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The next day we drove Esther to the Airport. The previous night we were wasted from much drink and weed that i slept where we sat until 3am, when Jaz woke me up, and i had to carry Esther to the room.

On our way back from the airport, Jaz suggested to Sly.

“We need to club tonight”.

Sly looked at him and returned to the book he was reading.

“Is it possible?”. I asked.

“what’s possible?”. Jaz asked, turning to me at the backseat.

“clubbing. Judging from the zero tolerance they have towards immorality”. i said.

“immorality he said!”. Jaz said, turned to Sly and continued. “Immorality is the fun of life, he doesn’t know”.

Sly glanced at him and returned to his book, flipping to another page.

“stop there”. Jaz said pointing to a gathering of some youth to the driver.

“what’s it?”. Sly asked, looking surprisingly at Jaz.

“wanna make some findings”.

“Findings? from these thug looking guys?”. Sly said in alarm.

Jaz gave him no response as the car stopped. Jaz opened the door and called a guy smoking. The guy looked at Jaz and to his guys who nodded their approval before he slowly went to Jaz.

“hey bro, how are you?”. Jaz asked smiling.

“what do you want?”. the guy asked looking suspiciously at us.

Jaz seemed to be offended by the guy’s rude response, but forced a smile and asked.

“how would you love to earn 1500 bucks?”.

There was a multiple reaction. The guy was shocked and suddenly interested, while Sly was angry but couldn’t do much. I on the other hand wondered what Jaz was up to and the driver seemed to be uneasy all of a sudden.

‘what do i do to earn that much?’. The guy asked.

“i need beauties, am tired of sticking with these losers. And also want a club to have fun”. Jaz said smiling.

The guy looked behind him and said.

‘be right back”. The guy said and went to his guys.

“sir, you should have asked me. I know this town like the back of my hand. These guys are not trust worthy, they’re criminals. I’ll do it for 1200”. The driver said.

Jaz turned to the responsible looking middle aged man with grey beards. And said.

“what do you really know? you heard me asking, why didn’t you say something?”.

“i prefer him, lets make use of him”. Sly said.

The guys were still talking and looking at us suspiciously. Jaz suddenly shut the door and said to the driver.

“take me to where i can find buddy!”. Jaz said.

The driver immediately engaged the engine and drove off leaving the guys looking behind us.

We arrived at small house with some ladies in niqab sitting outside. The driver said to Jaz.

“it’s here”.

Jaz looked at him and then to Sly who was smiling. Then asked the driver circumspectly.

“what are we doing here?”.

“these are the girls”. The driver said eyeing one of the ladies who stood up was looking at us expectantly.

“they are masked from head to toe. How am i supposed to know what am buying?”. Jaz asked the driver.

‘Don’t worry. They are really good in bed”. The driver said.

“get me the hell out of here!”. Jaz yelled.

I and Sly exploded in laughter. Jaz was so vexed that he yelled again.

”take me out of here!”.

The driver shook his head regretfully and drove off.

“i told you, those guys were better! i said it and you guys thought to be smarter, now see”. Jaz said in anger.

On our way back, Sly’s phone rang, he took it and when he was done, he said to us.

“We have a job”. Then turned to the driver.” Driver take us Ali zoro”.

We arrived there at noon and packed at a packing lot.

‘wait for us”. Sly said to the driver as we alighted.

We went into a shopping mall and Sly asked after someone, whom they directed us to his office. We got to the office and met a man praying kneeling with his back against us.

“Let’s wait for him”. Sly said.

And we waited for few minutes before he stood up and said smiling.

“Oh my brothers, welcome”.

“Thank you, can we have the address?”. Jaz said impatiently.

‘Oh, yes you can. Don’t you want a drink?”. The man said heading to his fridge.

“no, thank you. Please let have the address”. Jaz said.

The man shrugged and wen’t to his table, took out a sheet of paper and handed it to Jaz.

“It has to be delivered today”. The man said.

“Oh, you knew it was that urgent and you were wasting our time”. Jaz said standing up.

We wen’t to our cab and drove to the address that was a mechanic workshop . Sly paid the cab man, and we wen’t into the workshop.

A bald man came to us and asked shaking hands with Sly.


Sly nodded. He led us to the back of the workshop and showed us a green SUV.

“it’s in the trunk”. The bald man said.

Jaz took the key from him and also collected the map to our destination which he handed to Sly. When we arrived the car, Jaz opened the trunk and found two big wrapped stuffs. He opened it, confirmed, closed trunk and gave the key to me, entered the back seat while Sly sat in front.

We drove through streets and turns till we arrived our destination, Sly collected the key from me and dialed the number that was given to us and soon two men were seen approaching.

”Yeah, are you the guys?”. Sly asked.

“Yes we are”. Said the fat one among the two.

“i was expecting to see the short guy, what’s his name?”. Sly asked.

“Ibrahim”. The second, a tall heavily built one said.

‘Yeah, where’s he?”. Sly asked.

“He traveled, so were asked to come in his place”. The fat one said.

‘give it to them let’s go!”. Jaz said impatiently.

Sly kept looking at them. Then he made to hand the key to the heavily built one who was so much in a hurry to retrieve it. Sly withdrew his hand and shoved the key in his pocket.

“put him through on call. I want to speak with him”. Sly said resting his back on the car.

‘what’s this nonsense! i told you he’s not in town, how am i supposed to have his number?”. The heavily built one said angrily.

I and Jaz looked at Sly as though he was trying to cause trouble. I was not in any mood for a quarrel or a fight under the burning sun, so i gently said to Sly.

‘Give it to them. They are here, meaning they know we were coming”.

“Let’s go, when Ibrahim comes around, let him call us”. Sly said and threw the key to me, entering the car.

The fat one brought out a gun and pointed it at Sly who was half way into the car. When Sly saw the gun, he smiled and said to me.

“Learn from this”.

“give me the d--n key!”. the fat man said, pointing the automatic 9mm to Sly.

Jaz who was still out of the car, walked up to the fat man who turned the gun to his chest.

“You just made a mistake”. Jaz said confidently to the fat man, looking into his eyes.

The heavily built guy made to push Jaz, but received a head butt on the nose, and simultaneously grabbed the fat man hand with the gun and squeezed it hard that the man let out a loud scream which was cut shot by a punch in the neck. The fat man dropped on the floor coughing, grabbing his throat with both hands.

Jaz was with the gun and the Heavily built one made to attack but was stopped by the presence of the gun. Jaz shot two into the sky and shouted.

‘Get the hell out of here!”.

The two men stood up and ran away. Jaz tossed the gun into the car and entered the back seat.

“That means, we have to return this car”. Sly said.

‘and look for a good Bleep tonight. We have to go back there to those boys”. Jaz said.

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