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I walked carefully through the busy crew, few bodies from both sides laid around. I was surprised dead bodies meant nothing to me anymore as I crossed over them looking for Sly and Jaz. Then suddenly my eyes caught the lady crying sitting on the floor with her husband’s head on her laps. Soon some group gathered around her, some were sympathetic while others stood in grievous faces.

Some group of guys in lifejackets went in search for the naval officer in a lifeboat. They later returned with his dead body. It was a cold afternoon that day, nobody remembered lunch or breakfast.

I later returned to my cabin and lay on Jaz’s space. I still wondered where he and Sly had gone. i was about dozing off when the big guy and his colleague came in, they are like inseparable duo.

“You’re still alive?”. The big guy asked sitting on his bed.

I didn’t say anything and looked away. His colleague said.

“I believe this is your first experience?’’.

I turned to him and nodded. He laughed and said.

“It is my first. I use to hear of pirates attack, I never knew it’s this bloody”.

“This is less bloody”. Said the big guy, sitting up. “ once, we were attacked and it was a killing spree. At least 10 died”.

“if it wasn’t for the brave intervention of the cook and that officer do you know how many would have died?’’. His colleague added.

“Where are your guys? I haven’t seen them since the attack’’. The big guy asked me.

Before I could think of whether to answer of not, Jaz opened the door and said, with Sly behind him with his backpack on his back.

“Who’s looking for us?’’.

I jumped up and looked surprisingly at them. The big guy turned towards them abruptly, then returned to his bed saying nothing.

Jaz got to his bed and waited for me to leave, while Sly jumped up to his bunk. I slowly moved to my space while he laid heavily on his bed with a loud heave of relief. I wanted to ask them where they went but I couldn’t because of our cabin mates.

The cabin was silent until Jaz said.

“Won’t they give somebody food today?”.

“Not after what happened“. Sly answered.

“I have to get something”. Jaz said and stood up from his bed.

I stood up too, and when Jaz saw me on his tail he said obnoxiously.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going to?”.

I got slighted by his words and replied arrogantly .

“Who the hell do you think you are, talking to everyone as if you’re the boss?’’

The room went cold as everyone fixed their eyes on me. Jaz couldn’t believe his ears as he turned ominously towards me. I didn’t know why I said what said, maybe because I was overwhelmed by the happenings.

“Were you talking to me?’’. Jaz asked.

Sly came down from his bunk and held Jaz on the shoulder gently pushing him out but Jaz resisted him and asked again coming closer to me. I could see the excitement in the big man’s eyes as he watched the drama between us.

“Are you deaf? I thought I asked you a question?”. Jaz repeated.

I then regretted to have shut my mouth. It wasn’t late, at least I wouldn’t say anything anymore to keep from trouble. So I just stood staring at Jaz.

Jaz held me on the neck and slapped me lightly as he spoke.

“Next time, you talk to me like that, I will rip your pretty face with my claws”. And he pushed me and walked away.

I was so vexed that I was shocked to have been able to tame my beast. Sly came to me after Jaz had left and said.

“let’s go get something to eat”.

He retrieved his backpack, hung it on his back and we both set out. We ended up in a store beside the cafeteria, had a bottle of soft drink and snacks. While we were eating, I decided to ask.

“where did you guys go to, I searched everywhere for you guys”.

Sly took a bite and after chewing, drank from the bottle of soft drink before he replied.

“We were making use of the situation”. And he had another bite, looking at the crew moving about.

I reasoned his words and couldn’t make out the meaning. So I asked again.

“how come you guys weren’t caught? They searched everywhere”.

“Not everywhere, if not they would have seen us”. Sly said.

Suddenly there was a commotion, I stood up and asked a guy walking with another.

“ what was going?’’.

He said they found three dead bodies of the bandits in the hold of the ship. I turned to Sly who seemed complacent chewing away his snack and sat beside him with my heart pounding.

“Who killed those guys?” I asked Sly.

He looked at me and shrugged. Then he said after empting the last snack in his hand.

“Next time never leave our sight, do you hear me?’’

I nodded. Then he added.

“That’s all I wanted to tell you”. Then finished the remaining and said. “let’s go”.

We spent a week in peace and finally reached our destination. After we were done with the preliminaries, we met with two Arabian guys who Jaz called. They took instruction from Jaz and we used a car they came in and drove to a hotel. The country is an Arabian country judging by lots of Arabians moving around; Sly never let the bag out of his sight all the way. He hung it on his back.

After we had checked into our separate rooms, I decided to have a fresh bath and rest for the first time in a week. I was about dozing off when a knock woke me up.

“who’s that?”. I asked.

“sly “. Came the voice.

I wondered what he wanted and went to get the door. He walked in and sat on the bed.

“You should be ready Frozen, tomorrow is your baptism”. Sly said and dipped his hand in his pocket, brought out some gold jewelries and dropped it on the bed. “I thought it wise to give this to you”.

I was shocked to see different gold neck chains, wrist chains, and two wrist watches lying on my white bed sheet. I didn’t know when I said.

“are these not the gold those bandits where looking for?”.

Sly didn’t answer, he stood up dropped a passport beside me and said.

“keep your eyes open and your ears on the ground at all times, else you won’t survive a day here”.

And he walked away, leaving me to my worries.

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