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The Miwa fashion show is world-class. After the event, not only the price of models has skyrocketed, but also the attention of the designers behind it will increase dramatically.

Although the exposure rate of designers in front of the audience is not as high as that of models, but their position in the fashion industry is far higher than that of models, and the people who can win the prize are extremely popular for a while.

After she won the prize, there was no change in her life, because her father was responsible for all her businesses. She only needed to draw her design, and her life was very comfortable.

On the third day after arriving in Jiangbei, Jane Zhengtian received a notice for Asteria, which was a fashion program of a TV station in Jiangbei.

Designers work behind the scenes, and Asteria hasn't appeared in the public in recent years. Suddenly, she hears this news. She refuses in her heart. But when she sees her father's expectant eyes, she can't say what she refuses. Finally, she nods and agrees.

During the program, in order to get a better result, the program team arranged a makeup artist to make up for Asteria.

Her skin is very good. She can hardly make up at ordinary times. When she needs to attend some occasions, she only needs a light make-up, which can take many people seconds.

today is the first time she has made such a strong make-up, thick foundation and big blush that she can hardly recognize herself.

If it's not that she doesn't know these people, she should think that they are deliberately turning her into this, not interviewing her, but letting her play the role of a clown.

When peeling off the program, the host first asked Astria several questions about her work, such as what she had planned for her future work, but when asked, it was emotional.

Asteria smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm not old yet, so I'm going to work hard for a few years, do my own business, and then think about personal feelings."

The host said: "miss Asteria, you are so young and beautiful that you have won the Miwa New Talent Award and the best fashion award. In the future, people who want to chase you will probably be able to row from Jiangbei to France, and they don't have to worry about it. Just choose slowly."


Asteria didn't go to the TV program, and she didn't like people picking on her personal affairs, so when the host asked her questions that she didn't want to answer, she simply chose not to answer.

She didn't answer, but the host didn't intend to let her go.

The host asked: "Asteria, what kind of men do you like? Is appearance important or content important? Is talent important or money important? "

The host asked Astria several questions in a row, which she didn't seriously consider, let alone how to answer.

Astria didn't answer, and the host was a little annoyed. "You are so beautiful and successful, like Astria. I guess your requirements must be very high, and you shouldn't be able to see ordinary people."

"I think fate is the most important thing, the most important thing for the person, and the rest is not," said Astria

The host said: "miss Asteria, do you mean that if you choose the right image, you will not see if he has money?"? Don't care about his status? "

Asteria raised her eyebrows slightly, a little unhappy.

What does it have to do with having money? What does it have to do with status? Isn't the matter of affection mutually agreeable?

She felt that emotion is a matter of two people. As long as they like each other, there is no relationship between status and status. But there is another voice in her heart saying that status does have a relationship.

It's just that the sound is so far away that I can't remember anything as far as Asteria.

The host is also experienced in many ways. Knowing that Asteria is unwilling to cooperate with the topic of feelings, he is reluctant to transfer the topic to Asteria's work again.

When talking about work, Asteria is willing to talk. She talks about design seriously, but the other party only asks a few superficial questions, which seems to be totally uninterested in her work.

After the end of the program, Asteria politely made a few polite remarks to the host. The host was still very gentle, but when the camera was off, the host's face turned black. She looked at her discontentedly and then turned away.

When Astria returned to the dressing room to remove her make-up, she heard gossip.

"The designer who is called Asteria is just a new person who has just become popular, but the shelf is not small."

"Yes, yes, when Sister Rosa asks her questions, she always ignores them. She really thinks who she is."

"To put it mildly, there are new people in the clothing design industry every year. How long can she be popular? Who knows?"

"I think she's pretending to be pure and noble. Maybe her private life is too bad to be seen."

"It's not important to say that it's not important to look for a person's identity or position before a person. In fact, if you don't have the worth of billions, you won't consider it at all."

A few staff members opened their voices and chatted in the locker room cubicle. The tone was so sour that Asteria didn't believe they didn't know she was changing and removing makeup here.

It seems that they just want to talk to her and annoy her on purpose. When she finds them and gets angry, they shoot the clip again. Then she is really playing big.

She is just a new designer. If the rumor of playing big cards is true, there will be some obstacles for her future development.

Asteria shakes her head helplessly. She just doesn't cooperate with other people's gossip questions. She can also be said to be playing big cards.

It seems that in the future, she would rather not come to this kind of program and do her own work quietly. As long as the designed clothes are good-looking, do you worry that no one is looking for her.

Asteria takes off her makeup and goes out with her bag. As soon as she gets to the door, a group of people come outside.

"Mr. Qin, this way, please!"

Hearing the sound, Astria looked up and saw a group of people surrounding a tall man in a white shirt walking to the studio.

The expression and attitude of those people should be as respectful as they are, and as dogleg as they are.

The man surrounded by them, this kind of talent is the real big card, there is no need to play at all.

And those who talk about things behind their backs only know to poke the weak points like her, who have no background but can only climb up by their own efforts. If you have the ability, you can talk about such a big person.

Asteria sighed and walked away, as the eyes of a man surrounded by a group of people swept past her.

Just a glance from afar, Qin Yue's brain waves react rapidly. His step stops, and then he looks back. Two sharp eyes fall on the woman who is about to leave.

Over the years, he has seen countless people who are similar to his simple back. Every time he comes to see it, he is disappointed.

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