Love and Prostitution

2 weeks ago


Some might think that I’m just a pompous fool wasting his time doing silly stuff.. Don’t be fooled by what you see.. I’m a down to earth and a humble guy.. When I’m not partying, I do my part by helping the community especially the needy and less fortunate ones..

My late father Richards always told me a Strong man is not someone that is fights but rather someone that helps people who are beneath him, people who have nothing, people who have given hope in life.. A strong man is one that gives hope to these people.. My father always told me that even at his death bed, Those were his final words and a lot of people were greatly saddened by his death.

So I took it upon myself to help people which ever way I can.. Its impossible to help everyone so I help the ones that I can.. And its a wonderful thing to see myself restoring smiles on the faces of these people, Though I may not get anything out of it, God blessing is enough for me.

Despite all I possess there’s one thing that I couldn’t get and that was true love..

Some Believe Love is just a scam but its real if you find the right partner and that’s what’s hard these days.. Getting the right partner is like looking for a needle in a sea.

My only parent and Mom, Susan would always pressurize me to get married and settled down. She had sometimes introduced me to ladies to see which one I liked.. All of them were amazing and looked attractive but the problem was, Those women weren’t interested in me except my money and that’s not something I can allow.. I’m not a stingy person, I give money worth thousands and million without worrying about anything but I can’t marry someone that loves what I have in my account.. Because that kind of relationship always ends in disaster..

So after spending a night with each and every one of them , I would pay them and tell not to come back ever and they don’t.. So since I wasn’t in any relationship circle, I had my fun sleeping with women… My sister, Cecelia would always rebuff me and advise me to stop my flings with women.

So one morning, I was in bed naked with one of my female fans, We had met at a movie premiere show and began to get acquainted with one another.. After that we went to a party and got drunk, which led to us having an intense s*x… Till morning. Cecelia had came into my room to wake me up for a show interview I was about to attend in a few hours.

As she saw me in bed with that lady.. She went bonkers.


Written By: Sadiq_Infinity

Love and Prostitution - S01

Love and Prostitution - S01

2 weeks ago