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She pushed my back against the door and kept looking into my eyes with a smile on her face. I felt my heart pounding as I looked back. For the next 30seconds we were looking each other in the eyes. Impulsively I pulled her close and planted a hungry kiss on her lips. She pushed me off her abruptly and slapped me. I was confused and shocked, I thought that’s what she wanted.

She pressed my cheeks in together and my mouth opened, then she spat twice in it and drew my neck towards her to meet her lips. She put a tongue inside my mouth fetching all the stuff she had deposited earlier and rolled her tongue in mine. I followed her trail and we were lost in a nasty kinda tongue feast with saliva pouring from the sides of our mouths.

Suddenly she moved away, looked at me breathing heavily with a smile on her face. I was going to pull her close again but she pushed me hard against the door and ripped my shirt open. I watched as the buttons on my shirt flew on different directions. Then she admired my tummy and licked it up to my nipples and bite it hard while squeezing the other. I buried the pain between my biting lips.

She then held my belt and dragged me aggressively close to her as she smiled looking me in the eyes and said.

“I ve heard things about you, show me!”.

With this statement she dragged my trouser and boxers down in full force and took off her gown, I discovered she wore nothing underneath. She examined me for awhile and said.

“what are you looking at? Is this your first time of seeing it?”.

I was going to going to respond before she pulled my rod walking to a table , seeing as her well endowed butt bounced made me harder.

When she arrived the table, she forcefully pulled everything of the table, which were breakable cups, phone and the bottle of Hennessy; they all shattered on the floor. I looked at the mess and back to her but she cared less about it as she bent over the table and said pointing to her p---y

“lick me!”.

With all pleasure, I bent over and her round soft big butt. Did an intense sanitation on her butt and down to her honey pot. My tongue visited every opening and cleaned up every juice that came out. She kept moaning and pushing her butt to my mouth.

I then slide in two fingers and searched for the center of gravity, the spongy part at the upper part of the inner v----a. I was certain I had stimulated it enough to be there. And when I found it, I stroked it hard with my two fingers, focusing only on it.

” Bleep me !” she said suddenly and was turning over.

I pushed her back to the previous position and continued my job. I then put a finger in her butt hole as i worked on her honey pot. Soon she couldn’t stand on both feet and she laid tummy down on the table giving me everything behind her. I gave it my best stroke ignoring the drama she was putting up amidst moaning. And finally she came heavily and made to move away but I continued until she jumped out of the table and laid on the floor looking at me with horror.

” Mike! Do you want to kill me?!”. She said breathing heavily.

I smiled and sat beside her on the floor. She then laid on her back breathing heavily with a hand across her honey pot. She then turned to me and said.

” lemme see your fingers?”.

I showed her and she examined it and asked.

” how many did you use?”.

“just two”, I answered.

“that was crazy! I wanted your rod but…”. She paused and then said. ” is your rod like those fingers of yours?”.

I smiled and shrugged. Then said.

“you won’t know until you try?”.

” oh bleeping yes! I want to”, she said and took my sleeping rod.

First she used her tongue on the tip, going round and round, then put the cap in her mouth and spent ample time socking just it. And then licked the sides and finally put everything in.

Soon i was ready and pulled my legs towards my head left my waist hanging. And then she said with a smirk.

“am going to bleep you like my b---h!”

She came on me like she was the one doing the work and put my rod in her. I laid on my back like a girl while she was on top like man. We went on and on kept saying all the nasty things in her mouth.

I soon started feeling pains on my waist and moved my legs down. She then climbed and rod me until she was wet. Then she stood up and went to the wade rope.

“what are you doing?”. I asked.

“watch and see”. Shee said giggled.

She returned with a Love Machine, I was shocked to see it so I stood up and asked.

“who’s that for?”.

” my butt”. She said.

She handed it to me and bent on a doggy.

” now show me what you got”, she said spanking her butt.

I plugged my rod, wetting it with enough saliva. Started slowly and rhythmically like in a slow dancing swing, so as to touch every part of her. When she was beginning to feel it as she was getting wet. I was going to put the Love Machine in but she asked for it, put it in her mouth and wet it with enough saliva before returning it back to me.

I began a simultaneous penetration slowly. She pushed her butt hard against me as I pounded. Then suddenly I felt like it, i couldn’t control it anymore and came inside her. She took the Love Machine abruptly from me and started helping herself with a finger in her honey pot.

She then turned with her back down and was getting her freak on. Like she wasn’t hitting the spot, she called me and said.

” Mike! Please your finger!!!”.

I went to her and found the spongy part. Spent a professional time on it with my other finger on her c------s. Soon she busted and screamed speaking in different foreign tongues. I made to stop but she yelled.

“Mike! If you dare stop i will kill you! I swear i will….don’t stop please…you’re killing me!!!”,

I continued and the stuff kept pouring out. She suddenly jumped off as she couldn’t stand it anymore and held her legs together rolling on the floor.

We later took our bath together after she regained herself and had another less intense sex in the bathroom before returning to the room.

While we laid, with Esther lying on my chest. She kept stroking my chest as we laid silently. Then she broke the silence.

“AM leaving tomorrow”.

I felt really bad hearing this but i kept my cool and asked.

” why?”.

“i came because of your baptism and because am responsible for you. Remember you’re my intern”. She said still stroking my chest.

“am going to miss you”. I said.

She stopped and rose to look at my face.

“Mike! You can’t get emotional with me, it’s not good for the job. What we did right now iis wrong! I wouldn’t have. So please don’t get emotional with me”, she. Said and laid back on my chest.

I thought of what she said and decided to wave the topic aside.

” what do we really do?”. I asked.

” we’re transporters. We transport anything to anywhere. Like you guys transported armouries the last time”. She said.

” the container?”. I asked.

“yes. We owe 30perceent to the Don. He is the head of the cartels. He protects us”, she said.

“which cartel are we?”, i asked.

“we’re the African sub units. I am in charge of every dealings at home”.

” where’s this Don?”.

She rose up again and placed a finger between my mouth.

” enough. I have said more than i should as it is. You’re to learn in the job, that’s your ruggedness. For now lets sleep”. She said and saaid nothing more.

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