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Enita’s pov

Its f*cking hot! And even on my wedding attire.

D--n it….only God knows what will happen tomorrow.

The D-day.

I sighed and saw Brume staring at me. I signalled him to come.

“Sir, am sorry. I didn’t see you coming. Oh my God! Your wedding……” I shut him up.

“You don’t need to apologize. Arrggh! I will go change into another outfit.” I said.

He bowed and took the bowl which had been on the floor up and ran away.

“Really? Brother your wedding……”

“Just keep quiet and let’s go to my room” I left him.

In the room….

I went to the bed and and knelt down to see if I can find the blue luggage and truthfully, I can’t find the d--n bag.


How did the bag disappeared all of a sudden?

Or maybe I misplaced it. It can’t just disappear like that. Ahh! My enemies doesn’t want me to do my wedding, peacefully.

I must find it.

I changed into a nice looking outfit. At least, that one is settled.

Briskly, I walk out of the room to the corridor. I searched everywhere for the bag. I went outside. The backyard.

But still didn’t find it. Oh no! Don’t tell me am not gonna do my wedding tomorrow.

“What’s happening Enita? You suddenly disappeared.” Mimi asked, with a confused look on her face.

She’s so beautiful. F--k! How Will I tell her about this.

“Hmm…Brume will explain things to you” I replied and ask Brume to talk while I left them.

The next thing I heard was her voice screaming. “What?! Enita! Don’t tell mewhat Brume said is true!” She snarled.

“Baby, thats the truth. Am still searching for it.” I replied sadly.

“Arrghh! You know what? Just come with me to the church, you need serious deliverance from God.

Am still afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow. Won’t you scatter the wedding with your craziness?” She stated lowly.

“Am sorry Mimi, am sure tomorrow’s wedding is going to go smoothly. And even if my craziness comes, it not gonna destroy our wedding.

I mean it. Am sorry I put you into this mess.” I drew her close and hugged her to myself, giving a light kiss on her forehead.

“I love you Enita” She whispered.

I smirked and answered. “I love you too Mimi”

“Am still here brother, you aren’t finding the bag again?” My brother inquired, coming closer to us.

“Enita, am going to the church to pray over our wedding tomorrow. Am sure you gonna find that bag of yours.”

I nodded and gave her a kiss before leaving her.

I amd Brume kept searching for the bag. Seriously, I was so tired already but I dare not give up.

I tried searching again but I couldn’t, I already told Brume to go rest a bit while i still search for the bag.

I heard some people giggling. They were little kids. I glared at them but they only laughed.

Really? If I catch them.

“Brother Enita, we know what you’re looking for” A girl said and my eyes beamed.


“You..you know what am looking for? The blue bag right?” I asked her and she nodded.

“Where is it? You guys took it, how come you entered my room without been noticed?” I arched my brow.

“We told you to buy us biscuits and lollipops but you didn’t answer. That you’re gonna give us tomorrow.

So we decided to take one of your bag, when you buy us what we asked for then, we will give you your bag.” Another boy answered and my jaw dropped.

Eh? I didn’t hear that clearly.

“You…you went into my because of…..” I clenched my fist.

Am sure this little kids here are part of my enemies.


“Until you buy us the biscuits and lollipops before we release the bag” Another girl said.


“Don’t worry, I will buy what you asked for. Just show me where the bag it. It really important.”

“We know, its your wedding suit, shoes and rings.” The boy turned to a girl and smiled.

“When I grow up, I will marry you Hannah.” He said to the girl.


“Hey! Better stop before I break your head. Don’t come and be forming big guy here. Don’t say that to me again” The girl hissed.

“I will continue saying that till you fall for me” He grinned.

Chai Children of nowadays are now something else.

“Enough of that. The bag.”

“Okay sir, am coming” The girl whose name was Esther ran inside.

I waited impatiently for the girl and she finally came out dragging the bag with her. The others ran to her to help her and they finally brought it to me.

I crouched down and opened the bag carefully. Fortunately, everything was intact. The wedding suit, the shoes and rings.

Praise the Lord.

I turned to the kids and dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out a thousand naira note and handed it over to them.

“Thanks for bringing my bag back to me.” I smiled.

“Wow! Bro Enita! Thank you so much. God bless you oo. You will go higher and higher.” They said and I left there with my bag.

I breathe out when I reached my room. At last!


Mimi’s pov

I stood up from my bed after my morning prayer.

Oh Lord. My wedding is in your hands.

Enita…don’t ruin this wedding with your clumsiness.

I took my bath and came out of the bathroom. I apply my lotion to my body and stood staring at the white sparkling dress in front of me.

I giggled as I wore it. A knock came and I saw two of my friends ran in with a woman holding a box.

Makeup kit I guess.

“Oh Mimi! You look so gorgeous in that dress.” Bianca complemented and I blushed.

“Let’s get your makeup and everything done fast. You’re gonna look sooo beautiful” Rita squealed.

The woman came and started doing wonders in my face.

Few minutes or let me say hours later, I opened my eyes to see my reflection in the mirror.

Geez! This isn’t me. I look so beautiful.

They styled my hair too and I was super ready for the wedding.

Enita’s pov

I put on the shoes and stood up. “Brother, you look breathtaking” Brume winked.

“Sure, am so handsome. You know” I replied.

So lovely.

