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Grenville Medical Center, Tennessee.

“I’m sorry Mr Sinclair. How long did you know?” The Doctor asked.

“Just yesterday. She never told anyone, not her daughter or myself.”

“She’s at the third stage now and I’m afraid there’s little we can do at this point.” The Doctor said and sighed.

“We can only hope for a miracle but i assure you Mr Sinclair, we’ll do our very best and leave the rest to God.” He added.

“I know well enough to know there’s no saving her at this point. So don’t give me that crap!” Patrick retorted.

“Mr Sinclair, we have to optimistic and hope for the best.”

“How long does she have left?” Patrick asked.

“three months at most.” The Doctor responded as Patrick buried his face in his palm.

“You have to be strong Mr Sinclair, for her and yourself. She needs all the love and support she can get at this crucial stage of her life.”

“I know-I know! She’s not going to die!” Patrick stuttered and stood up from the chair he was seated.

“Mr Sinclair-” The Doctor said as Patrick cut in.

“No, Don’t say anything. She’s going to survive this! She’ll beat the cancer!” Patrick said and barged out of the doctor’s office and slammed the door. He walked hastily past the hospital hallway and barged into Doris’ ward and met her wide awake.

“Hi honey.” He greeted as she shifted her gaze to him.

“Hey” She responded. Patrick sat on the edge of her bed and caressed her hair softly.

“Why-Why didn’t you tell me?” Patrick stuttered amidst tears.

“I’m sorry Pat. I didn’t know how to.” Doris muttered as tears trickled down her face.

“Listen to me Doris. You’ll beat this! I’ll do everything to save you from this.” Patrick said and forced a smile as tears trickled down his face. He held her hands firm and nodded his head as she smiled back in response.

“I believe you will.” Doris responded.

“And June?” She asked.

“Not a word from her or Morgan yet. I’ll put a call through to them again.” Patrick responded.

“Do you think she should know?” Doris asked.

“Yes honey. She is no longer a child. Our daughter is very well ahead of her years and she deserves to know the truth about her mom’s health status. Not telling her the truth will have a much more devastating effect.” Patrick said as Doris nodded slowly in affirmation to his statement.

“Get some rest. I know how best to put this to her when she returns. Okay?” Patrick added.

“Okay.” Doris responded.

“I’ll be back later.” Patrick said and stood up to leave the ward. Just after he exited the ward, he stood at the hallway and took out his cellphone. He pulled up the antenna, flipped the keypad cover open and dialed Dylan’s number.

“Hello Sir” Dylan answered at the other end of the call.

“Meet me at the mansion now and come with Vivian.” Patrick said and walked past the hallway quickly to the hospital’s parking lot.

“Is there a problem sir?” Dylan asked nervously.

“Not at all. Be quick.” Patrick said and hung up. He hopped into his car and drove out of the hospital’s premises.


Dominic woke up in a dungeon, his eyes darted around warily and nervously across the dark creepy dungeon. He stood up grunting to wake the his friends up.

“Guys wake up.” He said and walked up to where Rose was laid and shook her vigorously. He then moved to June, Alex and Mr Morgan and did the same. They yawned and scratched their eyes sleepily as they began to regain consciousness of their environment.

“Rose wake up.” He said to Rose again and shook her head.

“Dom?” Rose whispered.

“Are you okay?” Dominic asked.

“Yeah. Where are we?” Rose asked.

“I don’t know, we got ambushed last night and here we are.” Dominic responded.

“What is going on?” June asked as she also scanned the dungeon nervously.

“You’re awake!” Rose exclaimed and pulled June into a hug.

“You saved my life, I love you so much. Thank you.” Rose said thankfully.

“It’s nothing. I’ll give my life for yours if the need arises.” June said with a smile and broke free of the hug, she wiped off the dripping tears on Rose’s face with her thumb.

“You guys okay?” Mr Morgan asked as they all nodded in response.

“Where are we?” Alex asked.

“No idea. We got ambushed last night after what happened.” Rose said.

“The map is gone too!” June exclaimed and searched her jacket pockets as Dominic walked up to the dungeon door and tried to have a glimpse of the outside environment through the open bars on the door. He tried but couldn’t get a sight of what was ahead of the dungeon’s door.

“I think we’re being held hostage” Dominic said.

