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Little Laurie first looked at Asteria in shock, then reached out and pointed to Asteria. "You are big ran," she pointed to herself, "I am small ran." Then he compared it with his fleshy little hands, "we, two ran!"

Small Ran's appearance is very lovely, big ran can't help laughing out: "that small ran, why didn't your family accompany you?"

Such a lovely child is left here like this. If it's not for conscience, Astria really wants to take the child home and raise it by herself.

"Aunt Lingling is over there, so is brother Kun." Xiao ran pointed not far behind, where a woman and several bodyguards stood, their eyes fixed on this side, their every move did not escape their eyes.

Asteria understood in an instant that it wasn't that no one was looking at her, but that there were too many people looking at her. Maybe the little guy didn't want so many people to follow her, so those people could only keep her far away.

Such a little bit big, so have their own ideas, do not know what kind of ancient spirit is strange after growing.

Asteria is trying to take Xiaoran back to those people, but her cell phone rings.

She took out her cell phone. It was her father.

Asteria didn't answer directly. She smiled apologetically at little Laurie and said in a warm voice, "little ran, big Ran is going to work. Would you like to come to play with you later?"

"Good!" Little Laurie said, "my father likes Ranran best. Two Ranran, my father is happy!"

Asteria shook her head and just wanted to say, this is not the same, but why do you have to tear it down for such a lovely child?

"Great ran, thank you for helping ran save her sister." Small Ran Ran looks at big ran, smiles lovingly and brilliantly, "Ran's sister likes big ran."

"Woof woof -" the dog barked a few times, indicating that he liked it.

"Well, I like you, too. Little ran, goodbye! " Big ran said goodbye to small ran, and couldn't help holding out and pinching her little face.

Looking at small ran, big Ran's heart emerged a strong reluctant to give up, so beautiful and lovely children, looking at all want to bite on two, who may look at who will want to take her home.

Thinking about it, she stood up and said goodbye to Xiao Ranran again.

The world is so big. Goodbye Maybe I'll never see you again.


Jiangbei Shengtian building, the new landmark of Jiangbei City, as Shengtian's headquarters in China, has now been put into full use.

There are eighty-eight floors in the building, and the eighty fifth to eighty eighth floors are all leisure and sightseeing areas.

From the 85th floor to the 87th floor, it is the entertainment area for the company's staff.

On the 88th floor, there is a leisure and sightseeing area and a children's Park. To put it bluntly, this floor is the playground prepared by Shengtian's family leoqin for her daughter. When he brings her to work, there is a place for her to play, and she won't be bored.

Most of the time, Qin Yue takes his daughter to work with him. When he works, he lets his nanny play with her.

Today, Qin Yue just went back to the headquarters on business. After he came back, he was busy holding an important meeting. The time was always in a hurry, so he asked someone to take Xiao ran, who was going to be bored, out to play for a while. He would pick her up after the meeting.

In the bright and spacious conference room, the atmosphere is very tense.

Because Qin Yue's face is gloomy, the high-level people around the conference table are very cautious and cautious, for fear that an improper behavior will cause boss dissatisfaction.

As the keynote speaker of this conference, the general director of the Western real estate development project was even more frightened.

Every time he said a word, boss's face sank, which had to make him feel that it must be something wrong with him.

When he said about two-thirds of the time, he could not go on talking any more. He wiped off his cold sweat and said, "President Qin, if there is something wrong with me, please tell me directly."

Just say it directly. Don't use that cold look. How about his gloomy face. His courage is almost broken.

"The details of the project are very good, continue." Qin Yue said.

His face was still heavy and his voice was cold, but the words he said were praising, which made the project leader in the West even more frightened.

He thought and thought, but he couldn't figure out what he was doing to make boss unhappy. He wanted to torture him so much?

"President Qin, I --"

Qin Yue said impatiently, "Jiang Yong is in charge of this project, and you are his deputy. And Li Fei's project. No matter what method we use, we should take it down. The profit can be reduced by zero point zero. "

Qin Yue spoke very fast, and several secretaries beside him made his words clear.

Leave the words behind and he will turn around and leave.

Xu Huiyi and Liu Yong immediately followed up. Liu Yong said, "President Qin, Jiang Yong has never presided over this work. I'm afraid that he will take office so soon..."

"I can't do it until I try." Qin Yue dropped his words and waved to them to stop following him.

He went back to the office, pulled out his chair and sat down, reaching out to caress his slightly painful brow.

In a trance, I think of the figure who is clear but fuzzy.

For three years, for three years, he thought of her every day and dreamed of her every night, but her appearance became more and more vague, and he could hardly remember what she looked like.

There is a picture frame on his desk. In the picture frame, there is his daughter xiaoranran, Xiaomian and him, but there is no one.

When the man is away, what makes him happy is his happy little ran.

They have been separated for some time. He has to hurry to see her, or the little girl will be angry with him again.

When Qin Yue came to the park not far away from the company, Xiao ran was staring at some place, dazed. He had all come to her side, and she had not found it.

He reached out his hand and pinched her little face. He immediately drew Xiaoran's attention back. He smiled softly: "Xiaoran, what are you looking at?"

"Ran Ran is looking at Da ran." Small Ran Ran rushed to his father's arms and jumped for several times, "big Ran is as beautiful as small ran."

Qin Yue looks in the direction that Xiao ran just looked at. His eyes look around and see where there is big ran. Even if there is, it's his dream.

"Dad, sister hurts." Xiao Ran is happy, but she still hasn't forgotten her sister who is lying on the side.

Xiao Mian was injured. There was a band aid on her leg. Qin Yue asked, "who helped Mian tie this?"

"A big surprise." Small ran refers to the direction of big ran disappearing, "beautiful big ran."

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