the Azure Flower Continent….” Zhao Feng murmured and remembered his home country. It had been many years since he left the Azure Flower Continent.

As for the Emperor Projection, he learned it from Duanmu Qing. As long as he had Emperor Intent, he could use it.

“Fuck off!” the Emperor Projection in the air raised his hand and all the experts were sent flying.

A couple breaths later, all of them were pushed out more than a hundred miles, and they were greatly ruffled. They couldn’t express their shock.

“The strength of an Emperor is way too terrifying!”

Everyone let out a breath. Why would a legendary Emperor appear here? The strongest here were only Sovereign Lords, and they were the only ones who had even seen a Void God Realm. However, there hadn’t been a new Emperor in this island zone for the past ten thousand years.

Even normal two-star sects and two-and-a-half-star forces most likely didn’t have an Emperor. Usually, only peak two-star sects had Emperors guarding them.

“Everyone, leave!”

These experts quickly retreated. If the Emperor changed his mind, he could kill them with just a thought.

Within the thousand-yard crater, Zhao Feng sat back down, and the child Demigod’s surprise started to fade.

Zhao Feng’s bloodline, comprehension, and potential are too terrifying, especially after he managed to successfully absorb the God Tribulation Lightning, the child Demigod felt a lot of pressure. If this continued, Zhao Feng’s future achievements might surpass his own. Of course, that was only if Zhao Feng was able to survive the Pursuit of Death.

“Hmm? Not good!” Zhao Feng suddenly sensed something and glanced in a certain direction. The next instant, a dark beam of light passed through the barrier of the Bright Flower Area and caused the skies to darken. It was as if doomsday had appeared and a dark era was about to start.

“Intent of Death! An Emperor Intent!” the experts who just retreated felt as if they had fallen into an abyss and couldn’t control their lives. The power of Death filled the air and destroyed all signs of life in its path.

“So fast!” Zhao Feng and the child Demigod looked at each other and charged toward the Emperor of Death without hesitation.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash!

A pair of scarlet-gold wings covered in Wind Lightning formed behind Zhao Feng’s back and summoned a scarlet-gold storm that contained a chaotic aura of Destruction.


Zhao Feng flew into the air and clashed heavily against the Emperor of Death. Compared to when he was at the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, Zhao Feng’s strength was half a level higher.

“Death Forcefield!”

The Emperor of Death’s expression changed slightly as a black field appeared around him, which reflected damage and devoured life.

Boom! Boom! Boom~~~~!

These peak experts of the Bright Flower Area below felt as if the heavens were shaking and space itself was shattering. This fight between Emperors caused Heaven and Earth to shatter and form a surge of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Just the remains from their battle would create hundred-yard-wide craters on the ground, and this was under the fact that Zhao Feng and the Emperor of Death were fighting in the air near the limitless ocean. If this wasn’t the case, this battle between Emperors would be a disaster for the entire area.

I still can’t break through the Death Forcefield, Zhao Feng’s wings fluttered quickly as he exchanged blows with the Emperor of Death with his agility.

Now that his attacks contained the fusion of the three spatial domains and he had the advantage in speed, he could manage to fight with the Emperor of Death head-on, but the latter’s Death Forcefield was still too strong; it engulfed any attack under a certain amount of damage and reflected a portion back at Zhao Feng.

Because Zhao Feng had merged the God Tribulation Lightning into the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning, the Death Forcefield was only able to absorb 50-60% of his attacks at most, but that was still enough to make Zhao Feng helpless.

“Sacred Body Dominating Strength!” the child Demigod started to glow with gold as the size of his four-year-old body became bigger and formed a golden figure in the sky that crushed toward the Emperor of Death.

The Sacred Body Dominating Strength pressured the Emperor of Death’s physical body, and it was extremely profound – the Emperor of Death’s Immortal Death Body wasn’t a body-strengthening technique.

“Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms!” the child Demigod sent out mystic golden palms one after another, and they seemed to twist the skies as they restrained the Emperor of Death.

“Restricting Yuan Palm!” a weird whirlpool started to form in the child Demigod’s palm, and beams of gray-golden light covered the Emperor of Death.

Hmm? the Emperor of Death’s face became grim. The power of Death and all sorts of Yuan Qi around him stopped flowing as smoothly. He was a peak Emperor whose power of Death was outstanding; if it were a normal King in his place, the majority of their strength would be frozen.

“Restricting Yuan Palm! Even though it’s incomplete, you actually know this lost forbidden technique…!!?” the Emperor of Death’s expression started to change as he stared at the child Demigod.