“By who?” June asked.

“No idea. I couldn’t get a view of the outside either. It’s like there’s nothing beyond the door. It’s all dark and there’s a sunrise behind us.” Dominic said and turned to the dungeon’s window as the sunrise beamed its light through the window bars.

“June can you burst us out?” Rose asked.

“What? Oh Rose come on! We’re not even sure of what happened and you’re already making demands?” Dominic said as Rose shrugged in response.

“June, can you? We saw what happened last night. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s absolutely incredible.” Alex said.

“No, I can’t.” June muttered.

“I don’t know how to, it just happened and i couldn’t control it.”She added.

“D--n!” Alex said.

“Dominic?” Rose said and turned to Dominic.

“I can’t. I tried already but i couldn’t feel my powers in here. It’s like the dungeon has some kind of magic limiting my powers.” Dominic responded.

“We’re screwed.” Alex said and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“This is why i said you shouldn’t come with us.” Dominic said.

“Dom, I’m not scared. I’m just worried.” Alex responded as Dominic smiled.

“Shhhh. Someone’s coming” Mr Morgan shushed them as they all stepped back from the door and walked backwards to the inner part of the dungeon. Shortly, they could hear the sound of a key slide into the dungeon’s metal door. They metal door let out a clang sound as it opened up.

A man in black Robe walked in holding a bunch of keys on his right hand as the clanged against each other. On his left, he held what seemed like June’s missing map.

“Who are you?” Mr Morgan asked as the man walked closer to them. A ball of light followed him as he walked closer, lightening up the partially dark dungeon.

“I should be the one asking. We found this with one of you.” The man responded and spread the map open. His face became more clear as the dungeon lightened up. He was a black man with a low cut hairstyle. He appeared to be a middle aged man.

“Yeah. So?” Alex fired as the man shot him a scornful glance. June nudged her shoulder on his, indicating he should keep his attitude in check.

“I’m sorry if we trespassed. We were just looking out for a location on the map. I apologize.” June said to the man as his face lightened up with a smile after Alex’s attempt to piss him off. He was impressed at the manner at which June approached him despite being the smallest of them all.

“You marked the coordinates on this map right?” The man asked.

“Yes sir. I did.” June said and nodded.

“Impressive. We’d really love to know how you got the coordinates of this place.” The man said and rolled the map back to close it.

“This place?” Rose asked out of curiosity.

“Yes, this place.” the man answered.

“Wait. Are you a member of the coven?” Dominic asked and raised a brow.

“The alchemi coven? Yes i am.” The man answered.

“What? You can’t be serious!” Rose said in disbelief.

“How did you find us?” June asked.

“A powerful magic can be sensed from afar. A rare type of magic makes it even more obvious.” The man responded.

“What do you mean by Powerful and rare magic?” June asked as the man smiled without a response to her question.

“You ambushed us and kept us locked in a dungeon. You didn’t even wait to know why we’re searching for your coven.” Rose said.

“Think of this dungeon as a containment cell.” The man responded.

“Containment prison cell?” June asked.

“Yes. This dungeon was specifically designed to keep dark and powerful magic at bay.” The man responded.

“What?” Rose said in disbelief.

“A powerful sorceress like her needed to be kept in containment. Her powers are well beyond anything we’ve seen in a while.” The man said and pointed at June.

“You must be wrong sir. I’m not a sorceress or witch. I don’t have magic.” June responded.

“How do you explain the happenings of the previous night?” The man asked.

“I don’t know. It just happened and i had absolutely no control over it.” June said.

“Tell me June Sinclair, was last night the first time you actually felt something like that?” The man asked as June’s eyes widened. She then recalled the moment she was drowning in the lagoon and how she almost let the magic out. She recalled playing with the fountain waters in the Sinclair garden too.

“June is that true?” Rose asked.

“Yes. I’ve felt something like that occasionally but i thought it was all in my head.” June said softly.

“And you never bothered to tell me or Dominic or anyone?” Rose yelled as the rest of the team watched in shock.

Shocked at the new discovery.

“I’m sorry.” June said as Rose placed her hands on her head in shock.

“I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I couldn’t bring myself to believe i actually had any powers.” June muttered.

