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Sly is about 6 feet tall, slightly light in complexion, an endomorph; that is to say he’s plump but with a flat tummy.

He has a gentle round face, pointed nose, a step two level dark hair and full mustache. And Jaz; a 7 feet tall very dark man, with broad chest and muscled arms. Bald round head and clean shaven face, a narrow eyes, flat big nose resting on a thick dark lips.

The next morning a knock on the door woke me up from the couch where i laid. I wondered who it was. The knock again forcing me to hurry. When i got the door, Jaz forced his way into the house in just boxers, looking behind him horrified.

“That b!tch, that evil witch!”. Jaz said pointing at the door.

I walked up to him wondering what was wrong.

“Hey, what’s going on?”. I asked.

“I said i won’t do it again, i said i won’t do it again”. Jaz said with his hands on his head.

“do what again?”. I asked sitting beside him.

He looked at the door in horror, then grabbed my both arms and squeezed hard looking at my face ominously as he shook me.

“You brought her to my house, you caused it!”. He said and pushed me aside.

I robbed the places he touched that now hurt horribly and decided to stay calm and allow him talk.

“you know boy, i knocked her husband out once with a blow. You know boy, she’s into Africans, and she’s married to one. Sly begged him with 5000 bucks so he doesn’t call the police. And now…. and now…”. Jaz said, stood up and walked to the window to check on his apartment, then came back to me, “I did it, and i love doing it, i did it five times, even before coming here; i had to run away, coz i wanna do more, d--n! why did you bring her to my place!”. He yelled kicking the chair hard.

I moved aside,knowing i had to calm him down or receive the beating of my life.

“I get, you have done it, you cant take it back. To avoid further doings, you can stay here until she leaves”. I said gently.

He looked angrily at me, and turned away abruptly to the window. And returned his attention to me. Then took a seat breathing heavily.

“she’s a witch! i swear! she knows i like doing white chicks, she knows i can’t resist her, she must leave now!”. He said and stood up.

‘Where are you going?”. I asked in surprise.

‘to throw that b!tch out of my house!”. He said.

“like you did last night?”. I asked.

He suddenly froze for awhile, then slowly walked to the wall and started punching it so hard that the house shook. What a strength that man has.

When he was done, he gently sat sweating and breathing heavily. I remembered i had a scotch in my bag and quickly went to get it for him with a glass cup. He snatched it from me and drank from the bottle.

”cigarette”. He said.

I gave him the pack on my dinning table. He lit it and dragged a huge smoke and exhaled, dragged few more times before relaxing. I felt relieved. Then put on the TV and tuned to a wrestling channel .

‘Leave it here! Monday raw is my favorite”. He said.

I was glad i could save the situation and went into the room to catch a sleep. I must have slept for hours because when i woke it was past 11 am. I went to the sitting room and Jaz had left. I checked on him through the window and was startled to see Kisha coming out of his apartment with him holding the door for her. She placed her hand on his chest and pulled his nipples before leaving. Jaz looked around if any one saw him and caught sight of me. I smiled and winked him, he frowned and went in.

I took my phone to call Sly and found two missed calls from Phila. I thought i removed it from silence; immediately i returned the call and we booked appointment for lunch.

At about 1pm, i first went to have a hair cut and later to a clothing shop to pick some nice outfits and a very nice Lacoste perfume. Went back home to dress up and i went to Jaz’s door to ask for his car keys. He opened the door he was visibly dazed when he saw me.

“what happened to you boy? Look at that designer shades! ” Jaz said looking astonishingly at me.

”Got dressed”. I said blushing.

“wow! you look so cute!”. Jaz said.

“Thanks. Please can i have your car keys?”. I asked.

“Sure, but avoid the cops okay? You don’t have a licence yet “. He pointed out.

‘i will”. I said.

Jaz came out with the key and i headed out. I stopped at a grocery store to get something for Phila. As i was on it, a white beautiful skinny girl came to me and said.

“Please, should i go with this or this?”. Showing me two canned beefs.

”i don’t get you?”. i said.

“Which would you take?”. She rephrased.

I looked at the two which i know nothing about and pointed at the blue one to the red. She smiled and thanked me keeping the red one. I was still looking out for the drink to pick.