“Guys guys….don’t tell me you’re still dressing Enita.” Paul walked in with Richard behind him.

He was busy coming his hair. Silly boy.

“Nope, am done already. Where’s peter and Alfred?” I asked.

“They are waiting outside.” Paul replied.

Paul and peter are twins.

“Am done, let’s go” I grabbed my phone and walk out of the room and met the other two.

I entered the first car with Alfred and Brume While the others went into the second car.

Those are my friends back in school. They are really my best friends. I was able to contact them through Eduvie.

Eduvie is dating Richard now.

We got to the church first amd came down.


“Do you take Mimi as your lawful wedded wife?” The priest asked.

“No…I mean yes, yes. Of course I do” I stuttered.

Oh God! Is it that am nervous or what?

Me big guy.

Mimi glared at me.

The same words goes to Mimi and she answered. “Yes, I do”

“With the power bestow upon me, I pronounce you husband and wife.. You may kiss the bride.” The priest said.


I brought my head closer and took her lower lip and s--k it then took the upper one and kissed both together.

We kept kissing until the priest said. “Its okay, my children.”

Who’s your children?

I reluctantly stopped the kiss, groaning a little.


We were taken to the reception in a blue car. I held my bride’s hand gently and whispered.

“Time to scatter the wedding.”

Her face expression changed amd that made laugh.

Oh goodness! I caught her.

“Chill okay? Am just gonna with dance with you. I will be careful.”

“Fine! Don’t fall the cake down.” She warned.

I held her waistand spin her round. Some guests too were dancing while some were eating.

Gluttons. I pray they don’t finish this food. Am hungry.

I was dancing with Mimi, I suddenly carried her in a bridal style. She flinched and wiggled her legs.

And…Boom! Her heels hit the cake on the table. And…and….and……the cake…fell…to…floor.

Oops! The music stopped. And everyone turned to us. I dropped Mimi down and we were both grinning like idiots.

Oh no!

“Hey guys, actually, we are about to do cake fight. You know what I mean. We gonna throw our selves cake till we are tired. Who’s ready?” I said.

Stupid idea.

Everywhere was silent. My parents glared at me even Chief odafe.


“Me!!!!” They shouted and before I knew some people rushed to the cake, took a handful and threw it at me.

Wow! Sounds stupid but good though.

And those that accepted that stupid idea was some Young girl and boys. The older ones like my mother and father walk out.


I bent down and took mine, I applied the icing sugar on Mimi’s frowning face.

“She looks so beautiful” I chuckled.

“Really? Good! Now the wedding has eventually scattered thanks to you” She gritted her teeth.

“Nope, everyone is happy throwing cake….No one is complaining. Moreover, we both fell the cake down. Your legs and me carrying you all of a sudden.” I shrugged.

She turned and bent down to pick hers.

“Now take this” She rubbed my face with an icing sugar.

She giggled and crouched down to pick another. I shook my head and soon, the party scatter

Cake and icing in everyone’s clothes. Really? Enita how did you do this?

I stopped when it someone threw meat on my suit.

What? Meat? Wait…don’t tell me they are throwing food too.

Ahh! Have not eaten anything.

I looked around and saw people throwing any food on there table even the one with soup.

Ahh! Party have scatter indeed.

Enita oo.

I left Mimi who was still throwing cake to other people. I went to the catering section and saw them busy serving the food for themselves.

Wow! Bravo.

“Sir, you are here” I turned and answered.


“Get me my food and my wife’s before you finish it.” I rolled my eyes.

“Okay sir”


I dragged Mimi to a quiet place and sat her down.

“Come and eat or you’re not eating?” I asked.

“Huh? Of course! But Enita, how are we going to stop the madness happening inside”

“They will soon stop or maybe I should stop them.” I stood up forgetting that food on my lap.

The plate fell with the food in it.

Argh! Not again.

I got inside the saw them all tired, some had took their bag going out.

Thank God.

Finally, they left one by one. The party ended.

“Enita, this wedding is the most sweet, funny and crazy wedding ever. You won’t believe I got that opportunity to touch a girl’s b*obs. She didn’t know who touch her” Paul said laughing and we all gasped.

Really? Naughty boy.

“Gosh! See my suit! Stained with cake icing and some d--n okro soup” Peter groaned.

All the best. At least, I did my wedding.


Mimi’s pov

“Oh my God! It gonna take time washing this stain off” Rita said, staring at her dress.

“Sorry, but the party was the best ever! I love it. Throwing cake and food! Gosh! I only pitied the food” Bianca replied.

Fast forward……………

Everyone went home including my friends. It was just I and Enita in our room.

“Mimi, are you still angry about what happened today?” Enita asked as I changed into my nightie.

“Nope, am not. At least you didn’t kick me while dancing.” I turned to him.

I walk to him on the bed and kissed him.

“I love you Enita, for who you are. Crazy, clumsy, silly. I still love you from the bottom of my heart” I said lowly.

“And I love you too baby. Can we start making babies now?” He pouted.


“Aishh! You’re so silly” I hit him and kiss him deeply.

He held my waist as our kiss got intense. He laid me properly on the bed. He kissed me on my shoulder sending shivers down my spine.

And…you know the rest…….


Imagine that one yourself


Epilogue is loading


Those that didn’t attend the wedding. Ehehe!

Story by Uche Lawrence

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