“You have an enormous and uncontrollable amount of magic June Sinclair. One enormous enough to cause massive destruction if left unchecked.” The man said.

“How did you know my name?” June asked.

“I know all your names and we know a lot of things about the outside world.” The man responded.

“How is this even possible? She has no relation to a witch or wizard. Her both parents are non magic folks.” Dominic said.

“You won’t get the answer to your question here Dominic Griffith. Follow me.” The man said and turned to head out of the dungeon.

“Follow me now!” The man repeated and startled everyone as they reluctantly followed him out of the dungeon. Just as they stepped out of the dungeon, they found themselves in the middle of a beautiful forest with birds chirping and flying around.

“You mean the dungeon has been here the whole time?” Dominic asked.

“Yes Dominic.” The man answered.

“It’s impossible! I looked through the door and saw nothing but darkness. It’s impossible for a dungeon to be out here. There’s no a castle around.” Dominic said and shrugged.

“You just stepped out of the dungeon right?” The man asked.

“Yes.” Dominic answered.

“Look again.” the man said and urged Dominic to turn around. The entire team turned back to see what the man was talking about.

“Holy shit! It’s gone!” Alex yelled as they couldn’t see the dungeon they just stepped out from anymore. All they could see was a beautiful waterfall.

“We came out of here! Right there and now it’s gone?” Rose said pointing at the spot they stepped out of as the man smiled.

“Follow me y’all.” He said again and led them to an enormous rock. He waved his hands and parted the rock to reveal a footpath.

“Did he just split a rock?” Alex asked in disbelief as they all walked into the rock. Just as they stepped in, they were greeted by the fresh scent of jasmine flowers. A gigantic and beautiful enchanted castle with people walking around and playing with magic.

“Oh my God!” Rose exclaimed as they all scanned their environment. The Alchemi Castle was huge with an enchanted golden roof that constantly shimmered.

“Wow!” Mr Morgan said as they walked past a well decorated footpath.

“All this is behind a rock?” June asked.

“Yes June.” the man aswered.

“Do you know your way out?” The man asked and laughed.

“Yeah. We followed that way in, I think it’s the way out too.” June said and turned to point at the rock they passed through but it was gone. All that stood in front of her were clear blue skies and an endless green lawn.

“It’s gone too.” She said and turned to the man who was all smiles.

“D--n! This place exists on earth?” Alex asked as the man led them into the castle. The castle was more bigger on the inside. The ceiling was a transparent enchanted ceiling revealing the bright blue sky.

The man walked them up to a high table comprising of a group of witches dressed up in red robes. He led them to the mid table, an elderly woman with grey hair, a pale white skin and an attractive red lips and bright blue eyes was seated on the highest chair of all. They need no one to tell them it was the leader of the coven.

“Here they are mistress.” The man said and bowed slightly as they all stood right in front of the high table.

“Are we supposed to bow too?” Alex whispered as his eyes darted around the enormous hall.

“Yeah i guess.” June said as they all took a bow. The elderly woman laughed and stood up from her chair.

“No, that wasn’t necessary. Y’all are welcome to the alchemi coven.” she spoke out in a vibrant tone for someone her so elderly.

“First, I apologize for the situation you found yourselves in earlier. We just had to keep her in check through the night.” She said and pointed at June. The expression on June’s face showed that she had began to worry, she thought of herself as a ticking time bomb ready to explode any minute.

“Introductions first, I am Ornelle the leader of the coven and he is, Petyr. He will be your guide throughout your stay in the castle.” Ornelle said and pointed at the man who had brought them to the castle.

“Thank you for having us Ornelle. I am-” June was saying as Ornelle cut in.

“Don’t bother, we know the names of every single one of you.” Ornelle said and pointed at each one of them playfully.

“This is the high table. Everyone seated here are the members of the high table.” Ornelle said and gestured her hand at the people seated to her left and right. Most of the high table members were mostly comprised of men with only few women amongst them.

“Y’all must be tired and hungry. Freshen up before we get down to business.” Ornelle said and walked down the stairs from the high table platform down to where they stood.

“Petyr will show you around and get you all ready. See you at haven’s stone in few minutes.” Ornelle said and winked at June before walking away.

“Wait, what? Haven’s stone? What’s that?” Dominic asked as Petyr led them to the castle’s East Wing.