Although the child Demigod wasn’t acting as the main offensive force, his support made the Emperor of Death unable to use his full power. If not for that, Zhao Feng or any other Emperor-level figure would’ve been captured or killed long ago.

“Scythe of Death!” the Emperor of Death started to condense a black scythe in his hand that was surrounded by the power of Death.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Shuu~~~~!

The giant scythe slashed through the air and complimented the Death Forcefield, forcing Zhao Feng and the child Demigod back.


The child Demigod’s secret technique was forcefully destroyed, causing him to instantly spit out a mouthful of blood.


A bloody gash was left behind on Zhao Feng’s delicate scales, but it quickly started to heal.

The entire area was covered by the Scythe of Death. Normal Kings would’ve died several times over already.

Zhao Feng’s and the child Demigod’s attacks would be absorbed by the Death Forcefield and used to strength the Scythe of Death.

“He’s too strong,” the child Demigod was stunned facing the frenzied Emperor of Death. One had to know that, when Zhao Feng and the child Demigod teamed up, their battle-power was – at least in the short term – almost comparable to Duanmu Qing’s.

“Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!”

The scarlet-gold wings behind Zhao Feng’s back radiated a bright light as he merged into the air.


One could only see a thin arc of lightning speed into the space outside.

This time, when Zhao Feng used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, he was much more familiar with it compared to before, and his scarlet-gold Wind Lightning was even stronger than the Wind Lightning Emperor’s golden Wind Lightning. Zhao Feng could move at least a thousand miles inland and dozens of thousands of miles outside.

“Master, you’re even faster now. You’re getting close to the Wind Lightning Emperor’s peak speed,” the child Demigod’s voice sounded from within the ring.

“Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!”

Zhao Feng moved once again over the limitless ocean and increased the distance between him and the Emperor of Death.

“Our combined battle-power is almost at the peak Emperor level, but we still can’t break through his Death Forcefield or his Immortal Death Body. The Emperor of Death also has the Eye of Death, but he hasn’t used any forbidden techniques yet,” Zhao Feng murmured.

After fighting him twice, Zhao Feng was well aware that the Emperor of Death was extremely strong. However, he didn’t realize that the Emperor of Death didn’t want to use his Eye of Death much because he was wary of the “Ninth God’s Eye.”

Firstly, the Emperor of Death knew that Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against soul attacks, which is what his Eye of Death specialized in. Secondly, the Emperor of Death was worried that any attacks from the Eye of Death would ignite the Ninth God’s Eye’s potential. The more awakened the Ninth God’s Eye became, the lower his chances of stealing it.

Due to all these reasons, the Emperor of Death couldn’t unleash his full power. If it were any other Peak-tier King or Emperor in Zhao Feng’s place, they would’ve been killed many times over already. Even some of the top Emperors might be defeated.

Over the next couple days, Zhao Feng managed to escape from the Emperor of Death once more.

A month later, Zhao Feng passed by several island zones and entered a Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace is neutral, and they have the Sacred Lands behind their backs, Zhao Feng thought.

His aim here was to rest and replenish some resources, including recovery spiritual pills. Normal places didn’t have any spiritual pills that could replenish the energy of a King; only Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces had what Zhao Feng and the child Demigod wanted.

His other aim was to cultivate here by relying on the status of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace to protect him. However, within ten days of their arrival, the Emperor of Death arrived and immediately attacked.

One could imagine what kind of disaster a clash between two Emperors would bring to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“A fight between Emperors!”

“It’s the legendary Emperor of Death!”

Chaos broke out within the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. The Palace Lord was extremely angry, but he couldn’t do anything to stop them. Normal Palace Lords were usually half-step Kings or Kings. It was rare for them to be Emperors.

“Emperor of Death, how dare you attack a Void Ocean Spiritual Palace? Are you not scared that the Floating Dream Sacred Land will chase after you?” Zhao Feng laughed loudly and used the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash to disappear from the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

The Emperor of Death remained expressionless and simply used the Death Instant Shadow to follow. To obtain the Ninth God’s Eye, he would do anything, even if it meant offending all the forces of the Sacred Lands. Besides, it wasn’t as if all the Sacred Lands cooperated with each other, while Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords spent most of their time in seclusion trying to become a God, and the Emperor of Death wasn’t scared of other Emperors.

In the blink of an eye, two months passed by. On this day, Zhao Feng entered a familiar island zone – the Ten Thousand Abyssal Island Zone. The Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land was the most famous place within the Ten Thousand Abyssal Sacred Land.

“I’ll be able to reach the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land soon, and the Cold Moon Emperor owes me a favor,” Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled, and he realized that the next destination might be a turning point.

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