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What Qin Yue is doing now, Qin Xiaobao never thought of before.

The man standing at the top of the pyramid, the man who controls the business empire of Shengtian, the man who is too cold to be close to many people, is always the man who orders others to do things

Taking care of the lock things of xiaoranran, he can give them to the servant, but he doesn't have them. As long as they are related to xiaoranran, many of them are done by him.

Qin Xiaobao once thought that her brother was going to die alone in his life, so she kept trying to find a woman for him.

Later, he finally married and had children

When Qin Xiaobao thought that her wooden brother finally got his happiness, the woman who could make him happy suddenly disappeared, leaving only a box of ashes.

Qin Xiaobao saw her wooden brother fall from the top of happiness, smashed to pieces, blood and flesh blurred. If it wasn't for Xiaoran, he would be gone

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaobao rushes up and grabs Xiaoran and holds him: "if my father is not good, but I don't want my father, then I don't want my aunt."

"But no father, no aunt..." Small Ran Ran took small hand Ya son to wipe a tear again, say pitifully.

"Elder brother, sister-in-law also left, you go to be busy with your, small Ran Ran naturally to give me to take care of." If you leave, Qin Xiaobao will leave with Xiaoran in his arms.

See small ran cry so sad, Qin Xiaobao can guess, must be the reason big ran left.

They all say that blood is thicker than water, and mother and son are connected. This is true at all. As soon as big ran comes back, small ran automatically sticks to it.

Since xiaoranran thinks of her mother, she will take xiaoranran to find her mother. This kind of thing is so simple that only her stupid wooden brother is too stupid to know how to do it.


Jane ran just arrived at the company, Qin Xiaobao with two eyes crying like a small rabbit ran also arrived.

Qin Xiaobao put Xiaoran into Jianran's arms and said angrily, "Xiaoran is so sad, you can do it."

Leaving words behind, Qin Xiaobao turns around and walks away, leaving Jane holding a child and standing at a loss.

Listening to Qin Xiaobao's just tone, it seems that the child will cry. It's all her simple troubles.

Little ran didn't want to leave a bad impression on big ran. He was so sad that he couldn't bear to cry now.

"Little ran..." As soon as I saw the red eyes of little ran, the sharp point of her heart was aching. She held the little guy tightly. "Then little ran will go to work with her sister."

"Sister, it's not stupid." Small ran flat flat mouth, a head tied in the shoulders of Jane, but also a poor look about to cry out.

Small ran decided, if big ran elder sister dare to say she is stupid again, she must cry for elder sister to see, cry like just crying for Dad to see.

"Our little Ran is so cute, so smart, of course not stupid." Jane ran rubs little Ran's head, some helpless, this little guy's brain all day thinking about what?

"Sister will like Ranran?" Little ran sniffed and asked softly.

"Of course, sister likes Ranran more than Ranran likes her sister." Jianran holds Xiaoran tightly, hoping to rub him into her body.

She didn't even imagine that she would like Xiaoran so much. She would like to see Xiaoran cry. She would like to cry for her. Hearing that Xiao ran may have been hurt, she wished she could get hurt for Xiao ran.

Xiaoran didn't understand what Jianran said, but she just needs to know that her sister doesn't hate her, just like her.

Think of big ran elder sister still so like themselves, small ran holding the face of Jane ran, gather up small face egg son to rub.

Small Ran's face is a little baby fat and pink. She rubs her face with her little strength, which makes the whole person soft into a pool of spring water.

"That elder sister invites small ran to have lunch, small ran accompanies elder sister to go to work for a while?" Jane pinched little Ran's face and asked softly.

"Good." Xiaoran lies on Jianran's shoulder and answers softly.

Jianran holds xiaoranan and looks around. If you want to eat, you have to find a family with light taste that can be suitable for children over three years old.

However, in such a short period of time as Jane was thinking, Xiao ran fell asleep on her shoulder.

She stroked her head, smiled softly, and whispered, "what a lovely little fellow. You are so lovely, how can your mother be willing to leave you behind. "

Jane didn't know that what she said didn't fall to Qin Yue's ears. She didn't know that Xiaoran gave her amulet with a tracking bug hidden in it. Her every move was under Qin Yue's control.

On the first day of meeting Jianran, Qin Yue had this plan, but the time was not mature, and he did not find a suitable way. Until Jianran and xiaoranan got along well, Qin Yue thought of letting xiaoranan give them gifts.

Because of the loss of Jianran, Qin Yue has been very strict in protecting Xiaoran over the years. In Xiaoran's amulet, there is a tracking bug to prevent Xiaoran from being lost.

Liu Yong knocks on the door and enters the office, saying, "President Qin, the bug placed beside his wife has good signal and accurate positioning. No matter where she goes, we can confirm her position and ensure her safety in the shortest time."

"Very well." Qin Yue nods.

He said that this time, he would never lose Jane again, and he would never let her suffer any more damage.

Even if this kind of way may infringe upon the simple government, he still has to do so. Because she is by Jane Zhengtian's side, for her safety, he must always know her condition.

Liu Yong added, "Jane is talking to people in Kyoto these two days. We haven't found out who it is. "

"Xu and Jianxin." Qin and Yue reported the target figures.

In the past three years, Xu's career has become better and better, which has already reached the scale of Gu's in those days.

Jianxin has always been helping with the help of Xu, who holds shares in her hand. Jianzhengtian, who is hiding in the dark, must know about it.

So as soon as I heard that there were people in Kyoto and Jane Zhengtian, the first time Qin Yue thought of Xu and Jane Xin.

Hearing Qin Yue's words, Liu Yong also found it reasonable, and said, "President Qin, I will arrange someone to stare at Xu and Xu."

"At the same time, keep a close eye on Jane, no matter he or anyone, I need to know." Qin Yue gently points his fingertips on the table and suddenly smiles.

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