“It’s more like a magical training facility. You’ll see.” Petyr responded and led them to the hallway of the castle’s second floor on the East Wing.

“Your names are written on the door to each rooms. You’ll find your stuffs neatly packed in there and everything you’ll need.” Petyr said as they stood in the hallway, on the left were over a dozen rooms and the same number on the right.

“How do you have all our stuff?” Rose asked.

“We got to them last night. Your RV bus is safe somewhere around and oh, you’ll find your cellphones in your various rooms.” Petyr concluded.

“I’ll be back in an hour and we head to haven’s stone to meet ornelle.” He added and walked away.

“I don’t know about you guys, but this is bloody awesome!” Rose exclaimed and rushed into the room with her name tag on it. The rest of them followed suit and they all got into their rooms.

June stepped into her room and met a well furnished bed, her bag was neatly placed on a shelf and her cellphone was on a stool next to her bed. She glanced around the room with a beautiful interior, the duster was cleaning up the furniture all by itself. The room felt alive and June marveled at the work of magic being done in every corner of the castle.

“Beautiful!” She said to herself and smiled. Just then, her cellphone rang. She rushed up to the stool and answered the call.

“Hey dad.” She greeted.

“June honey, I’ve been trying to reach you all day. Are you okay? Is everyone okay?” Patrick asked at the other end of the call.

“Yeah dad. We’re all perfectly okay. We found the coven and dad, it’s so awesome.” She said excitingly.

“That’s great. You got the correct coordinates, I’m so proud of you sweetheart.” Patrick said.

“Thanks dad. That’s not all, I have something very huge for you.” June said.

“Oh really?” Patrick asked.

“Yeah dad. I’ll tell you everything when i get back.”

“Stay safe sweetheart. I love you.” Patrick said.

“I love you too dad. Tell Megan i love her so much will you?”

“Sure. Talk to you later honey.” Patrick said and hung up. June sighed all smiles and tossed the phone to the bed to have a quick shower.

Few minutes later, she came out of the shower to the sight of an invisible creature getting her lunch ready on a table.

“I’m gonna freak out!” She said to herself and rushed into an inner room to get dressed.


Patrick sat in the living room as Dylan and Vivian both arrived.

“You called for us sir.” Dylan said.

“Yes Dylan, please you both take a sit.” Patrick said and gestured his hands at the opposite couch. He gulped down his glass of wine before proceeding with his reason for calling them over.

“I know that son of a b---h Joseph O’toole is making y’all work overtime and I’m grateful y’all could spare me some minutes.” Patrick said.

“We’re always with you boss.” Vivian said.

“I need your help. Both of you.” Patrick said as Dylan and Vivian both shot glances at each other.

“We’d get you anything sir.” Dylan said.

“I need the serum. Lots of it.” Patrick said and gulped down the remainder of his wine as Dylan’s eyes widened at Patrick’s request.


June, Rose and everyone had assembled at the hallway waiting for Petyr.

“I could have missed this! I’m never gonna see such a place in my life!” Alex said as they all laughed at him. Shortly, Petyr joined them.

“Y’all look good once again. Let’s go.” he said and led them out of the castle. On their way out, they could see some younger ones practicing magic with a tutor guiding them. Petyr led them to a giant rock, the rock stood in a spherical shape.

“Wow! This place just keeps getting better and better!” Alex said as Petyr parted the rock once again and they all stepped into the spherical shaped door.

The path led them to a large garden with rocks standing in circles and a waterfall to the right. Some men stood with chains on the left and right and they all wondered what they were standing there with chains for.

“Welcome to haven stone.” Ornelle greeted as they all arrived at haven’s stone.

“All these in a rock??” Mr Morgan asked. He was tired of keeping his composure, he couldn’t take it anymore. It was an overwhelming experience for each of them.

“Yes Morgan.” Ornelle answered as June shot occasional glances at the hefty men on their left and right sides holding chains.

“I know you have questions June, Dominic i know why you’re here too.” Ornelle began.

“Yes i do.” June responded.

“Go on.” Ornelle said.

“Do i really have powers?” June asked.

“Yes June. You have an enormous amount of it. You’re filled with so much power June.” Ornelle answered.

