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In the afternoon, Qin Xiaobao went to find Jianran to pick up Xiaoran and go back to Qin's house. Qin Xiaobao also took advantage of her spare time in the afternoon to help her brother Mu think of a plan to pursue his wife.

Of course, her plan was simple and crude. Her character is straight up and down. If you like it, go after it and think about what to do.

However, Qin Xiaobao is very clear that her brother is calm and introverted, and will not adopt her method, so she did not tell Qin Yue to do it in the name of Qin Yue.

Thinking of his own way, Qin Xiaobao thinks it's perfect. No girl can Parry such a romantic attack.

When the time comes, I will catch up with my sister-in-law again. Brother Mu remembers to make a contribution to her. She doesn't need too much. Just give her a new sports car.

Qin Xiaobao reached out his hand and kneaded xiaoranan's face. He kneaded it like flour: "little baby, your favorite daranan will soon return to our family. Then you have to thank your little aunt."

"Little aunt, give me the money."

"Little financial fan, what do you want so much money for?"

"To Da ran."

Hum hum, as long as she has a lot of money, she will give all the money to Da ran, who can accompany her every day.

"You little fellow." Qin Xiaobao pokes xiaoranan's head and says jealously, "I can't compare with the mother who has never looked after you for so many years Big ran sister. "

Small ran blinked, a naive said: "Dad like big ran."

Qin Xiaobao nodded his little Ranran's head: "little ghost, your father likes Ranran, so you can see it."

Xiao ran nods hard. She is my father's baby and my father's intimate little cotton padded jacket. I can see that my father likes Da ran.

"Little ghost, do you think your uncle and grandfather like little aunt?"

"I don't like it."


"My uncle likes Ranran."

"All right. You win. "

Qin Xiaobao has to admit that Xiao ran must have been a good person when she grew up. She knows how to calculate when she is so small. She can still get it when she grows up.

"Dad -" when he saw his father coming back, Xiao ran immediately opened his arms, and Qin Yue came over and nodded at the tip of her little nose. "Don't you cry to dad?"

Small ran blinked innocent big eyes, as if to say: Dad, you don't talk about Oh, but it is a lovely and sensible baby, just don't cry.

Looking at Xiaoran's playful appearance, Qin Yue couldn't help laughing: "in the future, our Xiaoran should be called a slug."

"Dad, No."

"The name is good. It's very suitable for xiaoranran." Qin Xiaobao interrupted.

"No, little aunt." Small Ran Ran said softly, small mouth son a flat, if they dare to say her again, she must cry to show them.

Anyway, when her sister is away, she will cry, so she won't be afraid of them.

Qin Yue rubbed small Ran's head and said, "ran didn't want to be a slug, so eat quickly and rest early."

"OK." Little ran answered softly.


Silent night, the sound of the quiet breeze can be noise.

It's not only Jianran who can't sleep on the but also Qinyue. He listens to Jianran's movements all the time.

The effect of the bug is really good. When there is no noise around, even the simple breath can be heard so clearly - as if she is lying beside him.

"Qin Yue --"

suddenly, he heard Jane calling her name, softly and softly. He didn't know how many times better he felt when he heard the three words "Mr. Qin" she called out in a polite and strange tone.

"Small ran, or small ran lovely, I really want to take her home to raise myself."

In the earphone, there was a gentle voice again. Qin Yue's face was a little dark. It was Xiao ran, not Xiao Ran's father, who dared to read it.

Later, Qin Yue heard the sound of Xi Xi's quilt pulling, and her breathing became more and more even. It seemed that she was in a dreamland.

Listen to Jane ran into a dream, Qin Yue side of the head kiss the small point next to himself, this is to close his eyes.

"Don't, don't touch my stomach, don't --"

I don't know how long it took, there was a simple and heartrending voice from the Bluetooth headset, and Qin Yue woke up instantly: "simple."

After calling out her name, Qin Yue remembered that she was not by his side. He immediately wanted to run to save her, and then he found out that she was not really in danger, but in her dream.

She should have been dreaming about three years. However, she was forced out of her abdomen after less than a month.

Even if she doesn't remember the past, but such unforgettable things, even in every midnight when she dreams back, will torture her from time to time.

Qin Yue didn't think about it any more. He took out his cell phone and dialed Jane's number. He heard her cell phone ring.

Soon there was a connection. I heard the voice of Jane with lingering fear: "Hello, is it Xiaoran?"

"It's me. "Qin Yue" heard her voice, Qin Yue wanted to hold her in her arms and told her not to be afraid any more. No one would dare to hurt her in the future, but there was a wall between them that could not be pushed down.

"Mr. Qin, it's so late. What can I do for Xiao ran?"

However, in a short period of ten seconds, it sounds that her mood has almost recovered. Qin Yue can also judge from this that she should not have had such a nightmare for the first time.

"It's not Xiao ran who wants to see you, it's I who want to hear your voice." For the first time, Qin Yue said so directly.

"Mr. Qin, it's not good to call women who are not very familiar in the middle of the night and say such things." Jane's voice was a little unhappy.

Qin Yue took a deep breath and said seriously: "Jane, let's meet tomorrow. There's no small Ran Ran, just meet the two of us. "

"Mr. Qin, if you have anything to say now. I don't think we're familiar with anything we need to talk about. "

"I'll take you to meet someone, and then you'll tell me the answer."

Jane ran: "..."

Qin Yue said: "Jane, don't think of me as a bad person, I will not hurt you, please believe me."

I don't know if Qin Yue's voice is too pleasant, or if he called too timely, and dragged her out of the nightmare of how to run out.

In a word, Jane didn't know why. She nodded and agreed to Qin Yue's invitation. She agreed to meet someone with him.

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