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The next day, I was still in bed when a knock on the door woke me up, I sluggishly went to the door putting on just boxers and asked.

“Who’s that?’’.

“It’s me frozen”. Came a voice that sounded like Esther’s.

I opened the door feeling slightly excited, at least someone I am familiar with is around. I opened the door and found Esther putting on hijab and jalamia. She looked different in the attire. As usual she beamed me a smile and pushed her way in.

“How are you getting along?”. She asked lying on her back on the bed.

I walked towards her aware of my protruded rod, but it was too late to cover up so I ignored it and sat on a chair beside the bed.

“I am getting along okay”. I said.

She sat up with her hands behind her supporting her weight.

“Are you nervous?” . She asked in a caring tone.

I was, but I just smiled and said.

“Not at all”.

She looked at me carefully and said.

“You should be nervous”.

A knock called our attention. I stood up and went to get it, it was Sly, he was already dressed and was shocked to see Esther in my room.

“What are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be with Jaz?”. Sly asked.

“Why are you asking such question? Please do what you want to do and shut the hell up!”. Esther retorted.

Sly slowly walked into the room. When he was where he felt he wanted to be, which was leaning on the wade rope, he turned to me and said.

“Get ready, we are leaving in 10 minutes.”.

I turned to Esther who nodded her agreement to what Sly said. Then I felt really nervous. So I quickly rushed in to the bathroom and rushed out in less than 5 minutes, got in a cloth and was set to move.

Sly led the way, while Esther followed with me behind. We walked downstairs and got into a red Mercedes Benz 200. A dark man covering his face with a yellow face cap and a dark sunshade drove us through the dusty road. We ended up in a factory, he packed at the parking lot and we alighted. Sly led us through the back door into the workshop with different machines on both sides. As we walked in, the driver who was still on his sunshade and face cap said,

“Let’s wait for them here”.

Sly looked at him and then sat on a machine, while Esther sat on another beside Sly. I and the driver stood leaning on a metal pillar waiting.

Soon after few minutes three guys walked in with Jaz in front. Another guy was behind them, an Arabian man with a beautiful Arabian girl with him. They all came to where we were and Jaz said.

“Frozen and meet Ghost’. Jaz introduced me to a fair athletic built guy with him. “Both of you are the reason we are here”. Then he turned to the guys with me and said. “Rugged is on his way”.

“He is always late!”. Esther said in anger.

“Who is always late?”. A voice came from up the factory startling everyone.

We turned and found Rugged walking down the stairs. When he was downstairs, he said to me and Ghost.

“Frozen, Ghost. You are welcome. Today is your baptism; don’t expect to see water for we are not Christians’. And he laughed, the group laughed followed, and then he continued taking his words slowly. “You have a difficult assignment, that’s your baptism”.

He turned to the Arabian guy, who continued from where he stopped.

“Your pictures and full descriptions has been tipped off to every security personnel in town. They are looking out for you right now”. The Arabian man said.

“Why?’’ Ghost asked in a puzzled expression.

The Arabian man looked at the lady with him, and she brought out two passels wrapped in a brown envelop and she said giving each of us a passel.

“This is cocaine; you must not be caught, if you do, the penalty for drug trafficking here is death. And you must not open this passel, if you do, the person you are to deliver it to will be head you and send your head to your family in your country. You can quit here and now, because once you step out with this passel there’s no turning back”. She paused and looked at us in the eyes, then continued. “Don’t think you can betray us, trust me, the moment you start calling names, that minute you die”. She finished and stepped aside for Rugged to continue.

Rugged walked to us and handed us the address with description of where we were meant to go, then he handed us a bundle of money each and said.

“I wish you guys good luck”.

I and the guy Ghost exchanged glances and started towards the route we came from. I took a quick glance at Esther who smiled and nodded. I and Ghost walked to the main road and Ghost said to me.

“I think we shouldn’t walk together”.

I nodded, and he took the first cab. I waited for another under the burning dry weather. Soon a yellow Volvo was seen approaching. I stopped him and entered, read the address to him, the driver nodded and drove off. As we were going we passed a boutique. A thought crossed my mind, I immediately stopped the driver, he packed and waited for me while I went into the store.

It met with the attendant who was putting on a Jalamia and muffler round his neck, and said to him.

“I want to look like you”.

