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As long as Jane agrees to communicate with Qin Yue, he will never let her say "no", so there is no injustice for Qin Yue.

Qin Yue looks at Jianran, her eyes are more gentle and her voice is more sexy: "Jianran, give us a chance, OK?"

Qin Yue looks at Jianran. Jianran once again sees a sea of stars in his eyes, which attracts her deeply. It seems that there is endless power to drag her and try to take her into the sea of stars to find out.

Maybe it's not bad to fall in love with a man like Qin Yue. It can satisfy her curiosity at the bottom of her heart, and it can also approach Xiao ran more positively.

"Then, shall we try?" When she said this, Jane was shocked by herself. She just thought about it. How could she say it?

He said that she was not a double. Who knows if he took her as a double? Even when Qin Yue called her name, she didn't know whether he was calling her or his "dead wife".

As soon as Jianran's voice fell, he was dragged into his arms by Qin Yue. He held her tightly, as if with all his strength, as if to rub Jianran into his blood.

"Jane ran, Jane ran..."

Qin Yue called the name again and again. Jane didn't know whether he was calling her name or his dead wife's name.

Jane tried to struggle for a while, but her strength compared with that of Qin Yue was like an ant trying to overthrow an elephant. There was a big difference between her strength and Qin Yue's strength. She just did no work at all.

"Simple --"

simply do not say a word.

"In short, it's up to me." He caught her in the jaw and looked at her with a burning eyes.

"Say what you want." Don't look at her at first, Jane said in a voice like a mosquito.

Qin Yue is a man with a big aura. When she looks at him, her heart will beat faster, her head will become mushy, and her thinking will be slower than half a beat.

"What I don't want to say is to call you and listen to your voice." Qin Yue smiled between his eyes and eyebrows, then broke her head to him, gently raised her head, "say more words for me to listen to."

Let him listen to her more and hug her more so that he can believe that she is really back to him.

"Mr. Qin, we are not very familiar. Can you let me go first?" He promised to pursue her, not to be his girlfriend. Did he do it too much.

"Don't let it go." Qin Yue said childishly. How can I let her go again? I will never let go of her hand again.

Jane ran: "..." Is this person the Qin Yue she first knew?

Qin Yue reached out and lifted Jane's front hair to the back of her ear, then held her head and bent over to kiss her.

Simply see the situation is wrong, turn your head away immediately.

She just promised that he could pursue her, but she didn't promise to be his girlfriend. So fast, he hugged her and wanted to kiss her. The development speed is not right.

Qin Yue also realized that he was too anxious, and now the Jane ran beside him is a brand new Jane ran.

He felt that kissing her was the most normal thing, but he was unfamiliar with the brand-new simplicity, she was not familiar with him, and also with a sense of preparedness.

He is too eager to improve the relationship between them. He should follow her step.

However, Qin Yue is very happy to have such a harvest today. He has another chance to pursue simplicity and have the chance to have her again.

As long as he tries harder, he can bring Jane back to his side and protect her under his wings.

On the way back, Qin Yue's mood and coming time are totally two states. His sword eyebrows are light and his sexy thin lips are slightly hooked. He is happy in any way.

Jane's mood is not the same as when she came. She is a little heavy and floating. She doesn't believe what she has experienced today is true.

At this time, she realized that Qin Yue was not only Xiaoran's father, but also the poor man who died his wife. He also had an identity that made people want to be the leader of Shengtian group!

Let's not mention his angry appearance, but the identity of the leader of Shengtian group is enough for many women to take the initiative.

He chose her not because of her excellence, but because she was similar to his dead wife in name and appearance.

Jane regretted that she had promised Qin Yue.

What about swelling?

Can you tell him she's back?

Jian ran glanced at Qin Yue, who was driving, and saw that he was smiling between his eyes and eyebrows. If she said she regretted it, would he suddenly change his face and throw her out of the window?

Noticing Jianran's gaze, Qin Yue slowed down the speed of the car, took hold of Jianran with an empty hand, and asked softly, "what's the matter?"

All of a sudden, he grabbed his hand, and her body was slightly stiff. She forgot what she just wanted to say to Qin Yue, and all her attention was shifted to his palm.

His palm is very hot, his fingers are very powerful, his hand is in his palm, inexplicably, reluctant to pull back.

"Who is taking care of Xiao Ranran today?" It's not easy for Jane to say that she repents, but she always has to answer Qin Yue's questions and thinks of xiaoranan.

"Today there are only two of us, not to mention the little Ranran." Jane agreed to let him catch up with her, but Xiao ran would only be busy, so she didn't want to mention the little guy.

Hearing Qin Yue's words, Jianran was very unhappy: "Xiaoran is your child. Your wife always wants to keep her life in such a dangerous moment. You can't ignore Xiaoran if you have a new love."

If Qin Yue ignores Xiaoran because of her relationship, Jianran is absolutely unacceptable.

Xiaoranan is so cute. Jianran always thinks that xiaoranan should grow up healthy and happy. No one can hurt xiaoranan, including her father.

Qin Yue was stunned and said, "do you want us to take xiaoranran with us every time we date?" That little light bulb?

"There's nothing wrong with having a little ran." It's better to have a small ran.

Jane wants to see Xiaoran more than her father.

She would agree to Qin Yue. More than 50% of the reason is because of Xiao ran. She didn't want Qin Yue to marry another woman. She was worried that her stepmother would be bad for her.

Qin Yue just felt that she could not easily get along with Jianran alone and definitely wanted to live in their two person world, but she forgot that Jianran cared more about Xiaoran than he did.

It seems that Xiaoran's light bulb can still be used before his relationship with Jianran is determined.

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