2 weeks ago

Amaya (Imagination love)

The girl in my imagination


His name is Alexander Smith…

Just like any other person, he’s in love

But his love life is very weird.

He is in love with his imagination

Yes! Who does that?

He keeps insisting that his imagination is real…

Everyone thinks his insane for loving someone that doesn’t exist.

Well actually he met his imaginary love when he went for a cruise.

She saved him from drowning….

He only knows her name and her face and nothing more.

Her name is Amaya..

He is determined to find her.

He wouldn’t give up no matter what.

His wealthy parents termed him crazy but that wouldn’t stop Alexander.

He must find Amaya…

Now the question is..

Does Amaya really exist?

Who is she?

Where could she be?

Do you think Alexander is fighting a lost battle?

Will he find true love?

Find out in this intriguing story

Amaya - S01

Amaya - S01

2 weeks ago