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“Take my virginity,”she demanded to her long time childhood best friend. Kyle Reyes.

“What?!” He choked on his drink, the liquid splattering down his chin and against his prominent jaw.

******************* ******************

Oh! was it desperation to lose her virginity that why she now saw her best friend as some sort of sex model?.

Keya, a high school college student got frustrated after she wasn’t really happy about her still been a virgin. Her classmate talks about s*x like it was a normal thing for them and some even mock her and insult her, because of that she thought she was ugly and she find herself unattractive.

Until one day she finally decide to ask her male best friend to do it for her. Unknown to her Kyle, her childhood best friend had a crush on her and really respect her.

Will Kyle ever agree to sleep with her?.

What happened between this two after Keya brought up a stupid idea that create an awkward distant between them.

Find out in this interesting story

Desires - S01

Desires - S01

1 day ago