” take patron XO cafe”. she said pointing it to me.

“You think it’s nice?”. I asked, adjusting my sun glass.

‘Very!”. she said smiling.

We went to make payment, and i offered to take her bills. she was so over joy that she kept blushing all the way.

She followed me out to the packing lot, and was surprised she packed beside me. i opened the back sit to drop the drink i bought and when i came out she was standing behind me.

”my name is Jodi”. she said extending a handshake.

‘I am frozen”. I said, returning the handshake.

‘you’re really freezing everyone here”. She said jokingly.

I smiled and she asked for my phone number, which i gave her. She dialed my number before entering her Toyota corolla. I watched her drive off waving her goodbye.

I used the google map in the car to locate Phila’s hotel. And met the receptionist who informed Phila of my presence. She told them to allow me in. I used the elevator to the 22nd floor, and found her room number. I knocked twice before she opened up. She looked at me with so much admiration i have never seen in her eyes before before i said.

‘can i come in?”

“Oh am sorry!” she said giving way for me to go in.

“You look great Mike, your complexion is so smooth, you have added, you look beautiful”. She said, still admiring me.

“it’s okay, you are making me uncomfortable!”. I said taking off my sun shade.

I brought out the drink and asked her to put it in the fridge. She opened it and looked at it.

“wow! what’s this?”. She asked.

”Liquor”. i said.

We settled in, and after catching up, i told her about how Amaka is responsible for Sandra’s death. She was so furious, and promised to help me get an investigator to track her down where ever she is within a month.

“But it will be expensive”. She said.

“Don’t worry, get me the person, i want to deal with that witch myself”.

She looked flabbergast at me, and didn’t say a word for a moment.

‘what’s it?”. I asked.

“Mike, you are now the man i wanted you to be. Did i just say that?”. She said laughing. “Don’t mind me please, you have always been cool”.

“But not cool enough to date you”. I asked smiling.

‘Not really, you had so many girls on your hand, plus you were still struggling”. She said apologetically.

‘I get. How’s your boy?”. I asked.

“He needs a daddy. Am tired of being alone”. She said.

“I find it hard to believe, as beautiful as you are and influential as your family? i don’t believe you”. I said.

”nobody believes me. I think that’s why everyone avoids me. They think am either too expensive or too complex”. She said.

A text message came on my phone from Sly. “we have a job tomorrow, get ready”. I looked at the text and dropped my phone.

“everything okay?”. Phila asked.

“I think, i have to be going”. I intentionally said it to know what she would say.

She suddenly look sad, and said.

“You just came, i was hoping you pass the night here”.

I felt it was time to turn the table, so i said.

“come to my place, at least. Know where i live”.

She hesitated, and when she saw me standing up to leave, she said.

“Okay, let me get into something comfy”.

I sat back, watched her go into the wade rope and returned few minutes later in red jean and a black crop top.Her tummy was looking impressive with a ring dangling on her navel.

“Let’s go”. she said.

I googled an expensive restaurant in town on my phone, and used google map to locate it. She saw the direction on the map in the car and said.

‘that place you’re going to is expensive, hope you are aware?”

I nodded and said nothing about it, as we discussed other issues.

At the packing lot, she said to me.

‘I am not well dressed for this. I look ordinary”.

“You are twice as beautiful and well dressed than any fvcker in there, trust me!”. I said and pecking her.

She smiled and we alighted.

We entered and took the menu. The waiter asked if we wanted a drink, i ordered for Armand De Brignac.

“650 sir”. The waiter said.

I nodded. When he left Phila looked at me, i would see a mixture of pride and fear in her eyes. She kept looking at me, while i stayed relaxed smiling, talking about the things that interested me in the country.

The waiter came with the champagne in a bucket of ice and two glasses. He helped us open it and waited for our order. I ordered for homemade chicken Enchilandas and phila ordered for chicken Jambalaya. The food was served worm few minutes later. We ate, drank, talked about anything, laughed our tummies out and soon ready to go.

The bill was brought to me, 1070. I paid in cash, watching as Phila looked in awe.

‘Let’s go”. I said.

She stood and followed me out.

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