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Qin Yue stared at Xiao Ran's red face for a long time, and couldn't help but stretch out his hand and play: "little pig, it's up!"

"Dad, no..." However, he turned over, and his small body stuck to Qin Yue's arms like a piece of paste. After a couple of mouths, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Qin Yue kneaded her little face again and said softly, "little pig, you can't eat strawberries today if you get up late."

Small ran suddenly opened his eyes, flattened his mouth, and looked like he was about to cry: "Daddy is not good..."

"My father is not good, but if he wants to be good, there will be strawberries and chocolate." Looking at his daughter's pathetic appearance, Qin Yue lowers his head and kisses her.

"But it's all right." Xiao ran opens her hand to ask dad to hold her.

"Well, Dad, my baby is so cute." Qin Yue hugged her and bowed his head to her little face. "Let's wash our faces and brush our teeth."

Qin Yue is reluctant to let the little guy sleep in the baby room alone, so he has been sleeping with his children for three years, and he is both a father and a mother.

Every morning, the happiest time of the day is when he gets up to coax the young to rise naturally. Listening to her calling for her father and watching her playing coquettish in his arms, his cold heart will be hot covered by her.

Qin Yue holds small Ran's face and brushes her teeth seriously. He is such a big man, but he is very gentle in doing these things. He is afraid to hurt the little guy a little.

Little ran blinked and looked at himself in the mirror and laughed happily: "ran is good, dad is good."

"Of course, but it's dad's kid. I'm sure he's good." Although Xiao ran didn't speak clearly, Qin Yue understood what she wanted to express.

That's what the little guy is saying, but he and dad are very good-looking.

It's a little bit big, but it's so bad.

He and Jane are not stinky people, and don't know where the little guy inherited this.

Thinking of Jianran, Qin Yue could not help but think of what she might have experienced in these three years.

Qin Yue's heart seemed to be pulled by someone again. The sharp pain rose from his heart, as if he wanted to swallow it.

"Dad -" xiaoranran stretched out his little palm, gently pulled his big palm, and blinked his eyes like amber.

Being held by the soft little hand, her temperature passed to him little by little. Qin Yue suddenly returned to his mind and held Xiao ran tightly in his arms.

"Dad, smile." Xiaoran is small, but her mind is very sensitive. She can see that her father is not happy at this time.

"Yes, it is. Dad is very happy."

"But I want dad to smile."

"OK, just smile, but I will give half of the strawberries to my father, but would you like to?"

"But I do." Although she likes strawberries very much, dad is more important than strawberries. As long as dad is happy, she is willing to share the strawberries with dad.

"How lovely! Let's go and eat strawberries. " Qin Yue went downstairs with Xiao ran in his arms.

Because the little guy especially likes eating strawberries, the kitchen will think of ways every day to make all kinds of delicious strawberries to make their little princess happy.

When they came to the dining room, there was already strawberry puree on the table that Xiao ran liked to eat.

Qin Yue put Xiao Ranran in her special BB stool, surrounded her bib with her own hands, gave her the spoon and let her eat.

Small ran picked up a spoon to eat a big two, and scooped up a spoon: "Dad eat."

Qin Yue opened his mouth to eat, nodded with satisfaction: "well, but what he fed his father was delicious."

However, he scooped up another spoon: "my sister eats it."

During the meal, Xiao ran didn't forget that she had grown up with her.

"Wang, Wang, Wang..." Squatting on the other chair, he made a few continuous barks in response to Xiao Ran's concern.

Qin Yue picked up a paper towel and wiped the strawberry mud on the corner of Ranran's mouth, saying: "Ranran can eat it by herself. My sister can't eat it. It hurts when I eat it."

When I heard that my sister would have a stomachache after eating this, I took the strawberry mud from the spoon and said softly, "but don't have a stomachache from my sister."

Qin Yue stroked xiaoranran's head: "HMM. Then eat quickly. "

A lot of times, Qin Yue can see the shadow of Jianran in Xiaoran, especially those big watery eyes, which are like those carved from a mold with Jianran.

"Ran Ran --"

when she heard the beautiful female voice, Ran Ran Ran hurriedly looked back and saw the beautiful little aunt. She was so excited that she waved her little hand: "little aunt, shout."

Qin Xiaobao takes off his sunglasses and hands them to Zhong Kun, who is following her. When he runs over, he picks up Xiao ran and makes two turns: "does she miss her aunt?"

Xiao ran reached for Qin Xiaobao's face and said seriously, "but ran wants to call for her aunt."

"Huhu -" Qin Xiaobao blows at Xiaoran twice and rubs her little face again. "Xiaoran, little aunt thinks you are more and more beautiful and look like little aunt more and more."

"Ran Ran said:" ran than the little aunt beautiful

Qin Xiaobao's mouth is flat, and he wants to cry without crying: "how can I be more beautiful than my aunt, she will be so sad."

Now Qin Xiaobao has won the movie queen's award. The acting is coming. If you don't know her, you really think she will fight with a child.

"Little aunt doesn't cry. You are as beautiful as ran." As long as they are good to themselves, Xiao ran can not let them sad.

Qin Xiaobao laughs and rubs Xiaoran's delicate face: "no, our family is Xiaoran's most beautiful. My aunt is far behind you."

Small Ran's parents are so beautiful, small Ran has two perfect genes at the same time, how can it not be beautiful.

"Little aunt, make face five hundred yuan, give money." Small ran suddenly said solemnly.

"Five hundred yuan is not enough, at least fifty thousand yuan. After your father pinches you once, you ask him fifty thousand yuan." Qin Xiaobao said.

"Fifty thousand yuan..." Xiao ran said it was very troublesome. Five hundred dollars is five and fifty thousand dollars is five. Is there any difference?

"Why are you here?" After dinner, Qin Yue put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth gracefully.

"After the filming, come to accompany our little princess." Qin Xiaobao said.

After Jane Ran's accident three years ago, Qin Yue was cold to everyone except Xiao ran.

In front of his family, he said less than before, more and more far away from them, more and more like a fairy who does not eat fireworks.

The elders of the Qin family are all in the United States. Qin Xiaobao often comes to nuoyuan to film in China all the year round after graduation. He has a closer relationship with Xiao Ranran.

"Dad, play with my little aunt." Qin Xiaobao will play with Xiaoran like a child. Xiaoran naturally likes this little aunt.

Qin Yue came over and kissed Xiao ran on her face: "Ran Ran plays with her aunt at home. Dad goes to work and calls dad when he wants to. "

"Goodbye, Dad!"

"But goodbye!"

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