“You both, stretch out your arm.” Ornelle said to Dominic and June as they both stretched out their arms. She said and grabbed their arms as a circle thin flame began to run around their arms. Dominic’s flame was red and June’s was green. June’s iris turned bright green and her gradually became grey in colour.

“Do you see the difference?” Ornelle asked.

“My flame is green? My hair turned grey?” June asked.

“Yes June.” Ornelle said.

“Now, look at this.” Ornelle said as she stretched out her arm at every single magical being present at haven stone and their flames were all red like Dominic’s.

“I don’t understand.” June said as she watches the red flames run around the arms of the men holding the chains and Petyr’s too.

“It means you’re special. Your magic is rare and it’s not the same powers everyone else in this place posses.” Ornelle said and dropped her arm as the flames stopped.

“Oh. One more question please?” June said.

“Go on dear.” Ornelle said all smiles.

“How did i get my powers? My parents are not magical people.” June asked.

“Doris Sinclair is an old friend. Your mother was good to me.” Ornelle said as she waved her arm in the air to clear the cloudy skies to reveal a bright blue sky once again. June noticed Orrnell’s flames were green just like hers.

“November 11th, 1974 Doris found me and saved my life. I had just banished the Aertenae back to the underworld but it came with a price. With my dying breath, I walked aimlessly around highway without a clue or where i was and Doris came to my rescue. I can recall her pulling her car over and checking up on me, at that moment i was on the floor and i had accepted my fate.”

“Doris Sinclair did a Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on me and breathed life into me. During that moment, I got my life back and a piece of my soul and powers moved into her and that baby she was carrying that night was the beneficiary of the powers. That was the way the natural order of magic rewarded Doris Sinclair. I survived and returned to the coven and the ancestors blessed Doris’ unborn child with all the best magic has to offer. I prayed to the ancestors every day to make Doris and her child special. I’ve been watching you all my life June and i know my prayers were answered.” Ornelle said all smiles.

“Is she aware a part of your powers got into her that night?” June asked.

“No.” Ornelle said and shake her head.

“That’s one i never knew about my mom. This is so overwhelming.” June said.

“I understand dear.” Ornelle responded.

“Why are we here?” Dominic asked as he noticed the men holding chains began moving from their previous stance.

“June doesn’t know how or when to trigger her powers. She will learn that right here.” Ornelle answered.

“How?” June asked.

“Good question. How did you feel when you were drowning? That was the first time your powers surfaced right?” Ornelle asked.

“Yes. I-uhm I felt the life snapping out of me and i so desperately wanted to survive. I felt like i made a dying wish and it was granted. I wished to pull myself out of the water at all cost and it sort of happened.” June explained.

“June, are you aware you have a unique hydrokinetic powers? You have the ability to manipulate waters and make it do what you want.” Ornelle said and drew a huge ball of water from the running waterfall in haven’s stone. She controlled the huge ball of water to where she stood and left it. The water loosed formed and fell to the ground, before touching the ground Ornelle used her powers to put the water droppings in the air to a halt and they remained stagnant one feet above the ground level.

“Wow that’s amazing! I can do that?” June asked.

“Yes June. You can. Focus on the waterfall, make the water do your bidding. Speak to it and it will respond.” Ornelle said and gestured her hand at the waterfall.

June fixed her gaze on the waterfall for minutes but got nothing.

“It’s not working. I can’t.” June said and took her gaze off the waterfall.

“Try again. Don’t force it, let it come.” Ornelle said as June fixed her gaze on the waterfall again. She breathed out and the waterfall froze into solid ice.

“Wow that’s great.” Ornelle said as June loosed focus and the waters melted immediately.

“You saved your friend’s life last night. The amount of energy you released caught our attention. How did you conjure your magic?” Ornelle asked.

“I honestly don’t know. It just happened and i was desperate.” June said.

“Come over here.” Ornelle said to June as June walked up to her and stood next to her facing Alex, Rose, Dominic and Mr Morgan.

“Which of them do you love the most?” Ornelle asked.

“All of them.” June answered.

“I know you do. But you can’t deny you love some more than others.” Ornelle persisted.

“It’s tough. They’re all like a family to me.” June responded.

“June, pick the one you love the most and I’ll know if you lie.” Ornelle said in a stern tone.

June shot glances at each of them before making a pick. “I pick Alex.” June said heads down as ornelle smiled.

