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Jaz looked angrily at the big man who was backing him and then to the big man’s colleague.

“is your guy mad? is he stupid?”.Jaz said to the conventional guy.

“it’s your father and mother that are mad! Did you hear me? they’re the ones that are mad!”. The big man said to Jaz, turning to face him.

Jaz stood up abruptly from his bed and moved aggressively towards the big man, but Sly was quick to intercept him. The big man also stood up to challenge him.

“What do you want to do, em? come on!”. The big man yelled.

“calm down Jaz, you what’s up right? So calm down”. Sly said pushing Jaz back to his bunk.

The big man, smiled and sat on his bed too. The cabin boy stood looking in fear while i sat where i was dealing with my tummy observing by watching.

“Let’s go and fix it”. I said, when i noticed no one was going to respond to the call.

Sly looked at me in a ‘can you do it?’ way. And i nodded and slowly stood up and followed the boy, while Sly and Jaz joined in.

We climbed down from the supper structure to the main deck, the containers filled up most of the space. From where i stood, i could see how the blue ocean meets the sky, it worsened my situation and i took my eyes off it and continued following the boy. We passed Men in pink overall moving to fro on the deck, they didn’t take notice of us. We moved through the maze and climbed up to an upper deck of the ship where some group of men were drinking and laughing, playing cards. They stopped and looked at us questioningly as we approached.

‘Sir, the electrical engineers”. The cabin boy said.

“where is Johnbull?”. A smallish man with a full mustache said.

“he said these guys can do it”. The boy said.

The men scanned through us again and a bald dark older looking asked.

“this is a new uniform, and a different company, who hired you guys”.

I was scared and sick. And i noticed one of the men looking at me as if he knew i was sea sick. Before i could adjust myself, the man observing me, an elderly man also, thick with full white Afro asked.

“You!”. He called pointing at me.

“Me?”. I asked.

“You look sick, are you okay?”. The man asked.

The men exchanged suspicious glances and they all focused on me, waiting a reply. I remembered what Jaz said earlier about them almost being thrown overboard. This made me awaken an inner strength and adjusted to normal.

“am okay, having headache from stress, but am okay”.

This statement seem to gown down well with them as they turned to Sly who spoke up for us.

“We’re here to do our job okay, Please direct us to where we need to work sirs”. Sly said confidently, looking sternly at them one after the other.

The men turned back to their cards and the smallish man stood up and said.

“follow me”.

We followed him up to the main mast and he pointed at the light and said.

“That light is not coming up, and it’s very important it does”. He said, and walked away.

When he left, we looked at each other and Jaz asked.

“who knows anything about this?”. He looked at me and said.”you know something right?’.

I looked at the big light that was off, and then to the height where we were, coupled with the big sea meeting the horizon. Fear gripped me, i couldn’t tell them i couldn’t go up to the top to examine the light. Sly could see the dilemma i was in and he said to Jaz.

“This dude knows nothing”.

Jaz looked around in confusion and asked.

“does any of you have a tool?”.

I and Sly exchanged glances and shrugged. He looked at us angrily and shouted.

“somebody get me a tool!”.

Sly slowly climbed down and leaving i and Jaz looking awkwardly at each other. I refused to look down the ocean while i struggled with my tummy.

Few minutes later Sly was back with a tool bag.

“Do you know what you want to do?”. He asked Jaz.

Jaz said nothing, collected the bag from him and climbed few steps up. He traced the connection up and down, from where we stood he seem to know what he was doing. Then he came down and said.

“I think one of the wires is burnt”.

“Are you sure?”. Sly asked.

‘do you have any other idea!”. Jaz yelled.

He took a wire from the bag and went up. After few connections the light came up. Sly jumped and danced. Jaz came down and danced, while he was dancing the smallish man shouted from the deck.

“I see the light!”.

Jaz stopped standing immediately, but kept smiling proudly. We went back to our cabin and discovered the other guys where not in the room.

“where did they go?”. Jaz asked Sly.

“I don’t know”. Sly said, climbing up the bunk.

Soon they returned with two mini crates of beer each. The conventional guy handed Jaz one and went up his bunk. Sly stretched his hand and collected two bottles from Jaz.

“Do you care for one?”. The conventional guy asked me.

I shook my head and continued playing game on my phone. Everything seemed to be going well until the cabin boy came in again and said,

“the deck master wants you”. looking at Jaz.

Jaz turned to the big man and said.

“It’s your turn”.

“are you okay? Are you not here to work? We have been doing this job over ten years now and you’re complaining”. The big man said.

“Now listen”. Jaz said sitting up. “if you want to talk to me, stop using insensitive terms okay….”

“Or what?”. The big man said, sitting up to face Jaz.”or what super man!”.

Jaz smiled, turned his face away and returned with a bottle on the man’s head. Every one was shocked and reacted to it in surprise. The big man didn’t move a muscle, he kept his eyes on Jaz even with particles of bottle on his head. Jaz was already up with the broken bottle dangerously fixed in his hand.

Sly jumped down from his bunk and stood in front of Jaz pushing him backwards. The big man stood up slowly and dust the bottle particles off his head, then fix an ominous stare on Jaz, who was equally jumpy with adrenaline.

The big man made to attack but the conventional guy stopped him and said.

“Bright, calm down. It may cost us our job”.

The big man examined his head and discovered there was no blood or injury, even his colleague assisted and reassured him that he had no injury before he sat back on his bed.

The cabin boy was gripped with fear as he stood stiffly beside the door watching the drama with his hands on his mouth. I on my end moved away from harms way, and remained in a safe distance observing in silence.

Jaz sat back still looking at him with the broken bottle in his hand. The big man, then stood up, took his tool bag and said to Jaz in a low threatening tone,

“You’ll regret this, i promise you on my father’s grave”. And he walked away with the cabin boy and his colleague behind him.

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