He smiled and led me through different caftans, Jalamia, mufflers and other kinds of Arabian outfits. I took a white caftan, a green muffler with a transparent glass and a bag to pack my old clothes. I put on the attire and checked myself in the mirror, and what I saw impressed me. I was looking like a real Arabian man coupled with my beards that shot out through my muffler.

I came out and went to my car, the driver hardly recognized me, but after a little briefing he laughed and said I looked different, that was what I wanted to hear. He took me straight to the address given telling me all about their country and how accommodating the people are. Yes, we met at a checkpoint a distance close to my destination. I wanted to get scared but seeing myself from the front mirror of the car, I was reassured.

The police men stopped us and a police officer looked inside the car checking with at a picture in his hand. When he kept a stair at me, I smiled and said with my hear tumbling in fear.

“Any problem officer?’’.

The police man looked at me and the picture, I could see he was trying to compare. I kept on smiling. He suddenly asked me to step down. The driver turned to me and to the police officer, said something in Arabic, but the police replied him insisting I step down.

“Don’t worry, all Is well”. I said to the worried driver.

I alighted feeling sick in my tummy but composed myself smiling. The police man searched me through and the bag I carried. When they found nothing , one of the officers entered the car and searched where I sat. I looked at him in fear, but I tried everything possible not to show it as I kept smiling.

The officer started looking under the seat where I sat, I moved to the door, shoved my head in the car and asked still smiling.

“What are you people looking for? Trying to distract the officer in the car.

He looked at me and the driver who has been talking in Arabic, and stepped out. If only he knew how relieved I was but I hid it all in a smile. The police said something to his colleague who asked us to go, I thanked them and entered the cab. The cab man wasted no time before zooming off.

Prior to the check, I took the package out of the bag and hid it in-between the chair I sat when I spotted the checkpoint . And when I returned to my seat, I didn’t remove it, I left it there.

We arrived my destination in peace, and I retrieved the passel from where I hid it, ignoring the driver’s shocked gaze, and double paid him before stepping out. It’s like the money made him forget all about what he saw me doing as he happily drove off.

I looked at the abandoned building where I was to drop the package, and heaved before going in. Inside the building, I found no one but dirt , dilapidated furniture and broken stuffs on the floor. The roof had a big hole that sent rays of the sun in. I walked in avoiding the dirty moist wall.

After searching the building through, I found no sign of anyone, I began to feel I was in the right address. Soon I heard a cracking sound, and turned immediately towards the sound. I spotted two guys approaching, they where Arabians and rascal looking. So I moved towards them circumspectly.

One of them said something in Arabic, like he was asking me a question. I couldn’t understand him so I shrugged and smiled. He took out an axe slowly and repeated same words. I knew trouble was brooding and prepared myself for it.

The one with the axe rushed at me and swung the axe, I managed to dodge it and sent a straight punch to his nose; he moved back and bent over covering his nose with his hand, looking at me in shock. The other leaped off the ground and gave me a punch on my cheek; I saw stars and staggered backwards, but regained my stamina and spontaneously broke a wood from the furniture and slammed it on the one who bunched me’s face. He fell on the window breaking the woods supporting it. The first guy came again with the axe, swung once and missed, swung again and missed. I quickly threw the wood on me on him and kicked him simultaneously in the tummy. He fell backwards. Before I could gain my stand, his colleague gripped me and pushed me against the wall, I hit my head hard on the wall and sent an elbow on his nose, he moved backwards. I jumped on him lifting my caftan up and gave him a kick on his chest that threw him out of the window. The one with the axe attacked again, this time I was close enough to grab his hand, gave him three straight head buts and he fell and moved backwards, he raised his head, he was bleeding. I picked up the axe and rushed towards him, when he looked at me in horror and ran away.

I felt a wet substance running down my face, thought it was sweat and when I wiped it, I found blood. But that didn’t bother me as I wiped it off with my muffler, picked up my bag and stepped out of the building.

Outside I spotted a green desert jeep coming from a distance rising dust as it approached. I waited for it to get closer, and when it did, it packed in front of the building. Esther, Sly, the Arabian girl and Rugged stepped out. Esther was smiling and Rugged continued clapping.

“you’re a material, I told them, I knew it!”. Rugged said.

Esther hugged me and asked for the package. When I handed it to her, she opened it and poured some in her mouth, turned to the group behind her and asked.

“who want milk?”.

They all rushed towards her and started licking the white substance.

“this is no cocaine my love, it is milk”. Esther said, and they all laughed.

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