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[My Virgin Girlfriend]


Meet Charlie Bran, the only son of his wealthy parents.

Pampered and spoiled, made to believe he could have anything he wants.

He is the world’s best musician and a song writer. That happens to be the only good thing Charlie could do right apart from s------g different ladies.

Yea, what do you expect from a spoiled guy like him?

As far as you’re attractive to him you’ll get a chance to have a taste of not only his d**k but also his money.

He spends money anyhow too. Tho he is spoilt, he doesn’t forget to help the poor and needy.

His act earned him a lot of awards, and a lot of crazy fans.

Whenever he hosts a show or is invited to perform on stage, the number of people that attends are in thousands and millions.

Yea, that’s how loved he is despite his ugly behaviours.

His act of s------g attractive and pretty girls earned him a child from one of his numerous celebrity girlfriends.

Here on the other hand is Rosana Pedro.

A model and a chief.

From a middle class family and a very pretty and attractive young lady.

She happens to be one of Charlie’s fan but its not as if she’s so deep into him like her other friends and colleagues.

They can virtually kill to spend a night with Charlie, and you no what a night means, its doesn’t only come with pleasure but also plenty cash.

Fate did its part on the two celebrities and they crossed part.

When Charlie set his eyes on her it was as if the whole world stopped moving.

He couldn’t see any other person expect her.

But on Rosana part, she was d--n happy to see him but was too shy to stand him so she left.

Throughout the whole week Charlie couldn’t do a thing, her image just kept popping into his head and later on after inquiring about her, he decided to go for her….

But was met with a no.

Along the line Charlie did something that he regretted his whole life.

He did something he wasn’t meant to do because of her constant rejection…

Something that could make Rosana hate him for life.

He took something away from her..

Something so precious…

Intimacy - S01

Intimacy - S01

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