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It was very cold that night, and I tried to cover up properly and adjusted to my space on the floor. I woke to make use of the comfy bed of the big guy; I had just adjusted to its warmth when the door swung open. Behold the big guy resurfaced with his colleague behind him. He switched on the light and beamed an ominous stare at me, I needed no explanation to tell what’s coming if I refused to get up immediately. So I gently went over to my humble space feeling horrified at his return.

Anyways, I managed to catch a little sleep but to be awoken by the ship loud horn noise. I woke up and found my colleagues up already.

“What’s that?’’. I asked.

Nobody answered me as they seemed to be reacting to the sound.

“that was five short blast”. The big guy said to his colleague.

And immediately they jerked up and started packing their stuff in order. Jaz and Sly seemed to be quiet on their bed. I knew danger was brooding. Again , the short five horns came again.

“I suspect Pirates”. Jaz said to Sly who was calm on his bed.

“how are you sure?”. Sly asked.

Jaz said nothing, he just came down from his bed and stepped out of our cabin. I stood up and headed for the door.

Outside, the crew onboard had stepped out of their cabins running up and down the little corridor. I followed some people to the deck, the full flash lights were on and there were armed officers running towards the edge of the ship. Suddenly a teargas shot into our deck. I retreated back into our accommodation covering my nose with my shirt. The ship was into frenzy at that time, and it was barely bright as night ate up the brightness of the moon.

When I returned to our cabin, after maneuvering the rush, no one was there. I rushed out looking for them, the teargas had penetrated to where I was .

A man came to me and said.

“go to the lower part of the ship!”.

He shouted on top of his voice to everyone,

“Everyone down! Everyone down!”.

In fear, I joined the group running through the stirs to a lower room. Soon there was sound of gunshots, and voices screaming. The gunshots continued for about an hour and there was peace. A young guy stood up and said,

“Someone has to check”.

Two guys agreed to join him and they went out. They had not gone few steps when a voice shouted in a foreign language.

I knew the ship had been taken. The ladies onboard began crying slowly. And the noise started getting up.

“Silence! Quiet please”. I whispered.

I slowly moved to the door and was about opening it when it opened abruptly and hit me on my face and I feel backwards. Two lanky guys holding an AK 47, covering their faces with muffler surfaced looking sharply at us.

I immediately moved backwards when I saw them. One of them said something in a foreign tongue and the other interpreted it.

“no shout. Cool…. No die, okay?”.

The first guy spoke again in a foreign language and his second interpreted.

“Go! Go up”. Pointing at the door.

We all moved to the deck, following their order and joined the group sitting down on the floor which apparently were everyone onbaord.

I looked around for Jaz and Sly, but they were nowhere around my view save for the big guy and his colleague who sat few distance adjacent me. One of the guys pushed me down as I was still looking and shouted something in a foreign tongue. I respected myself and sat slowly.

Four of them came out from our accommodation with a full bag, and the very big muscular one who seems like the commander asked them something in a foreign tongue, they responded in the same. Then he then turned to us and said.

“ I want money, bring money now or die!”. Then turn around and pointed at a man. “You! Bring money, gold, money! I want now!”.

The man looked at him confused and he said something to one of his men, and the man was dragged up and taken in. they took some others and eventually, it was my turn.

I was pushed to my cabin by two slim guys. When they entered, they found the place upside down like someone had ransacked the place. On seeing that, they returned me back to deck. Same was done to everyone. By this time it was morning and Sly and Jaz was nowhere to be found.

The robbers seemed to have looted enough, and their leader shouted something to them, and his men responded. From observation I think they haven’t found what they came for. The leader dragged one of the naval officers up and said.

“Gold, plenty gold….where e go?’’.

“I don’t know, I swear I don’t know”. The naval officer said in fear.

The leader looked at the big blue ocean and then to his men. immediately three of his men gripped the naval officer by his arms and bind up his legs, and hands behind his back and dragged him to the edge of the ship. Then waited for their leaders command.

The leader turned to us and said,

“Gold, or he die! Gold now!”.

The leader waited for a response from us, but no one said anything, we were all petrified seeing so many armed men on board.

He then said regretfully.

“you, you, you, you,”. Pointing randomly at the crowed sitting on the floor. “you kill him, him children, person give him children breast, cry for you”.

Then he nodded to his guys. They raised up the naval officer and threw him overboard. The whole crew yelled in horror and the leader shouted.

“Heyyyyyyyy! No make fim! if you make Fim! You die!”.

And there was a sudden silence. The commander walked to fro in front of us and then stopped in front of lady I believe to be the cook, judging by her apron.

“You!”. He said pointing to her.

She ran back in fear, hiding behind a man who held her in his embrace whispering something to her ear.

The commander looked at his men and they rushed towards the lady and dragged her up while she struggled, screamed and cried. They bind her hands and legs even though she struggled in tears begging from the depth of her heart. And when they were done, they moved back, while the lady sat on her butt crying and begging passionately.

The commander stood in front of her and said to us.

“She breast to children”. One of his men whispered “mother”. He nodded and said. “she be mother. You kill her if you no give I gold!”.

A man stood up and said in a very emotional tone visibly shaken in fear.

“Let…Let her go….please I beg you!”.

The commander looked at him for few second and asked.

“You…. You….”. joining his finger together trying to describe what he wanted to say.

“She’s my wife sir, please let her go, take me instead”.

“oh…you wife?”. The leader asked.

“yes sir, please take me”. The man said almost in tears.

“now hear”. The leader said. “you, bring gold, e go”. Pointing to the lady.

“I don’t have it sir, I am only a cook here, we don’t have any gold sir”. The man said with tears running down his face.

By this time the sun up and burning hot. But the leader seemed not to take notice of it as he continued talking.

“e die, if I get, no gold”.

The man then turn to us and shouted.

“Please, give him the gold! She’s the mother of my three kids, please…”. And he broke down in tears.

The leader waited for awhile and no one made a move, he nodded to his men, and the grabbed the woman up, even as she struggled. Her husband seeing what was about to happen to his wife, rushed the commander and bit him on his throat, the commanders men rushed him and hit him with the butt of their guns on his head, he refused to let go until he ripped open the leaders throat before he dropped on the leader body shaking with his white eyes rolling up.

The leader’s men rushed him and loosen the muffler from his head to tied the cut while he coughed blood . This time the group where disorganized and one brave officer bounced on one of the bandits stabbing him on the neck and retrieving his gun. Then the officer screamed.

‘’All hands on deck! Fight!”.

Others joined in. Guns sporadically shot and I laid flat on the floor. Soon other gallant crew members joined in, using whatsoever they could retrieve as weapon. I managed to hide behind some containers watching from a safe distance. One of the bandits escaped towards my direction and stopped when he saw me, he was going to pull out his gun when I bounced on him . we struggled and struggled, suddenly, he pulled out a knife from his combat pocket and aimed it on my neck. I held his hand dragging with him. Then I used my knee on his rod very hard. He bent over giving me the chance over him. I slammed his head hard on the container and the knife dropped, I quickly picked it and drove it in his tummy several times until he dropped on the floor.

I rushed out with the gun and discovered that the bandits had been overpowered as they flew overboard in escape.

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