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(semi final)

Enita’s pov

I called my mom and told her about me proposing to Mimi. She was happy and dad accepted her too.

Time to plan my wedding. Oh lord don’t let me do any thing silly on that day.


Next day…..

I wore my cloth after taking my bath and walk downstairs. I groaned when I remembered that I haven’t fixed my car.

Oh f--k!

Walking out of the house, I boarded the first cab I saw to the hospital.

I sluggishly walk into the building with my suitcase in my left hand. I got to my office and sat down on the swivel chair.

A call came from the landline and i picked it.

“Yes? Who’s this?” I asked.

“Sir, there’s an emergency now. Here’s a woman in labour……..” She didn’t finish what she said before another voice spoke through the phone.

“Enita!! Get the hell out of the office now! My wife is in labour!” The familiar voice yelled.

The voice….thats my uncle’s voice.

Aunt Stella is in labour. And I know giving a boy. I dreamt of that.

“Uncle, give the nurse back the telephone. I need to speak with her” I replied.

“Sir?” The nurse called.

“Okay, call one of the obstetricians and two nurses to get ready and take her to the delivery room fast!” I ordered and hung up.

I ran out of the office to go meet my uncle, fortunately I met them on the way. I stopped and watch as aunt Stella kept groaning in discomfort.

“Take in some air Aunt” I said and she shook her head.

She was on stretcher, we took her to the delivery room. I waited outside with my uncle who was going to and fro around the corridor.

“Uncle Efe, you will have to calm down. Your wife is going to deliver safely. I believe that” I held his hand.

1 hour later…….

I stood up when I heard the cry of a baby. My uncle did too. A smile escaped from his lips.

The obstetrician came out with a big smile on her face. She shook hands with us and told us

“Congratulations sir, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.” She said.

My uncle jumped and screaming. His hug took me by surprise when he did.

Am happy for him.

“Congratulations uncle!” I pouted.

“Thanks Enita.”


We were able to see the mother and child. The little boy was still sleeping while the mother was sleeping.

I ran to the child and stared at how cute he is.

So cute!

“Sweeetheart, come and see our baby” Aunt Stella said, smilingly.

My uncle came to the sleeping baby. He was still smiling.

“He’s so handsome like me” My uncle boasted.

“Hmm, so what should we name him?” I asked.

“Huh? So many names Enita, I don’t know about my husband. Darling, do you have any nsme for our baby?” My aunt asked.

“Not really.” He answered.

“The doctor is going to discharge you in the next two days.” With a calm voice.

I called my parents about good news. Mimi too came to visit them. She really stayed there long even when I left there.


Three months later….


Mimi’s pov

“How about we take this colour Enita? I don’t like yellow.” I did a puppy face.

“So what color do you like? I don’t really have any favorite colour. I think I prefer magenta colour.” He answered.

“Yeah, that’s perfect. Then let’s choose magenta and silver.” I grinned.

“Anything you for you baby” He pecked on the cheek.

We are just having a little shopping for both out traditional wedding and church wedding.

“So ma, we will take the magenta and silver color” Enita said and the woman nodded.

The cake and decorations has to be with just two colors. Magenta and silver.

We left the mall and got to another one to choose myself a wedding gown. Everything here is so pretty and attracting.

My eyes caught an off shoulder ball gown. Wow! It so pretty.

I took it and asked for the dressing room. I walk to the directions they showed me. I entered the dressing room and wore the gown.

I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I look drop dead gorgeous. Am taking this.

I got out and could see a frown on Enita’s face.

“Why the frown” I questioned.

“You didn’t wear the gown. I should have seen it.”

“Nope, am gonna make it a surprise for you” I squeaked.

We paid for the gown, then my wedding shoe!


We bought all the wedding stuffs and dragged them to the car. Not only mine, he bought his too.

We are going back to Nigeria Next week for the wedding.

I can’t wait to get married to him. So lovely.

Enita’s pov

Friday afternoon…….

The traditional wedding….

I was dress in my magenta wedding attire. Mimi was called and she cane out on her silver wrapper tied around her chest and reached her knee then, her magenta headgear.

She stood beside me with a smile which I returned with a smirk.

” Brother Enita I can’t find the wedding clothes here you bought. And the shoes and rings too? Do you know where you kept them?” Brume asked.

“I kept everything in the blue luggage and pushed it under the bed.” I replied.

“I did, I still can’t find it. Tomorrow is your wedding. When you’re through, we can find it together” He replied.

Ah! Don’t tell me my enemies has come to carry my wedding suit and shoes. Even the rings.


The other things like the bride price followed and we did everything. We served the guests.

I stood up to meet brume on the way. I didn’t notice the boy coming with something hot.

And f--k! I was too fast that I bumped into him and the hot water extracted from rice poured on my wedding attire.

Blood of moses!

I didn’t even mind the attire but my body. The hot water poured on me. The next thing I did was scream.

“Hot water! What the hell?” I yelled.

Its f*cking hot! And even on my wedding attire.

D--n it….only God knows what will happen tomorrow.

The D-day.


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