“That’s a lie!” Ornelle said and used her magic to seal Mr Morgan and Alex on a rock leaving a space for them to breath.

“What are you doing?” June yelled.

“Shut it!” Ornelle yelled back and used her magic to pick Rose and Dominic up in the air.

“Please drop them, please.” June pleaded.

“You love them more right?” Ornelle said as Rose and Dominic were screaming for their lives in the air.

“Yes, yes i do.” June answered quickly.

“Then you’ll save them.” Ornelle said and used her powers to draw the entire water from the waterfall. She created a gigantic water wave on the land like an ocean. She used her magic to hurl Rose and Dominic towards the incoming wave which stood 300 meters away from where June and Ornelle stood.

Rose and Dominic fell to the floor 300 meters far from Ornelle and June as the massive water wave ornelle had created approached them to wash them away.

“Please stop it!” June pleaded as ornelle doubled the water waves. The waves stood extremely high as rain began to pour down adding to the enormous quantity of water already available.

“Fine!” June said and decided to take everything into her own hands. She began running towards Dominic and Rose hoping she could pull them off the ground ornelle had used her magic to pin them on.

“Stop her.” Ornelle whispered as the hefty men holding chains threw their magical chains at June who was running as fast as she could to Rose and Dominic’s rescue.

June was pacing fast as she looked back to the magical chains chasing after her. The chains grabbed her legs and hands and pulled her back as the massive waves approached Dominic and Rose who were struggling to break free of ornelle’s magic that bounded them to the ground.

The hefty men pulled June back as she struggled to pick up the pace again.

“Leave me alone!” June yelled as a great amount of energy left her and blast away the hefty men holding her down. They all fell off and some went down the cliff. She began picking up the pace to reach for Rose and Dominic as more of the hefty men appeared out of no where and threw their chains.

This time, the men doubled in numbers than the first time. They were over a dozen of them throwing their chains and chasing after June. They caught up with her again and forcefully pulled her back. The water wave was only few meters away from Rose and Dominic this time.

They pulled June back as tears began to trickle down June’s cheek. They held her firm to the ground with their chains as June watched the waves approach Rose and Dominic, ready to consume them.

“Please stop!” She yelled but Ornelle turned deaf ears and watched everything that was happening.

June closed her eyes and stopped crying immediately. She opened her eyes back to reveal her bright green iris, her hair became grey immediately and she stood up despite a dozen of men holding her down with chains.

“I said leave me alone!” June said and spined in circles releasing an unforseen amount of energy that smashed all dozen of them to the rocks of haven’s stone killing all twelve of them instantly.

Ornelle saw this and panicked, she waved her hands in the air releasing two dozens of grizzly bears with supersonic speed to chase after June.

June watched as the waves approached Rose and Dominic, she turned back to see the ferocious bears running angrily towards her. She decided not to run. She pushed her feet on the ground and made an unbelievable leap to where Rose and Dominic were held. She watched the massive wave approach her as she stretched out her arm.

She froze the great amount of water waves into pure ice. She broke the large amount of ice into large ice spikes and turned around to the angry bears running towards her and unleashed all ice spikes at them. The large ice spikes tore into all the bears killing every single one of them at an instant pierce.

June broke Rose and Dominic free of Ornell’s spell. She closed her eyes as she began levitating over haven’s stone. She waved her hands in the air as the ice spikes began melting into droplets of water again, the frozen wave turned back into water and June controlled the large amount of water back to the waterfall it was meant to be. Whilst in the air, she shot a glance at the rock Ornelle had kept Mr Morgan and Alex captive and smashed the gigantic rock to pieces leaving Mr Morgan and Alex unhurt.

June came down from the air and walked angrily towards Ornelle. Her bright green iris and grey hair indicated a sorceress who was ruthless and ready to kill.

“for trying to kill my friends, I will kill you first.” June said to Ornelle as Ornelle reached out for June’s head.

“This is what haven’s stone was built for.” Ornelle said all smiles as June looked around to see Alex, Rose, Dominic and Mr Morgan all giving her a round of applause including Petyr and the hefty men holding chains.

“It was all in your head June. Now you know the basics of your capabilities.” Ornelle said and gave her a warm embrace as the applauds continued.


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