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On our way back, I asked after Ghost

From Esther.

“he’s a chicken”. She said.

“what happened?”. I enquired.

Rugged who sat in the front turned to me and said.

” that fool couldn’t beat the cops. He ran away”.

Nobody said anything further about Ghost until we arrived the hotel. Esther followed me to my room and took off her jalamia revealing a green thong and bra the moment the door was shut, and laid on the bed tiredly.

I took off my kaftan and hit the bathroom. As soon as the shower splashed water on me, I started feeling pains on different parts of my body.

Soon I was done, and returned to the room where Esther was already sleeping horizontally across the bed lying on her tummy. Her butt pushed upwards with her legs spread apart. I was surprised that I felt normal as I laid on the little space she left me.

The rays of the morning sun shone into my eyes and woke me up. I noticed I was alone on the bed, there was no trace of Esther in the room. So I slowly went to close the window blind to shade the sun from entering and returned to the bed.

I felt awfully tired with pains on my shoulder, neck and back. I was already sleeping when a knock on the door woke me up. It was already noon at the time, and sly was the one at the door. He wanted us to deliver a package together, and that would warrant me to shower and get dressed.

When I came out of the bathroom, still feeling weak, there was a black suit on the bed, and Sly was nowhere in the room.

I met him and Jaz downstairs in black suits. Sly really dazzled in his, while Jaz looked like an executive thug.

The duo rose up from the chair the moment I joined them at the reception and started towards the exit door.

We arrived at a yacht. Showing our identity cards to some security men in black suits as we boarded. One of the security men took our cards and cross-checked for our names on the list. And when he found it, he asked us to go through the back to the security unit, and was led by a dark handsome man in white beard which was apparently the opposite of his age.

At the security unit which was like a locker. We were given a security tag and headphones to relate with each other and a taser. We were briefed on our different assignments before led by the white beard man to our different units.

I was assigned to secure the man hall, which had all kinds of rich Arabians all in white. They drank wine, laughing and shaking hands while an Arabic song playing filled the air. My principal assignment was to watch out for any unusual movement from anyone and to use the taser when necessary.

On our way to the destination, Jaz had already briefed me on my basic role which was to deliver a note to a man in a photograph he gave me. I never opened the note neither did I know what it’s all about. While I was in my pretentious Job, I was in the lookout for my real assignment.

I saw a girl in white handless cleavage baring silky gown and gold jewelleries adorned her neck, nose and wrist. She has a striking resemblance with Esther, flirting with a big Arabian man, whispering to his ear, smiling and feeding him strawberries between her teeth. When I took a closer look she was really Esther. She was more like an Egyptian harlot than the Esther I know.

Suddenly, I saw the man in the picture i needed to give a note approaching. The man, a slim tall Arabian in a white jalamia and a full dark beard looked around as if looking for someone. I slowly moved towards him and when I got closer, he gave me a suspicious look, I nodded. He walked to me still looking around and asked.

” if a name is Sly what do you have?”,

I wasn’t sure if to answer but I found myself saying.

“do you mean a message?”

He looked at me and smiled. I carefully, and quickly put my hand in my pocket, retrieved a list folded in a small brown paper before he extended a handshake still smiling. I shook him passing the list to him. He tapped me on the shoulder twice and went to greet a smallish man amidst three Arabian beauties. I turned towards Esther, she was already leaving with the man, her hands around his neck, as they laughed walking away.

I looked out for Sly and Jaz they were nowhere in view. I remained at my duty post watching as these Arabians made the best use of the day.

Esther came out alone looking cool and was going for the exit. She made no attempt to look towards me as she left. I could see the wonders her waist did from the gown as she disappeared.

Sly approached from behind the crowd of rich merry Arabians in white an hour later signalled me to leave and disappeared. I went through the direction I came from to the deck where some of the guest were chilling. Jaz was already standing with is eyes covered in dark sunshade. I walked up to him and asked.

“what’s up?”.

Jaz removed the headphone from his ear and signalled me to do the same before he said without looking at me.

“Esther is in trouble”.

“What happened?”. I asked feeling panicked.

“will explain later. Right now she has to leave this yacht”. Jaz said, still maintaining a professional demeanor.

I looked around the busy deck, the security men and happy guest. I wondered how we were going to pull through with Esther’s escape.

“where’s she?”. I asked.

“hiding”. Jaz said. ” Sly is working something out”. He added and replaced the headphone in his ear.

I moved a little further away from him looking for a slight possibility of Escape. A transmission came through my headphone.

” looking for an African lady, 5.6. On a white handles gown. Take any measure possible to apprehend her”.

I looked at Jaz who smiled and looked away. One of the security men approached me and asked.

“you are supposed to be at the main hall. Did you see her? She went in with prince Akbar”.

“Yes I did see her walked away. What’s the problem?”. I asked.

“Prince Akbar is unconscious, suspected to be drugged”. The man whose name on the tag read Fahim said.

” was anything missing?”. I asked.

” The prince safe key. Please stay on the lookout”. Fahim said and left.

I heaved a sigh of worry and turned to where Jaz stood but he wasn’t there anymore. All thee celebrants seemed to be having fun apparently oblivious of the situation at hand.

Suddenly a speed boat was spotted approaching. Another followed from behind. Few of the security men joined me looking in wonder as the boat rode round our yacht.

“anyone knows who sent for the boats ?” Came the voice from my headphone.

Everyone said no. And this gave the security men grave concern. Soon a gun shot was fired from the boat and everyone took cover. The gun shot came again and again. We all took cover, the guest where scared as the ladies screamed lying on the floor and the men with them shivering in fear.

Soon the boat rode off, the second following before the security men with guns arrived. Sly came to me sweating and said smiling.

“have you seen the gurl?”.

“I haven’t”. I said.

“okay, go back to your stand”. He said, tapped me on the shoulder and walked away.

We left the party much later in the evening, Esther was not found and the prince later awakened. We made sure that the guest didn’t get the slightest hint of what happened.

Esther was already drunk by the time we arrived the hotel. She was in her room where we met her with a bottle of Hennessy.

“that was very close guys!”. She said laughing.

” why did you add so much in his drink?”. Jaz asked.

” he wanted sex! I needed to knock him out fast before he succeeded”. Esther said still laughing.

“what about the key?” . Sly asked.

” Rugged has taken care of it. We’re richer in diamonds”. She said and started dancing.

” how did you Escape?”. I asked.

They all looked at me as though I was silly. Then Esther walked up to me, crossed her hand across my neck, kissed the tip of my nose and said.

“darling, there’re so much you need to learn. While you were busy with distraction, I was going off the boat “. She pushed me and shouted. “d--n! I love this job!”.

“alright then. Enjoy your evening. Lets go guys!” Jaz said.

We were leaving with me behind. Esther dragged me back and shot the door.

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