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However, Jianran hasn't got a breath yet. Qin Yue rubs her into his arms again, as if to embed her in his body: "Jianran, I won't let you leave me again."

He speaks very lightly, like a babble, more like a speech that has been rehearsed thousands of times, naturally, from the heart.

All of a sudden, Jane stopped struggling. In a trance, she seemed to understand why Qin Yue was so out of control.

For a long time, she sighed low, and then said softly, "Mr. Qin, your wife Is it also called Jianran? "

Qin Yue's performance is not like he just knew her. His eyes on her are very different from the first time he met her, but he is simply slow to realize now.

Perhaps, because she has the same name as his wife, and her body shape is somewhat similar, he mistook her for his wife. Even Xiao ran can rely on her so much, which is probably the reason.

All the irrationalities can be explained in this way.

They all think of her as another person, another Jane, they All I saw was not her.

Ah -

although she has nothing to do with them, being treated as a double is extremely uncomfortable in Jane's heart.

When her voice fell, she felt Qin Yue's body slightly stiff, and the strength of her arm was loose.

as like as two peas, my wife is called Jane, just like you. I lost her three years ago. When I met her again, she was with her adoptive father

This is what Qin Yue wants to say to her, but he knows too well that he can't say to Jane like this. Let's not say if Jane will believe it. Believe it or not, it's all about sprinkling salt on her wound.

If Jane believes it, she can't find the memory before, it will drive her crazy. If Jane doesn't believe it, she will only be far away from him and won't even want to see him again.

Therefore, Qin Yue can only push the woman who has been yearning for three years away from her arms inch by inch, and watch her go further and further away from herself.

Qin Yue doesn't know what she can say, but her face is like a frightened animal. She is full of fear and vigilance. Even when she first met him years ago, she never looked at him like this, worse than a stranger.

Think about it carefully. For Qin and Yue, the time when Jane came back is like a long and cruel delay. It's like a time when she loses and gains. She's so happy that she's hopeless. Heaven and hell are just a line apart.

But even though he was so sad, he was glad to meet her again.

It's unforgettable, but it is.

Jane, Jane, do you know how much I miss you?

Although you are in front of me, I miss you more than ever.

Qin Yue completely let go of Jianran. He had a smile on his lips. Jianran could even see that the smile spread to Qin Yue's eyes like a sea of stars. This smile was not joy, but rather a kind of helplessness, like moths fighting fire and throwing themselves into the dead.

"I'm sorry." Qin Yue said, the voice is a little shaky, but still holding some kind of gentleness, "it's my fault."

All of a sudden, Jane can't speak. There's a voice in her heart. It's noisy. If you want to break free, you can be pulled back to her heart and be quiet.

She should be angry. She should be angry when she is forced to kiss for no reason.

But why can't you get angry.

"You have a good rest," said Qin Yue, as he walked out of the room slowly. "Don't worry, I will never lose my temper again."

He stood at the door and promised, without looking back at Jane, he left.

The back is so lonely that people want to hold it.

Jane looked, looked for a long time, unable to move.


On the breakfast table, Qin Yue has a gloomy face, not only ignoring Qin Xiaobao, but also Xiaoran.

It depends. Qin Xiaobao doesn't plan to have breakfast either. He gets up and says, "little baby, little aunt is going to be busy. How about coming back to see you in two days?"

"Little aunt, Ran Ran has big ran elder sister to accompany." in the past, when Qin Xiaobao left, ran was reluctant to give up, but today she waved her hands happily.

"If you have a mother, you don't want my little aunt." Qin Xiaobao can't help but mutter and run fast.

Running so fast is because Qin Xiaobao is afraid to see Qin Yue's gloomy face.

Fear is due to a lack of heart.

Worried about her good intentions and bad deeds yesterday, her wooden brother knew what she said.

Her wooden brother was on a business trip, but he appeared on the breakfast table in the morning. My sister-in-law, who was still late last night, disappeared in the morning.

Qin Xiaobao was thinking with his fingers and feet, and he could also think of something that must have happened between the two people, which would have happened this morning.

Over the years, she has learned to be very smart. If she encounters anything related to her sister-in-law, she should stay away from her and never let the fire burn on her.


"Ka -"

I don't know how many times the director shouted Ka, which made Qin Xiaobao's patience run out.

The director said, "Ye Ziyang, you are the leading actor in the play now. The woman you kiss is the woman you love deeply. What are you doing with a bitter face?"

I can't think how such a person became popular because his acting skills were so bad and his looks were so average. Of course, this is only in the director's heart, not out.

Ye Ziyang said: "director, can kiss play pass off?"

Because of the last scandal, ye Ziyang's agency has made it clear that he cannot have any contact with Polaris.

The play was signed before the scandal. There was no kissing play in the script I got before. I don't know how. There was another kissing play after I arrived at the scene.

After the last scandal, ye Ziyang is not a pig. How could you not guess that the photo was sent by Polaris. So he guessed that Polaris asked the screenwriter to add the kiss.

He doesn't want to have anything to do with Polaris anymore, and he doesn't want his star road buried in such a woman.

Although Polaris is much more popular than him now, and may also bring him a fire, but Polaris is grumpy and the background is not clean.

If you mix with people like her, you will be dragged into the water sooner or later, so it's better to stay away from her.

Qin Xiaobao wanted to get angry because of the ng play, but she also had her own professional ethics. No matter how angry she was, she was still silent. I didn't expect that this man would dare to dislike her.

In the world, in addition to Zhan Nianbei's man who dares to dislike her, there are people who dares to dislike her, which is intolerable to the proud Qin Xiaobao.

She put the props sword in her hand to Ye Ziyang's throat, and ye Ziyang shivered: "Polaris, what do you want to do?"

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