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I chased after the boy, giving all my force into it, but he seem to be twice as fast as I am. I eventually gave up trying to catch my breath. At least I was in the clear from my pursuers.

I decided to call Jaz to enquire from him what was going on at the casino when suddenly , a familiar voice shouted my name from behind me. I turned abruptly and found Phila in a taxi’s passenger seat at the other side of the road.

“Hey!” I shouted crossing over to her.

She alighted quickly to hug me.

“What are you doing here?”. She asked.

“Hanging out”. I said.

She hugged me again and said.

“You are the last person I was looking out for here”. She said checking me out from head to toe. “You look great! You must have met a real sugar mama!”.

“No, am hustling hard dear. Life has pretty been responsive “. I said.

‘’wow! That’s good to know”. She said, still checking me out.

“Hey! Madam, can we go?”. The driver shouted from inside the car.

“Am sorry, one minute!”. Then she turned to me and asked, “where are you putting up?”.

“My place, I have a house somewhere around”. I felt a kind of pride saying it to her.

She looked at me in shock, and quickly handed me a card with her number.

“Call me!” she said and entered the taxi.

I watched them disappear before I took my phone to call Jaz, and realized I had 5 missed calls from Jaz. My phone had been on silent all along. And so I returned the call.

“Hey boy, where the hell are you?!”. Jaz yelled.

“am around…..”. I said looking for a sign to indicate where I was. Then I saw a coffee shop by my left, “am around Danny cafe’ ”.

‘’stay put, I’ll be there to get you!”

Few minutes later Jaz arrived and I entered the car.

“You made me lose money today, and I hate losing”. Jaz said angrily.

“am sorry, it was a little misunderstanding”. I said.

‘what was that even about?”. He asked.

“I saw a boy ripping the slot machine off, I thought he was lucky until I was implicated for being an accomplice”. I explained.

“you sound like a good d--n cop boy! Anyway, you did good to have escaped, this job has nothing to do with cops. As long as you are here, you work with The Don’s farm as a filed inspector, that’s our cover here, you get boy?’’.

I nodded and he continued.

‘’I will give you the necessary info when we get back, and take you to the farm tomorrow. You may or may not resume duty. that’s up to you. But you must be introduced to the workers. You get boy?”. He said.

“Yes I do”.

We got home and I returned to my quarter. I put on the TV and checked the fridge for anything to eat, but it was empty. I looked around the kitchen cabinet which was also empty. I was still searching when I noticed kisha was looking at me from the other apartment. She waved a ‘hello’ smiling, I waved back. On a second thought, I decided to ask her for something to eat, so I signaled her to meet me outside.

Kisha was already outside by the time I came out. She was in black jean pants and pink jacket top. And her long blond was tied in a pony.

“Hello Frozen, that’s a weird name”. Kisha said smiling.

‘‘You remembered my awkward name?”. I asked.

“Sure, it got me thinking why someone would choose such name”. She replied still smiling.

“Me too”. I said.

After a brief awkward silence I said.

“Please, i…I don’t know if you have something, am starving!”.

“Sure, I have some sausages and cereals”. She said and felt embarrassed. “I really need to get groceries”.

“it’s okay, hope you have milk at least”. I asked, and we both laughed.

She led me into her girly furnished apartment. And led me to her kitchen. I sat at the table dinning while she brought a pack of cereals and a bottle of milk from the fridge. She poured the cereal in a glass bowl and poured the milk on it.

‘’here we go”. She said pushing it to me.

I knew the whole of the pack won’t even satisfy me. But I took the little she gave with a grateful heart.

‘’you are really hungry, am sorry I barely cook. Had chicken soup this morning a friend brought. Guess I’ll try to cook for you tomorrow before you crucify me”. Kisha said.

“oh, thanks”. I said.

‘’what about Jaz, how is he?”. She asked with concern in her eyes.

“He’s okay, guess he should be busy in his apartment”. I said.

“Can we visit him afterwards?’’. She asked smiling.

‘Sure”. I said.

I wondered what she has with Jaz that was going sour. I fought the urge to mind my business but was unable to do so.

“Are you guys buddies?”. I asked eventually.

“It’s a long story”. She said twisting her hair around her finger.

I was done and she walked to the door waiting for me to join her. I met her at the door and we both went to Jaz’s apartment.

We arrived the front of her house, looking at each other wondering who to go first.

“Use the bell”. She said to me.

I pressed the bell four times before Jaz answered. He was surprised to see I and Kisha together.

‘’ what’s going on?”. Jaz asked.

“We came to pay you a visit, since you chose to be left alone”. Kisha said smiling.

Jaz looked angrily at me and asked.

“did she put you up to this?’’

I didn’t know what to say. Kisha quickly spoke up.

‘won’t you let us in at least?”.

Jaz hesitated a little, then gave way for us to go in.

Kisha sat in one of the chairs in the sitting room and crossed her legs before I and Jaz came in. she took off her jacket and threw it on the floor leaving just a t-shirt she wore inside. Jaz gave me a mean look and turned to her.

“hey b---h! Don’t get nasty in here!”.

“nasty….” She said standing up to face Jaz. “nasty is what I do best”. her voice turned low and cold.

She kissed Jaz and walked towards the fridge.

“I know I can get anything in here”. She said looking inside the fridge.

Jaz turned to me angrily and said.

‘the reason am not smacking your face right now is because she fooled you”.

I raised my hands and left them to themselves to return back to my house. Laid on the couch and remembered Phila’s number in my pocket. I quickly took it out and dialed her number.

‘hello”. Phila said.

‘it’s Fro…Mike’. I Said.

She shouted joyfully and said.

‘’ I never knew I will be happy to see you. tell me the truth Mike, what are you doing here?”. She said.

“Business. I work with the don’s farm, am a field worker”. I said with a sense of pride.

‘’Wow! Am happy for you! can we see tomorrow? “. She asked.

“yes, we can. I’ll call you”. I said.

‘I can’t wait”. She replied.

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