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The bald headed man was surprised to see us returning in same car. As soon as i stopped, he walked up to us and said.

“what happened?”.

Sly and Jaz alighted and went to meet the bald headed guy.

“‘what happened?”. He asked again looking at Jaz and Sly.

“We didn’t meet with the short guy”. Sly said, resting his back on the car and folding his hands across his chest.

“Some douchebag wanted to play smart on us”. Jaz said,looking suspiciously at the bald headed guy.

“who where they?”. The bald headed guy asked.

“You tell us man”. Sly said.

The bald headed man’s face was suddenly painted in guilt.

‘why are you asking me such question?”. The bald headed man said.

Sly and Jaz remained silent looking at him as he was uneasy sweating on his shining skull.

” you people think i have a hand in it?”. the bald headed guy said.

“you tell us”. Jaz said and suddenly became serious.

“i have nothing to do with it believe me!”. The bald headed guy said apprehensively, looking desperately at Jaz and Sly.

Sly then put a call across to someone.

“hello….Not yet….things got complicated….The car is at the mechanic….yes…with the bald guy…Okay”. Then he dropped the phone and said to me in the car. “Get out boy, we are leaving”.

i came out of the car and threw the key to Sly who tossed it on the body of the bald headed guy, and we walked away.

We trekked to the main road and waited for a cab. While we were on it, Jaz asked.


“how do you mean?”. SLy asked.

“How do i mean? I am bored! aren’t you Frozen?”. Jaz asked.

I didn’t know what to say, so i smiled and shrugged.

‘i know you’ve been bleeping that Esther. Lucky you”. Jaz said looking at me smiling.

“No, i haven’t”. i denied.

“Sly look at this Jug skull! do you think you’re the first?”. Jaz said.

Sly was trying to signal him to shut-up but he went on.

”Sly here has taken her twice! i don’t know why she wouldn’t let me have a taste of that sweet ass”. Jaz said looking mockingly at Sly who had given up trying to stop him.

I was surprised i felt slightly bad for hearing the news. Even though i tried to cover up with a smile, i guess they knew.

“Hey! are you feeling bad about what i said?”. Jaz asked, looking shocked at me.

“No! i am not, she’s nothing to me”. I said.

Sly turned abruptly to me and said.

“Don’t ever say that about a friend no matter what”.

Just then a black bmw was seen approaching. Jaz tried to stop it, but it was a private driver. The sun was becoming unbearable and i prayed fervently for a taxi to drive by.

Soon another car was spotted from a distance.

“am going to stop that car even if it’s a taxi or not”. Jaz said walking to the middle of the narrow dusty road.

‘Hey, stop that”. Sly shouted.

Jaz ignored him and stretched forth his hand towards the approaching car that stopped few steps away from him. The driver brought his head out of his side glass yelling in Arabic. Jaz said nothing, he quietly went to the angry man and said.

“we got money. Take us out of here”.

The man looked at him and then to us and asked.

‘where are you going to?”.

“To any place that is cold with drinks and women”. Jaz said.

“Okay, it will cost you 1000”. The driver said.

“isn’t that a little bit….”. Sly said, but was cut short by Jaz.

‘Very cool! Lets go lads”. Jaz said entering the front seat.

I and Sly sat in back, as the driver drove us few distance and stopped in front of a gate. I looked for a sign to tell us where we were but found non.

“Where the hell is this place?”. Jaz asked.

“in there, you’ll find what you want; women, drinks, smoke, even drugs”. The man said Jaz in a low tone smiling.

“what about food?”. Sly asked.

i was happy he did asked, coz i was really famished as well.

“they have that too”. The driver said to Sly.

Then he blew the horn twice and a security man came out and looked at us. The driver brought out a card and waved it in the air. The security man nodded and wen’t back in. Soon the gate was opened. And i could see other cars parked to extent that there was no parking space for us. We had to park somewhere close to the gate.

“what’s up, are you coming with us?”. Jaz asked the driver.

“of cause! Do you have assess?” The driver said rolling up the glasses.

“Dude, he’s coming with us”. Sly added as he alighted.

The compound was busy with different people moving to fro. And in front of us stood a magnificent two story building. The driver led the way through an entrance and we were stopped by a security who demanded for a card. The driver showed him and he asked.

“regular, circular, main hall, VIP?”.

“VIP!”. The driver said.

The security man then handed us for cards with VIP written on it, then said.

“That’ll be 80,000”.

“80 what?”. Sly asked alarmed.

The security man looked at us startled. Then the driver turned to Jaz and said.

“I bet you my man, you won’t regret it”.

Jaz then turn to the security man and said.

“I don’t have that much cash with me, do you accept credit card?”.

“Oh yes, we do’. The security man said.

“Let’s get the hell out of here, this is too expensive”. Sly said uneasy.

“If i regret it man, you will too, trust me”. Jaz said stiffly to the driver who just smiled confidently.

The security man arrived with a POS machine, and soon we were done. And the driver led us through a gloomy doorway to an under ground where a loud music was heard coming from. We met people walking up and down the stairs as we progressed. Then a door was opened, i could see colored lights shinning and loud music playing. We entered the hall, it was off the hook. Unclad girls danced on a pole, girls in g-strings only served drinks. Guys were seen smoking all kinds of things. The hall was big with stairs that led up to another life entirely.

‘Over there, is Sodom and Gomorrah”. The driver shouted pointing upstairs.

“Where can i eat?”. Sly asked.

‘outside!”. the driver said.

“Lets get something to eat”. Sly said.

The driver led us out through another Exit to an outdoor canteen. We ordered for food while Jaz talked about how cool the place was. As soon as we were done eating, Jaz said to the driver.

“Take me to Sodom”.

The driver led us to the upper part of the club. It was something i have never seen. There was a glass room where girls of different race were dancing completely Unclad touching each other erotically. Another in the middle were guys touching each other, and the next where guys and girls, all in the same glass room. Around where guys and ladies watching drinking and smoking.

A black lady in just g-string came to us and said.

“Do you want a seat?”

we nodded dumbfounded by what we were seeing. She led us to a four space chair and said smiling.

“what do you want? Just say the word”.

“Weed and drinks”. Jaz said.

“what type of weed and drinks”. she said smiling.

”How many type of weed do you have?”. Jaz asked.

“40 sir, we also have tablets, powders, syrups, depending on what you want sir?

We all exchanged glances and Jaz said to her.

“Get me the strongest in your archive”.

”what about drinks sir?”. the lady said smiling.

“whisky for me, i don’t know about these guys”. Jaz said, trying to watch the ladies in the glass room in front of us.

we all ordered for drinks and the girl said to us still smiling.

“your bill is 15000”.

We were shocked to hear it and exchanged a snappy glances. Then jaz handed her his card and said to Sly who was very pissed.

“enjoy your money dude. All the money we make, what do we gain if we don’t spend it”.

The lady returned with his card and made to leave. Jaz called her back and said.

‘I want to Bleep, how much?’

“One of our ladies is 1000 bucks”. The lady said.

Jaz smiled and said.

“I want four, Arabic, Caucasian, Africa; i prefer black, and a white girl. And a Chinese! I want them all”.

‘the lady smiled and said.

‘do you want a lap dance, or a head while you are on it?”

‘Oh yeah! please i want it”. Jaz said excitedly.

Jaz turned to the driver who was completely engrossed with the display in front of him, hugged him and said passionatly.

“thank you so much! this is my second home!”.

The weed was so strong and odorless i had to stop at the first three drags. I felt my head vibrating like there was a factory and my hands shaking. I also felt my heart beating slow as i started seeing Sandra dancing Unclad in front of me. I wanted to react but i cautioned myself that i was only hallucinating. I completely forgot i was with someone, until the girl giving Jaz a lap dance hand slightly hit me on the face. I turned and saw Jaz’s button’s pulled and pants pulled down with a Unclad Japanese girl rolling herself on his body.

Jaz was completely wasted, his eyes were closed as he kept speaking gibberish. Sly was so focused with a bottle of whisky, the driver’s had dozed off after taking some pills given to him.

“whoooow!”. Jaz suddenly screamed. “am in heaven!”.

Then Jaz stood up and said to us, while adjusting his pants.

“am going to paradise, see you guys when i get back”.

Then he whispered something to the Japanese girl who led him away.

The noise from the hall downstairs became very loud i was tempted to see what was going on there. It was a hot dancing hall as everyone was out of their minds in dancing. i took the stairs and joined the party. The music was so loud was deafening, resounding on my chest, while the different colored light made it hard to make out faces.

“HEY!”. A lady shouted into my ear.

I turned and beheld a beautiful tall Arabic girl. She was smiling when our eyes met. Then she motioned towards the exit and dragged me by the hand towards it.

we were out of the noise but still in another hall in the building.

‘Hello Mike”. she said smiling.

i was startled at this that i couldn’t make out words just staring confusingly at her. She smiled and placed a finger on my chest and said smiling.

‘i know who you are. The moment i saw you, i knew i had to meet with you”.

‘who are you?”. I finally asked.

she smiled and said standing very close to my face.

“i am so many things, what do you want to call me?”.

I moved backwards a little and looked at the very beautiful elegant mysterious lady.

‘who are you, and how did you know my name?” i asked again.

She walked closer to me and whispered into my ear.

‘close your eyes Mike”.

I did, and she blew a breeze on my face and i saw Sandra still at that the same spot i left her. Then she stopped and said to me.

“now you know who i am?”.


“No! But someone who can communicate with other side, and much more”. She added.

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